Age of War 2

Everything in this world has changed, but there’s one thing that will never change even if everyone in the whole world wanted it to, and that would be war. War has been there since the beginning of time as an imaginary measure of keeping peace, but it doesn’t. War will never change, and Age of War 2 perfectly shows what war is and how it evolves with the times. This doesn’t mean that warfare shouldn’t be fun though, just don’t do it in real life.

Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is first set in the beginning of time, and it will progress as you go along and continue to war with your opponent. Your ultimate goal is to destroy your opponent fully using all of your resources. You will be training units to go into war for you and those units will attack the first unit in front of them that they can reach. There will be different types of units that you can use for different types of situations. You will have an infantry unit that will be good for close combat. You will have a ranged unit that can attack even if it’s not their turn yet (depending on their range, they can attack for more 2 people in front of them). You will also have armored units that would be good for tanking damage as some of your ranged units attack or you can use your tank units to buy time to train even more units. There will also be upgrades that you can use to make your units stronger and harder to kill. One of the upgrades, though, is where this game shines. The upgrade of technology. This upgrade takes you into a new era of warfare where you learn to create new things that you can use to bring into war and take an advantage over your opponent (or catch up with them, if they upgraded before you) . From stone hammers and spears to huge metal maces and guns, the upgrades will give anyone who gets it a huge advantage over their opponents if they get it first.

War will never change and it will keep evolving as we evolve along with it. But, that doesn’t mean that you should hate wars entirely. Wars has been a great inspiration to a lot of the best games out there. Age of War 2 is one of those games and it will be a waste not to play this game.

PS: Happy Pi-Day!

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