A long review of a long MMO…

Good Game Studios never failed to give us some fantastic MMO games like Big Farm and Empire: Four Kingdoms which happens to be one of my personal MMO favorites. Interestingly, they just released another game that we can confidently place at the top of our list. Shadow Kings is another entertaining real-time strategy game that offers a lot of wonderful and impressive features that are probably way far beyond your expectations. The game takes you to a magical world where humans are living peacefully with other races like elves and dwarves until an army of orcs, goblins and trolls launched an invasion and wreck havoc to their harmonious land.

To prevent this from getting worst, you must build up an army that are strong enough to defeat all the incoming enemies, conquer their respective outposts and win a series of epic battles. However, before you enter the battle, you must build up your own settlement first and gather enough resources by establishing different economic buildings like farms, mills, bakery, market and more. You can also build houses and collect taxes in return. The more buildings you have in your kingdom, the more productive you will become. If you have enough resources, you can also decorate your kingdom to make it more appealing. Once you are done building all the necessary military buildings, you can now start recruiting warriors and launch the attack to nearby strongholds and conquer their territories.

One of the most interesting highlights of this game is its Multiplayer Features which allows the player to build alliances and explore complex diplomatic possibilities which will put your skills to the test. Apart from the normal quests, the game also features special events which makes Shadow Kings even more fascinating. Not to mention the highly impressive 3D graphics and animation that this game has to offer.

I personally find Shadow Kings somehow identical to Empire but in an all new environment and features. It is also interesting to note that the game can be played in both PC and mobile but the player is encouraged to create a separate account for each platform. Good luck and have fun!

PS: I’ve linked to the english version in this post. There is a Spanish and Italian version as well!

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