Agario 3D!

Agario was already a great game with its simple mechanic yet broad appeal, and I believe that anything done well in 2D will do even better in 3D! Agario 3D is the same great game, the same simple style, but with the new and more beautiful 3D visuals. Here’s to another few hours of playing online and trying to get the highest score.

If Agario is in the list of the games you’ve played before, then you would be very familiar with how this game plays and what you need to do. For the new players, Agario 3D lets you play as a little sphere (for the players, yes, it’s a sphere now instead of a 2D circle) that needs to grow by eating spheres that are smaller than you. Easy enough, right? The catch is, there will be other players in the world you’re playing on that will either be bigger than you (and they can and WILL eat you if they catch you) or smaller than you (it’s best if you try to eat these guys). If you can’t find players in the immediate area, there will be neutral spheres everywhere that you can consume to grow yourself by a bit before you find a player you can consume to become bigger. There’re also a few skills you need to learn to effectively play the game along with the controls. The controls are W, A, S, and D to move the camera around. You can move your sphere by moving your mouse, so anywhere your mouse cursor is, the sphere will follow. Pressing the space bar will split your sphere in half and shoot the other half to whatever direction your cursor is currently in. If you hit anything that is smaller than half of you, you immediately consume it, and if you hit anything bigger than half of you, that half of you gets consumed. It will take a minute or so to be able to get the 2 halves back together, so you will need to be careful as you try to fuse. Pressing W will spit small spheres from your body, thus reducing your size bit by bit. This skills is usually used to run away from fast opponents, or for those playing with a friend, some will use this button to feed someone more spheres to increase just one player’s size to dominate. 3D takes the simple game, Agario, to a whole different level with its great visuals. Though there might be a bit of getting used to if you played a lot of the first game, this is still a game worth playing and is probably worth a few hours of your time.

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