Accurate Slapshot

In a world where sports games are being made left and right each and every year, it’s a wonder why we don’t have too many Hockey games out there, it’s all baseball, or basketball, or football, or soccer. Take up your Hockey sticks and get ready for Accurate Slapshot!

Accurate Slapshot

Accurate Slapshot is a hockey/puzzle game with no actual hockey gameplay aside from shooting a puck to a goal. The goal of the game is for you to aim your shot and have the puck go into the goal. Once you successfully shoot the puck into the goal, you will progress to the next level. Each level will have a different design that may hinder you from just shooting the puck directly into the goal. Many of the levels will have obstacles that you will either avoid or use to get that puck to where you need it to be. Boxes will change the direction of your puck depending on the angle of the hit. Tires will make your puck bounce to a certain direction, again depending on the angle of the hit. There are other obstacles that will be introduced in the game, but don’t worry; the game will always have information about anything that it introduces, so if you can’t finish a level, it’s not the developer’s fault but the player’s. By the way, you play the game with just your mouse. You click and hold on the puck, and move the cursor to aim the shot (while the left mouse button is still held down). The strength of the shot can be changed by moving the mouse cursor away from the puck, the further the cursor, the stronger the shot. You’ll always have a guideline that will show you where your shot will be going, so it won’t be too hard to aim your shots. The time you take to get to the goal will determine your score for each level, but that doesn’t mean you have to hurry to take a shot.

Accurate Slapshot is a great game, especially for those looking for a challenge. The moment you get to around level 10, you will be facing real challenges that may get you frustrated. If you like hockey and puzzle games, play this game. You won’t regret it!

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