A rebellion in Japan?


Let’s take a time machine to medieval Japan… Samurais and Shoguns were the talk of the town. Everything could be settled with sword fights and ruling territories. Samurai Rebellion gives you just that. It builds a strategy game based on a unit and map conquering type of battle system around this theme. The introduction gives you a nice overview of how the rulers worked in the Japan of the old days (and also how the red colored people started fighting for their rights by taking up weapons and fighting the blue colored army).

Then the first battle immediately starts. You are given a decent amount of units, only spearmen and archers are available at first, more can be purchased and unlocked later. After winning the battle, you can select which part of the game’s map to conquer next. The story unfolds nicely. You have to plan out which units to send on your front row and which units to send on the back to maximize your damage. The opponents can be overwhelming later as you progress but you can always buy more units and come back later. This game should be of great interest to bushido lovers and medieval fanatics out there! Enjoy!

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