Are you creative? Do you wish to find out more about yourself? Are you patient? Do you know the answers to all of the questions above? Don’t worry; this isn’t an advertisement for a self-help book. These questions can be answered much simpler. All you have to do is play Anabasis.

Anabasis is a pixel drawing game made by Alexis Huet. It is a game of changing colours, actually. The game consists of a 10 x 10 squared lobby. Each square is a room with 10 x 10 tiles. Each tile is coloured either dark blue or light blue. By clicking on dark tile it changes colour to light blue. However, once the tile is light blue, it cannot be changed to dark again. This way your creativity is limited to the first try, and requires planning on what you wish to draw and how to do it because mistakes can’t be corrected. With ten thousand tiles to click on, the choices are plenty and the final result is up to your creativity and patience. You can use each room as an individual canvas, or all rooms together and lobby as a canvas with much more possibilities.
If we put the artistic part of the game aside and search for a deeper purpose of the game, or even a way to finish it, we will find a challenge. It is a simple one, yet it takes time and patience. In order to finish the game, your task is to find one tile among ten thousand (yup, it’s that easy) which is different from all others. When you find that special tile, the game is over and you can see what you and other people have drawn.

Altogether, Anabasis is an interesting concept, with artistic and challenging components which go hand in hand. All you have to do is arm yourself with patience and creativity and hop inside the blue ambient of Anabasis.

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