Audio Reaction Time

Ever wonder if your hand-eye coordination is better than your ear-hand coordination? Well, wonder no more! Audio Reaction Time will answer half of that question for you by giving you your reaction time using sound. It’s not really a competition since age can be a factor, but getting a good score may be harder than some people think.

So, playing the game is actually pretty simple control wise and gam wise. Everything can be played with a single button. You can either press the space bar or your mouse’s left button, whichever you are most comfortable with. When the game starts, they will instruct you to press whatever you want to use when you hear a sound. Once you do, you will be given the result of your speed. The lower the result, the faster your reaction was. You will be given five tries per game. It’s not very hard, and you can get other people in on the game to see which one of you will have the fastest reactions.

After playing the game, remember to read the description of the game below the game to give you a better understanding of the game’s history and anything that may have affected your result. Learning about your ear-hand coordination is cool and can give you a better understanding of your own skills.

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