Alpha Wars

Real time strategy games have fallen behind in modern gaming due to a tsunami of first person shooters which flood the gaming community nowadays. Alpha Wars, made by Studio Hoppe, doesn’t have what it takes to rebuild the population’s interest in this genre.

Alpha Wars, as said before, is an online real time strategy game. Before playing, you need to register, which leaves an impression of a serious game. The game starts with a tutorial explaining movement and basics like moving and using your army as well as managing your base. Beautiful graphics add to the good general impression but a game cannot rely entirely on graphic design, it requires matching mechanics of same quality in order to succeed and that is where Alpha Wars fails.

First of all, the mobility and responsiveness of the troops is catastrophic, making you wait up to ten seconds before starting to move where you want them to. In addition to catastrophic mechanics of the units, the base is disappointing as well. At first glance everything looks in order, thanks to great graphics. However, once you start collecting materials and/or building units and upgrades, the game shows its true skin. There is no resource gathering over time, instead you have to use a building to gather resources. As an idea it isn’t that much of a problem but once you start collecting from one building, it lasts for one minute and during that time you cannot use any other buildings. The buildings have three times of collecting: 1 minute (which you activate by clicking on a hand drawn rectangle shown when you move the mouse over the building, completely destroying the perfect graphics image the game wants to impress you with), 1 hour (which costs 1 Titanium and can, of course, be bought with real life money and costs a LOT) and 15 hours (15 titanium). Furthermore, units and upgrades cost hundreds of thousands of materials, and one minute of steel gathering gives you about three thousand steel, making this game impossible to play unless you pay for the Titanium, which shouldn’t be the main goal when making a game.

Last of all, Alpha Wars has a nice concept which got run over by modern day greed, destroying a potentially good RTS game.

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