What a time to be alive! Are you playing games on your mobile phone, but can’t bring your phone to your cubicle at work? Well we’re now at the point where mobile games are also being ported online for people to play with just their browsers. You can now include Monsters Up, an arcade mobile game, to that long list of games to play when there’s nothing else to do at work.

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Monsters Up is an arcade game that relies on your ability to time each and every jump that your monster will make. It’s a game that requires you to have précising timing and reactions to whatever the game will throw your way. So you play as a little monster that wants to go up – literally. Your little monster will only stand still in the middle of the screen and can only be moved by jumping. As you play, the game will throw platforms towards the middle of the screen; you’ll have to time your jump to make your little monster land on that platform. If you get hit by the platform, it’s game over and you’ll have to try again. You’ll keep doing this and slowly, the platforms will stack up. You’ll also need to make sure that the next platforms after the first is balanced on the bottom platform – if it’s not, you’ll fall and it’s game over. After a certain number of platforms, you’ll be able to pick up a star. This star will fix up your previous platforms so it’s balanced, basically letting you start new. As  you go on, the platforms will become faster, so more of your precision will be demanded.

Monsters Up is a cute little arcade game that can take a few hours to play if you don’t watch your play time. It’s fun, easy, and gives you that “one more time” kick. If you’re looking for a nice game you can easily pick up while waiting for something, then this game is perfect.


In the past few years, there’s been a new browser-based gaming trend coming along around the internet, and it’s slowly taking even the mobile world by storm. That’s the arena based multiplayer games called the IO games. The games within the new genre can be played and enjoyed without having invested too much time in it. It’s easy to jump in and jump out when need be. It’s always fun because you’re always playing with a lot of different people. So now the question is, how do you choose which games to play out of the hundreds available? Well, were here to help! Here’s what we think are the top 5 IO games out in the wild right now.



Snake is such a classic game that it’s almost impossible to find people that doesn’t know it. It’s simple and unique, and anyone at almost any age can pick it up and play it. The premise is simple, you play as a small snake that is shown food on screen. Your goal is to grab as much food as you can, but there’s a catch. Each piece of food will make your snake longer and a bit harder to control. The game ends when you accidentally hit a part of your body. Easy, right? Now imagine that, but this time there’s plenty of food everywhere so you can get longer and bigger easily, and this time there’re more than 10 snakes on the field at the same time. You can’t touch their or your bodies or it’ll be game over, but if they touch yours, they die instantly and turn to food – which you can then use to make yourself even bigger. That’s The main goal of the game is to survive and become the longest snake in the land. It’s on our list because it’s simple to learn and needs almost no introduction, as well as it’s a lot of fun of course. It inspired many other games, including Angry Snakes and Little Big Snake.

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Tanks are always awesome, but tanks in games are even more so. explores this awesomeness by letting you play as a tank in an arena with a lot of other tanks trying to destroy each other. When you start a game, you’re thrown directly in the middle of the game and you’ll see a bunch of shapes lying around. These things will need to be destroyed so you can get all the goodies inside, which is the experience you’ll need to become a stronger tank. Each time you level up, you’ll get a skill point that you can put into one of your skills on the lower left of the screen. You’ll use your mouse cursor to aim and the left mouse button to shoot, while W,A, S, and D are your movement keys. You’ll fight to become the strongest tank around – that’s your one and only goal! The game made our list because of its great design, complex enough for veterans to have fun but easy enough for new comers to learn.

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The mother of all the IO games, is where it all started. This is the game that gave birth to a whole new genre, and it’s not without its reasons. The game is simply amazing. You start off as a little ball and you have a few abilities, but the main one you’ll be using is eating any ball that’s smaller than you to make you bigger. This means, you eat small balls, get big, eat the other balls that were ones you considered big before, but are now smaller than you, rinse and repeat. You move your ball using your mouse cursor – basically wherever your cursor is, your ball will follow. You’ll also have another useful skill, and that’s throwing half of your total amount in size as another ball and shooting it forward by pressing the W key. This helps as both an offensive and defensive move. If you can’t chase the ball in front of you because you’re bigger and slower, but you think half of you can gobble it up, then throw half of yourself forward to eat the other ball – it’s a satisfying move to use. If you’re in a bind and are about to be caught by a bigger player, use it to get a half of you out of harm’s way, so if the other half gets eaten, you’d still have another. This game innovated a lot of the io games we see today, and it’s fun because of a lot of reasons, but mostly because you play with other people in a match to become the because ball around town.

