Pirate games are always cool as they let you play as the most fearsome people out in the sea, but what about the people that shake and pee their pants because of those pirates? Those people don’t really sound cooler than those scary pirates, so it wouldn’t really feel cool to play them – but here’s Sea Loot to prove that playing as the ordinary people running from pirates is even better!

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Sea Loot lets you play as a little ship captained by a regular Joe that needs to ship items that the islands nearby need. Each island will need a different item each time you deliver one to them so you’ll need to keep on going. The main goal of the game is to keep delivering items until you get caught by the pirates chasing you. First things first, you’ll play by shipping items to one small island. You’ll know what they need by checking a thought bubble above that island – they’ll have an item in it. Once you know the item, you’ll need to sail around to ocean to find one of the islands with a treasure chest on it. You’ll get the item and sail back. You’ll keep doing this until you expand further and have more islands as customers. Now that there are more islands, you’ll need to learn one more important thing about shipping – you can carry more than 1 item at a time, so stockpiling them before bringing them back can be done. Additionally, pirates will be placed in the game to stop you. They’ll fire cannons at you which you’ll need to avoid. Getting hit 3 times will result in a game over. By the way, the game is controlled entirely by your mouse. Just click to where you’d like to go, and your ship will sail there. You can also just hold the left mouse button to keep on sailing and let your ship follow your cursor.

Sea Loot is a fun game, although there isn’t much content and the money you get for sailing don’t really mean anything, the mechanics and gameplay of this game just makes you keep playing as it’s easy, fun, and exciting. This is a perfect game for those looking for a game that’s quick and easy to play and learn


You know how bikes are never out of style? Well, Cyclomaniacs know what’s up. This game is all about bikes and stunts – as well as all about fun. Join the race around the world using your bikes and different characters like a clown, a penguin, a pirate, a zombie, or even the King, Elvis Presley!

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Cyclo Maniacs is a bike racing game that lets you roll around in your bike in more than 10 locations around the world and use more than 15 characters – each of them you’ll unlock as you play through the game. You’ll be playing using only your keyboard, with the W (or up key) being your accelerate button and S (down key) as your brake. The space bar will be used to jump. A and D is used to lift your front or hind wheels to do stunts. In the air, those buttons can be used to tilt your bike forward or backwards to do stunts to add more to your stunt meter gauge. Once that gauge is filled, you’ll be given a full boost meter that’ll automatically kick in. The goal of the game is to get to the end of the track and leaving everyone else behind (basically, you have to be 1st to get to the goal). You’ll be given a fixed amount for your win but you can also get more money by finishing the challenges presented to you before you start a race. The money you get can be used to buy upgrades for your bike and a lot of other stuff, so keep on racing to get even better bikes and characters!

Cyclo Maniacs is an awesome bike racing game and can give you a few hours of gaming time that you can’t leave – seriously, the game’s collectible nature and fun gameplay can become a bit addictive. If you’re looking for a casual game that you can play for a good span of time, then this is one of the best games to choose.


It’s common to find racing games everywhere nowadays. It’s a fun genre that’s fun for almost everyone in the whole family, and it can even sometimes have great multiplayer! But you know, sometimes, even the greatest games can become a bit boring, especially if the market gets saturated with great racing games. So now we’ve got a game stripped down to the bare minimum, Drift Hunters, which is literally just about drifting! Don’t let that fool you though, you’re in for a hell of a ride.

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Drift Hunters is a driving game that gives you exactly what the title tells you, you hunt for drifts. You play as a driver that doesn’t race against anyone but himself, because the goal of the game isn’t really to be the fastest driver around, but to be the best drifter. You’ll do that by using your keyboard to control your cars. The W key is used to accelerate, while the S key lets you step on the brakes. The A and D keys will make you turn left and right, while the space bar activates your hand brakes, which helps a lot for drifting. By the way, when we said this game was all about drifting, we thoroughly meant it. You also buy stuff using drift, as the currency in this game is drift – like, how many drifts you’ve made. So the more drifts you do, the more money you have. There’s also a combo meter that’ll come up once you’ve done more than 50 drifts and keeping this combo going will give you even more drifts, so keep that in mind. You’ll use your drifts to buy different cars and upgrade all of your available cars. There’s also an option to change your cars’ appearances, but doesn’t really hold any bearing when it comes to speed or drift.

Drift Hunters is pretty fun, but can get a bit boring after a while as you’ll be doing nothing but drifting on different tracks. The graphics and audio is pretty good though, so that’ll keep you on the game for a little while. If you’re looking for a quick, fun game to play, then this game is a good choice.


The browser gamers are often left out of a lot of great games available in the mobile platform, but that’s slowly becoming a myth as more and more devs port their games over to the interwebs via browser game. Although it still has a long way to go and we still lack a lot of the great games, some devs have made it their mission to give us great browser games that can rival the quality of the casual mobile games that we’ve learned to love. Skate Hooligans is such an example with its short but sweet gameplay, its addicting hook with a lot of collectibles, and easy to learn controls that anyone can just pick up and play.

