Awesome Conquest

When a game has the word “awesome” in its title, usually it’s a sign that the creators of the game don’t feel the game has enough to offer. Awesome Conquest¬†on the other side is a well created, enjoyable strategy game without any major flaws. The game was created by Jim Chalwin and Carl Trelfa.

As far as the story goes, an evil red army stole blue people’s amulet and they want it back. It is up to you to help them retrieve it. The game consists of twenty two levels in which you have to eliminate all enemies on the field. You can’t control your army but, since the gods are on your side, you can use acts of god to help you fight the enemy. There are five acts of god: Lightning Strike, Tsunami, Tornado, Finger of God and Meteor, each with unique effect on the battlefield and the enemies.

Between the battles you are returned to your base for one minute. The base consists of a gold mine, a workshop, a temple and barracks. Each building can recruit more workers, depending on the level of the building. For example, the level one gold mine can have a maximum of 4 workers, level two can have 8, level three mine can have up to 12 and level four a maximum of 16 workers. Barracks are similar but the fighters recruited in the barracks will go to the field and fight on the next level. After each successful mission you will be rewarded with one upgrade to choose from. It can either be a level-up for a building or new unlocks (Acts of God, new types of soldiers or better equipment for mine workers).

Altogether, Awesome Conquest is a fun game to play, requiring some strategic planning and approximately one hour of your time to finish it completely.

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