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RTS games are time consuming, but it’s almost always fun. Now how about we add a little dash of io simplicity to the mix? Well, we get The game plays like your typical RTs, you collect materials to build buildings and defences, and you keep doing that until you’re at the top of the food chain. You start off as a measly peasant with an axe and you’ll need to collect resources to amass a fortune. You’ll do this by swinging your axe (space bar or left mouse button) on anything you might need. If you need lumber, swing it on trees. Need rocks? Boulders are your targets. Food can be gathered from apple trees. You can find the stuff you can build at the bottom of the screen and if you hover over, you’ll see what you need to build them. Once you have enough resources, just click it, then click on the area you’d like to place it. To win, you’ll have to amass gold, which can be harvested by one of the buildings available. But to defend it, you can build a wall they’ll have to break to get in, as well as spikes that they won’t be able to break without getting hurt. The game is in a good spot in our list as it takes a great genre that takes time and effort to learn, and simplifies it with the great io formula of arena based multiplayer gameplay.

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On the top of our list is one of the funnest io games out there, This game is wild as it’s just a collection of party games that you can play with a few random strangers, and it’ll keep going until you decide to stop. The goal of the game is to be on top with the most wins in the quick but wacky series of mini-games you’re about to play. When you start a game, you’ll be matched up with up to 4 players, and you’ll play a lot of games, each lasting around 30 seconds or less. Each game will have a different set of rules, but it’s always the same goal, push all of the other players to their death, and remain the last ball standing. You’ll use your keyboard to play by pressing the arrow keys to move your ball in the respective direction pressed, while the space bar or X key will make your ball heavier (can be used for a tactical advantage). The awesomeness of this game lies in the fact that you don’t spend a lot of time on each game, giving you no time to get bored of it. Once a game ends, you’re immediately thrown to the next one to duke it out again. It’s on the top of our list due to the sheer amount of fun it gives out. This game can simply sap hours of your life without you even noticing.

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This list is not to say that the other io games are bad, but this is just what we though you should start with to get the most fun out of the genre. There are plenty of io games available, and we believe that each of them has their own quirks and uniqueness to justify a try. All of the games in this genre are simple to learn, hard to master, but easy to gain fun from. If you believe there are other games we should try out, leave a comment and let us know


There are some games out there that wants you to just have fun, while there are some games that’ll test your skill, then there’s Get in Shape. This game will try to give you fun, but it’s mostly going to test your eye-hand coordination skill and a lot (a whole LOT) of your patience.

Get in Shape is a game that challenges you to multitask. This game will ask you to juggle a few games simultaneously while making sure that you don’t die in all of them. The game will start you off easy with just one game showing you a simple animation, as well as a button. You’ll need to press the button specified on each game to interact with that game. The interaction is simple, like the block your controlling will jump at the press of a button, or a holding the button makes you move or dodge. There’s a lot that can be done with a single button press, but that’s not the main focus of this game. As you get used to the first game you’re given, you’ll be introduced to another one suddenly, so make sure to be prepared for it. Once the first game is given to you, you’ll have 30 seconds to try and survive before another one is introduced. Your main goal is to maintain and survive through all the games (this will depend on the difficulty you select at the start of the game). For example, one difficulty will need you to survive 5 games for 30 seconds to win. As long as you haven’t reached that goal, the game will keep going unless you don’t survive on the last game remaining.

Get in Shape is a very hard game, and finishing even just the normal difficulty took us a little while to do, but it’s super fun for those looking for a challenge. If you’d like to play a game where your skills are put to the test, then you’ve come to the right place.


