Take an anime that’s weirdly popular because of its cuteness and its way of being relatable through its characters and add it to a game medium that fits the anime genre perfectly, and you get Iron Heart. If you’re not familiar with the Hetalia anime, then you might not understand a lot of what’s happening in this game, so we suggest watching it if you’d like to play Iron Heart, believe me, you won’t regret it.

Iron Heart is a visual novel about Hetalia, an anime that revolves around characters that are named as countries all around the world. These characters represent these countries not only by name, but also their culture, the way they move, and the stuff they like – it’s kind of how Japan looks at the stereotypes of these countries. Iron Heart is a kind of like a fan fiction about the anime and gives you more freedom, of course, instead of just watching what’s happening on the screen. You play as Lithuania and will be interacting with a lot of different characters like German, Prussia, and America. All you’ll really do is read through the game, which is why it’s called a visual novel. As you read, there’ll be times when you’ll be given a choice on what to say or do, and it will affect the future interactions with other characters as well as the ending, so this game has a lot of replay value because of all the different choices. The game can be played with just your mouse. Using your left mouse button lets you interact with the game. You’ll use this button to skip text and make choices. There’s not much to explain in this game since it’s very easy to pick up, play, and understand as long as you can read.

Iron Heart is just a demo right now and doesn’t have all the endings and paths completed yet, but give it some love by downloading the game. This game is very good and the writing is alright (it’s got a bit of a western style to it instead of just the Japanese style of writing scripts). If you want to play a visual novel, this would be a good start, especially if you know the Hetalia lore.


“A game that’s all about a single color? That’s outrageous! This game is probably for kids.” – if that’s the first thought you had when you saw Yellow, then you would have thought of the same statement as us. But, everything changes the moment you play this game. This is a very challenging game and creates a very smart game with just one concept, the collor yellow.

Yellow is a puzzle game that is played with only one goal in mind, to fill the screen with the color yellow. This game tests not only wit but also your patience in each of its levels as you think of ways to hit the goal. You’ll do this in a lot of different was for each level, but the game’s controls is so simple that all you’ll ever need is your left mouse button. When you start the game, you’ll be greeted with a black screen with a little yellow circle. You’ll need to find out how you’ll get that yellow stuff all over the screen (hint: click it and find out). If you’re on a level for more than 5 seconds, you’ll see a little light bulb pop up on the lower right side of your screen. Clicking it will give you a hint to find out what you need to do in a level. You can have 3 hints for each level, but there’s something satisfying about not using the hints to finish a level, which is why getting a hint is a choice and isn’t forced on you. That’s a nice little touch.

Yellow is the type of game where you find enjoyment in finding out how you move on to the next level by simply answering one question, how am I supposed to use what’s currently on the screen to fill the screen with just one color? The challenge in this game doesn’t let up and as you go further and further into the game, you get harder and harder puzzles, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking this game up as it’s one of the best puzzle games around!


Ever wanted to be the next PewDiePie or maybe create a group like Game Grumps? What do I mean by this? I mean, to become the next YouTube star and make a career out of making videos online for people to watch. Not a lot of people watch TV anymore and have moved to YouTube to get their daily fix of entertainment, so a lot of people that can make good content have benefited from this. How would it feel like to be an online start? Tube Clicker gives you the chance to know!

Tube Clicker is an idle clicker that simulates how a YouTube content created can make money and become a star. You play the game as a regular idle clicker, but in this game, what you click is your video to generate views and get money. As you go on, you’ll be able to buy tools using the money you’ve got so you can generate even more views (some tools will let your videos be watched automatically so you can just sit back and let the moolah roll in). You keep doing this until you’re at PewDiePie legend status where you make millions of dollars. The game plays using only your mouse. You just click your videos to generate views, and on the right side of the screen are the tools you can buy using the money you get. You can buy the tools (and later on, upgrade them) by clicking on them using your left mouse button. Some tools will get unlocked as you get more subscribers. You get subscribers by increasing your views.

Tube Clicker is a very good simulator that lets you know how to make money using YouTube (a little bit, I guess). It’s also not a very bad game and, as all of the idle clickers around, is very addicting and fun especially when you get all the upgrades available. If you’re looking for an idle clicker to goof around with, try Tube Clicker out.


The roads in kingdoms are always dangerous. It’s never safe for normal people to walk on them unless it’s been cleared. Well, we’ve got heroes to help us out in this regard! Hire heroes to clean the roads and let the innocent people feel the peace again, not without a price (cash), of course.