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Skate Hooligans is an endless runner that looks, plays, and feels exactly like one of the best endless runners on mobile, Subway Surfer. This time, you play as one of the many skaters in the game. The “story” (if you can even call it that) is that you’re doing graffiti (as all skaters do) and the police are onto you, so you skate your way out of it. The game is played using the keyboard’s arrow keys, with up used for jump, left and right to change lanes, and down to slide under obstacles. The main goal of the game is to get as far as you can without being hit by any obstacle on the road, which include moving cars. Along the way, you’ll be able to pick up coins which can be used to buy a ton of collectibles which include other characters, boards, and some other aesthetic stuff. You’ll also be doing missions, but they’re really simple, like get to a certain distance, or collect a certain amount of coins in a single run. As you finish more missions, more levels will become available.

Skate Hooligans may look like a Subway Surfer clone, but make no mistake. This game is a solid endless runner with great mechanics, graphics, and fair amount of stuff to collect. If you’re looking to scratch that mobile gaming itch while at a place without phones but with a computer, then Skate Hooligans is sure to help you out


Ever wanted to do LSD and get that psychedelic trip that everyone’s been talking about, but can’t really do it because you know it’s, well… illegal? Then how about a little game that gives you a bit of that trip (not entirely, as I’ve heard) so you know how it feels? Welcome to Tunnel Rush! It’s a game that gives you all the colours and speed that makes you feel like it’s the 70’s again, without actually having to do something the cops can jail you for.

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Tunnel Rush is a roller coaster simulator that puts you in front of an “imaginary” vehicle going forward through a tunnel filled with obstacles that you’ll need to avoid. Hitting a single obstacle will give you a game over, and you’ll have to start again at the very beginning (no checkpoints). The game mostly plays like an endless runner, too. The main goal of the game is to get as far as you can and beating the highest score you’ve made (or your friends made if you have other people playing). The game is played using just the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard, which is used to drive left or right. You’ll use this to avoid any walls or obstacles as you go forward automatically. Every once in a while, the tunnel inverts itself and instead of driving inside a tunnel, you’ll be driving on a circular tube – which is a pretty neat feature.

Tunnel Rush is as simple as games can get, keep playing and don’t die. The game has great music and visuals, and playing it for an hour without getting tired of it is pretty understandable (as we did as well). If you’re looking for something casual and fun, as well as easy to learn, then Tunnel Rush is a good choice.


So you’re all grown up now and got your own apartment, but the “grown up” part is questionable, and maybe your mom smelled a little trouble so she decided to check your place out. Oops! Your place is such a mess that the Grinch would probably be proud of you. Ready to clean up before your mom gets there? I hope you are!

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Good Impression is a simulator that lets you play as a bachelor who’s got his own pad, but doesn’t know how to clean up after himself. Then your mom suddenly calls and wants to see how well you’re doing – so now you’ll need to clean the place up. The game gives you 3 minutes to make sure everything is in proper order, like used tissues should be in the bin, while clean clothes are in your wardrobe, or dirty ones should be in the washing machine. At first, you’ll scramble through the game to find out where to put what and which ones you actually need to fix, but making mistakes is alright. After 3 minutes, the game will end with your mom giving you advice on how to do better next time – like some things should be at a specific place. You’ll keep doing this until you get a perfect score, which isn’t hard to do using your knowledge, the only thing that might be hard to do is make it through the time limit. You’ll be using your keyboard to play this game, with the W, A, S, and D keys acting as your movement (you can also using the arrow keys) and the X button lets you interact with whatever’s directly in front of you. When you’re holding something, you can also use that item by pressing the interact button. Do it quick before mom gets there!

Good Impression is such a great game and a great concept. It’s relatable and has a difficulty curve that isn’t too bad. It’s fun and can easily hook you in for an hour or so before getting bored. If you’re looking for a good fast paced simulator, then Good impression is the way to go.


Basketball is one of the most known sports in the world, and it’s one of the simplest ball games to learn. There are no bases to fill, no downs to understand, and no offsides to get confused by. It’s simple, grab the ball, run past everyone, put the ball in the hoop. Easy.

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Slam Dunk Basketball is an arcade game that lets you play a condensed version of basketball, like literally, all you ever need to do is throw the ball and make sure it goes through the basket, then you do it again – ad infinitum, or until you run out of time. The game is as simple as the sport it copied from, your goal is to get the highest score available before getting a game over, which happens when the timer drops to zero. The game is played entirely by using your mouse. The left mouse button is the only button you’ll ever need. Every time you click on screen, the ball will jump up a certain height and move a bit of distance – it both depends on where the mouse cursor currently is. You just have to be very precise with your clicks to make sure you sink the hole. There will also be stars that you can collect as sort of an achievement, but doesn’t really do too much. The game lacks a lot of features that could’ve made it more awesome, like buying different aesthetic stuff using the stars you pickup. In any case, your only realy goal is to beat the highest score.

Slam Dunk Basketball is as fun as any arcade basketball games, but it’s lacking a lot of features that could’ve made it better. It’s still a great game though if you can look past everything that’s not here, as it’s still fun to play and is a great game to fight over bragging rights.