Math is everywhere, and that’s something we’ll have to accept. Even the simplest things in life includes math, and although that’s something not each and every one of us like (hey, I’m bad with math) – it’s a reality. Not everyone likes learning stuff when it’s presented to you as learning, so how about learning Kids Math while it’s presented as a game?

Kids Math is a puzzle game that’s filled with nothing but, of course, simple math. It’s actually an old (semi-famous) mobile game that’s been ported to pc so it can be played using a browser. The game is simple enough, you’ll be shown an equation on the top of the screen and a set of numbers at the bottom. You’ll choose which of the numbers at the bottom you think the correct answer to the equation is. There’s also a time limit, and once that ends, the game is over, but this can be lengthened by getting correct answers (but the time can also be shortened by making incorrect answers). The main goal is to last as long as you can. The game doesn’t have any type of introduction, you’re just thrown in the fray once you start playing. You’ll be eased in with a few simple (very simple) equations at the start, but it’ll get more difficult as you go, so the pressure will build up in time – so keep yourself calm if you’d like to get a good score.

Kids Math is really, as the title says, very simple. It hooks you in because of it’s kind of competitive gameplay. The game is very fun and you can play for hours just because you think you can do better each round. If you’re looking for a quick game that you can pick up and play just as quick as you can leave it, then play Kids Math – it’s a good test of your math skill as well.


The trees are dying and only you can save them from extinction! It’s your job to make sure they all survive. Get your noggin ready to solve all the puzzles that’ll come up along the way on saving those cute little cherry trees. Remember, if you can’t save Cherry Creek, no one can!

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Cherry Creek is a puzzle game that lets you play a kind of a board game where your main goal is to save the trees on the map. You’ll be shown a bunch of tiles with “paths” that you’ll need can be twisted and turned to your liking. You’ll also one tile in the whole map that’ll have a fountain with a path. You’ll have to make sure that the path connects to another path and another and another (ad infinitum) until you get the water to all the trees in the map. It sounds kind of simple as you’ll just need to turn the tiles (you’ll be using your left mouse button to do this – just hover over the tile and click), but you’ll soon find out that that isn’t the case. The game is very difficult, and even on the easiest setting, you’ll still have a bit of a hard time in solving it – which is where the game shines. The difficulty of the game isn’t impossible, but it’s totally enough to keep you interested and challenged. This game demands that you take the time to think about your solution and the way you’ll bring water over to those sweet little trees.

Cherry Creek is a quick fix for those looking to play a mind wracking game, and it’s pretty simple to pick up and play. It’s pretty straightforward, so it’s kind of like an “easy to learn hard to master” kind of game. Give this game a shot if you’re looking for a game that’ll keep you thinking all the way through


When you’re a God, nothing should be beneath you. You shall create everything that shall walk and roam the earth, including everything that your creations will be using. Experience the thrill of creating multiple things all in a click of a button with Doodle God.

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Doodle God is an element creating simulator that lets you play as none other than God, the Doodle God! You’re given the task of creating everything using the first 4 elements you’ve created initially, that’d be earth, fire, water, and air. The start of the game will show you these four elements represented by photos (with their own obvious emblems of course) and you’ll be using your mouse to click and drag these photos to one another to create an entirely new thing. For example, dragging water into earth will create mud, or fire and water will become steam. You’ll have to keep experimenting over and over to create new elements. There’ll be times when 1 element can have different combinations, so don’t give up if you suddenly get an element that you’ve already created. Just keep going. There’s not too much more in this game, so it can get a bit boring, so getting to the very end (where you’ve created everything including life) can be a bit of a challenge. It’s nice because it’s a simple game though, so that kinds of balances itself.

Doodle God is a very long game that may get boring at the end, but is pretty fun and can take up a lot of your time if you enjoy simulations, especially those that includes puzzle and logic to play. This game relies on your fundamental knowledge of everything around you. If you’re looking for a game that’ll let you experience create new things, then Doodlge God should be right up your alley.

Of a Feather

Everyone knows that saying – “birds of a feather flock together”. It’s pretty simple: the same group of people or animals will always stay together and mingle together. But how about we get a little simpler than that? In this game, it’s literal. You’re a bunch of birds, and you’ll be flocking and flying together.

