Blue Box – A minimalistic puzzle game

Minimalism is by definition a style that is characterized by extreme simplicity. The best description of minimalism as a method can be found in the phrase “less is more”. Maciej Targoni and Michal Pawlowski, the makers of Blue Box, embraced the minimalism and created a beautiful platform puzzle game.

As said before, Blue Box is a platform puzzle game in which you are playing as (yes, you figured it out) a blue box. Starting from the green box, your task as a bouncing box is to destroy all other blue boxes before reaching the red box which is the end of the level. The boxes vary in size and the bigger the box the more times you have to jump onto it in order to destroy it. There is a catch, though: if you jump twice on the same box it will return to its original size (unless you jump onto the smallest-sized box, in which case the box will disappear). On some levels there are dark blue boxes which act as power-ups allowing you to jump twice on the same box lowering its size with each jump. In later levels portals are introduced forcing you to think the level through before you start jumping around.

Blue Box has 30 levels and can be finished in a relatively short amount of time. What I enjoyed most, other than some pretty amazing puzzles, was the music. Everything gets better when beautiful, relaxing music plays in the background.

All in all, Blue Box is an amazing idea which turned out into a fantastic game, with all components balanced. It is a really enjoyable way to spend some spare time and hopefully there will be a sequel with even more bouncy blue boxes to destroy.

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