Whack the Creeps

Knowing how to defend yourself is always a good thing, especially if you frequent the local bars to drink, and even more so if you are a girl since there’d be a lot of guys around, and some of them might be buzzing around you like flies, and who likes flies, right? Whack the Creeps puts you in that exact situation and gives you all the tools you need to get those creeps off of your face!

Whack that creep, girl!

Whack the Creeps is a simulation game about a girl alone at a bar and being hit on by 2 guys (creeps, probably). Too bad for those guys, though, as this woman packs a punch, as well as a whole lot of other violence related skills. This game is very simple. You start the game, watch how the story happens, and once you get control, you choose anything that you think you can use around the bar to kill those creeps, and yes, I said kill. Want to use that billiard stick lying around? That’s cool. Oh, you think that these bar stools would be effective? Why not? The game doesn’t even leave anything to imagination, as each and every brutal scene of what you’ll be doing is played out. You’ll have plenty of options to take those creeps out, so make sure to try and find everything. The game’s controls are fairly simple, as all you’ll ever need to play the game (even up until completion) is your mouse. You simply point your mouse to whatever you think can be used, then click on it once it displays a name (if it displays a name, it means you can actually use that item), and that’s pretty much it.

If you’re looking for a game to take off a bit of stress, then Whack the Creeps is a pretty good game for it. It’s not too much a thinking game or an action oriented game, it’s more of a “pick something and we’ll make it happen” type of game, which is nice sometimes.








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