Battle for the Galaxy

A future where humans fight against all of the different extra-terrestrial beings out there is a scenario that some people deem to be possible, and a lot of games have used this scenario so well that it’s become a whole genre all by itself. Battle for the Galaxy is a great game to start with if you want to try out a game that has a Starcraft feel.

Battle for the Galaxy is an online Real Time Strategy that gives out a Starcraft vibe with the way all of the units look and how the game plays. You start off with a tutorial that will hold your hand throughout the first part of the game, just to help you out. You basically get a few resources, make troops attack bases to get more resources, then create buildings and towers and facilities to make more and better troops, then you attack more bases to get more resources, then upgrade everything to upgrade troops, and the long cycle of attack goes on until you become the most feared general in the intergalactic universe. The game itself is fun because of a lot of things, the competitiveness, the Clash of Clans familiarity (which is a game that many people loved), but personally, it was the Starcraft feel was what really got me hooked, but as mentioned, since the game is seriously like Clash of Clans so it won’t be too hard to really learn for those who have already played it.
Battle for the Galaxy has is a great example of how to make a game mixed with a few different elements from a few different games and make it so great that the people play it forget about the time and waste more than a few hours playing it, so if you wanted a game to play that’s a lot closer to home (because of all the game elements you have been familiar with), then the Battle for the Galaxy game is a seriously great game to play.

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