Of a Feather is kind of an action platformer, but plays vertically instead of your regular horizontal platforming. It’s like a game of doodle jump, except this game isn’t as fast paced because you’ll need precision and quick thinking. The game is played entirely using your keyboard. You’ll press W or the up arrow key to flap your wings and fly up a certain amount (it’s not much, but it’s a tactical thing). The A and D keys (or the left and right arrow keys) will make you move left or right. This can be combined with your flap key to fly in a certain direction. As you go up, you’ll see other birds standing in some platforms. Your goal is to get a certain number of birds to come with you until the end of each level. A level ends after a certain height. You’ll need to get to that height with the number of birds indicated on the top right of the screen. Once you get there, you’ll again start with 0 birds. The number of birds you’ll need to be with you will increase, so it will be time to step up your game.

Of a Feather is a fun little game that needs patience and skill. The slow pace is an indicator of a game needing precision and good timing to complete. If you’re on the market for a game that gets increasingly hard while still maintaining its cuteness, then go for Of a Feather. It’s a great choice and one you won’t regret.


We all know that the online flash game market was started almost entirely for kids. There’re still a lot of games that shows remnants of this early “kid friendly” environment the online world created. One of those games, is Slime Maker! Dive deep into a very simple game that even those who hasn’t even started grade school can play it and still have fun.

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Slime Maker is a game that is generally as the name suggests, it’s all about making slime, and that’s just it. There’re no shenanigans or difficult levels you have to understand. The game is played entirely by your mouse. All you need to do is click on whatever shows up on the screen (you’ll be given instructions on what to click so it’s impossible to go wrong). You’ll be shown ingredients and some instructions, and all you really need to do is follow it – but mostly you just need to click the ingredient a couple of times and that’s it. You’ll keep doing this for around five minutes or so and the game ends. You’ll be greeted with a congratulations screen along with the slime you’ve created. At around the end, you’ll also be able to customize the slime by mixing up the colors and shape and other aesthetic things. It’s not too much of a game, and is mostly a game for kids, but it’s not too much of a problem.

Slime Maker isn’t exactly something that’ll take a lot of brain power to play, in fact, it takes minimal thinking. But that’s something people can do once in a while and still have fun. Just play a game where there’s nothing to do but to click and not think or make decisions. There’s a sense of zen in these kind of games, and it’s not something to really take lightly. If you’re looking for a game where you can just sit back and relax for a couple of minutes and take a load off, then Slime Maker should be a great choice.


Return Man

American Football fans rejoice! We’ve got a game just for you, and we know you’re gonna love it. What’s not to love about a sports game filled with action? Return Man is the first game in a long series of well loved football games, and is a gateway to the one of the greatest football simulators out in the web.

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Return Man is a sports action game that lets you play as the catcher of the punt kick, and your goal is to get to the end of the field to get a touchdown. You’ll be given 3 chances to do so. Each time you get tackled and stopped, you’ll lose a chance. Each possession is basically a life, so keep in mind that you shouldn’t waste a single one. The controls are kind of weird, but for movement, you’ll be using the I key to move forward, and the J and L keys to move left and right respectively. The A, S, and D keys are used for special moves (that you’ll get later in the game). The space bar is a shortcut for continue (since it’d be a hassle to keep going back to your mouse to click on continue), and the M key mutes the game’s sound. The game will start once your character catches the punt, and you’ll be able to take control of the catcher. You’ll have to keep running until the end, and it’s not going to be easy with all the other players set up to tackle you, but it’s not a really unfair match. You’ll have 3 blockers set up to keep you safe, so make sure to use them wisely. Once you get to the end, you’ll be given a congratulations screen and move on to the next level. Rinse and repeat.

Although it might not sound too exciting of a game, Return Man pumps up your adrenaline once you start playing. We’ve played this game for an hour without getting tired of it, so that’s a good indication of how good this game is, especially for sports fans! If you love football, then dive in and play Return Man.