Asgard Skill Master

Are you ready to defend your homeland with all that you have? If you are (in all honesty, though, you don’t really have a choice, you would have to be ready at all times), then you should get your soldiers ready for war against the monsters trying to invade Asgard, as you are the only one that can command the soldiers with your knowledge of the battlefield.

Asgard Skill Master is a strategy game that has a few RPG elements that puts you into the shoes of the commander at war in the world of Asgard. Monsters have taken over and you are tasked to bring a group of soldiers of your choosing to the field and take on all the monsters that are trying to take over. You will use your wit and fast reflexes to make sure that you protect your land. The game itself can be controlled with just the mouse, but due to a bit of complexity brought out by the different warrior types available, you can also play using some hotkeys (the skills will be labelled with the appropriate hotkeys on the screen so you are never along trying to guess what to press). You start off by choosing a few soldiers by using the bit of money that you have. Each battle will be instance based, which means you don’t have to actually find an opponent and fight them, all you need to do is get to the battlefield and let the soldiers fight, all you really need to do is choose when the soldiers will use their skills. Later in the game, you will have more choices for soldier types and skills that will widely give variety to the game.
Will Asgard ever be safe from the monsters trying to take over? Well, now that you’re here, it should be right? If you’ve been out to find a game that involves a lot of strategic use of skills and a bit of grinding, then Asgard Skill Master is a great choice to start with.

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