3 Little Heroes

The 4 castles of the kingdom are under siege, and each of those castles are held by different people. Is there someone controlling them or are they acting on their own? That would be your job, as one of the 3 heroes, to find out! Choose between 3 heroes with different abilities and powers as you go through more than 15 stages filled with enemies and traps. Are you ready to save the kingdom from all the evils trying to take over it?

3 Little Heroes is a beat em up with a medieval vibe in its setting, and is done pretty well. The objective of the game is to get to the final castle and find out who’s controlling all the monsters that are taking over the castles all over the kingdom! The game is fairly easy, and you start off each session by choosing from one of the 3 available heroes with different abilities. The first one, Pierce Stabingston III, is a warrior with a shield and a sword that is good for melee oriented players. You also can choose an archer named Archibald the accurate, who shoots all of his enemies at a distance and keeps himself safe. Finally, there’s Dave, who may look like an idiot because he doesn’t have a title, but that doesn’t make him any weaker than the other characters, in fact, I finished the game using Dave (Dave’s abilities, by the way, are bombs that he can throw forward). The game itself is pretty easy to control, as all you ever need to use is your keyboard. All you ever need is your arrow keys to move around, and pressing the space bar will make your character attack using their weapon (again that’s Pierce with his sword and shield, Archibald with his bow and arrow, and finally Dave, with his bomb powers). Will you be able to get to the final castle and defend the kingdom? Play 3 Little Heroes to find out!

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