Road of Heroes is an action / shooter simulator that lets you control a group of mercenary heroes tasked on keeping the roads clear and free from bandits and criminals. You’ll do this by hiring 3 different types of mercenaries. That’s the rogue, the wizard, and the shaman. Each one has different abilities that you’ll be able to utilize and use against every enemy on the road. The rogue will always be throwing knives and is best at using speed and agility to survive as he can wear clothing that increases dodge rate and attack speeds. His range is also very good as he can shoot knives to the end of the screen. The wizard has pretty strong spells in his belt but can only use it from short range. His lightning spells hit more than one enemy so it’s a risk-reward kind of thing. You get closer and you increase the chance of getting hurt, but your damage output bursts through the roof. The shaman shoots a thin energy beam that pierces through everything and will continually damages anything it touches. To control these heroes, you’ll use your mouse cursor. Your heroes will always follow your cursor, so make sure to use that to dodge and aim at your opponents. You’ll have a little circle at the lower right screen that’ll fill up at fixed intervals. That’s your special meter. You can use your special attack by clicking on the left mouse button. You’ll go through a lot of levels with a lot of bandits and enemies. The goal is clear. Clean up the bad guys.

Road of Heroes is one of the coolest action games around the web, and it’d be a shame for anyone that loves games to miss on this one. The variety this game gives is huge so you can play using any style you’d like. Pick up the game and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


One of the coolest vehicles (aside from those expensive cars) is a motorbike. It’s every little boy’s dream to ride a fast bike and feel the wind in their hair they go as fast as they possibly can. Sure, bikes are prone to injuries and accidents, but that doesn’t stop it from being cool, fast, and awesome.

Moto X3M is a motorbike simulation game that lets you just ride a bike on different courses in any way you’d like. There’s really no ultimate goal in the game aside from getting to the end of each level, so you’re free to play at any speed you’d like. The controls are pretty simple because all you’ll ever need are the arrow keys on your keyboard. The up key lets you accelerate and go forward while the down key is your brake. The left arrow will make you pull your weight to the back on the bike to tilt the front upward and the right arrow will shift your weight to the front of the bike, making the back tilt when running on a good speed. You’ll use these controls to get through each level as they’ll be filled with obstacles and walls that you’ll need to avoid and maneuver over. You can also use these to perform stunts  that will lower your overall time. There’ll also be bombs in place to either help you or hinder you, depending on how well you plan your game. They’ll sometimes destroy obstacles to make them passable or just tweak the landscape to make it more difficult for you, but in any of these cases, your skill to adapat will be put to the test. You can always take your time as you’re in no time limit. The only use of the time is for you to get a better score, which isn’t really a requirement in this game. It’s more of a bragging right kind of thing.

Moto X3M is a very good game with very good controls and physics. The gameplay itself is pretty simple but needs precise moment and coordination. If you want a game that gives you the great feeling of riding a bike, then this game is a good choice.


As an alien from another planet, you know nothing of the other worlds, so you visit those worlds to find out more only to crash land into one of the unfamiliar planets. You find out that this world isn’t exactly all the friendly to those that are unfamiliar to them. You’re new task now is to survive this harsh new world as you try to find your partner and find a way to leave the planet.

Snail Island is a point and click adventure game the likes of the old school games like Treasure in Monkey Island. You take control of a little alien as he goes through anything and everything that might help him get a clue of where he is and how he can get back home along with his partner. The game is played using only your mouse and your wit. You have a little crosshair as your cursor which will change colors when you hover over something that you can interact with. There are two ways to interact with the world around you. You can either click it regularly to see if something will happen, or click yourself first to talk to that object. Some objects will interact differently and you’ll need to use a bit of critical thinking because some of the solutions are kind of weird. In any case, keep your head in the game and use anything you can to find your partner.

Snail Island is a great game that was created in Game Jam so it’s still kind of incomplete. It’s still only on part 1, so hopefully we get a part 2 soon. If you’re looking for a fun point and click adventure with a good story, then Snail Island is the cutest choice available right now.


Ever needed a game for bragging rights in a party? Well, Tank Trouble’s got you covered! Play in multiplayer mode where you can thrash the living hell out of your friend’s tanks and claim victory or play against a bot to practice your game. Whip out your tank and wreak havoc in the randomly generated mazes/arenas to fight on. Get ready for a whole new tank simulator!

Tank Trouble is a shooting game where you use tanks in a maze like stage. You’ll work your way around the maze to get to your enemies and blast them sky high. The game gives you control of a tank, and when you start a game, your tank and other tanks (depending on how many will be playing) will be spawned in a random area in a maze. You’ll then maneuver your tank around the arena to find your enemies and shoot them. This can be done using your keyboard. The arrow keys will be used to move around. The left and right arrow keys will rotate your vehicle while the up arrow key will make you move forward and the down arrow key will make you move backward. When you want to shoot, you press the M button. Your bullets will bounce when it hits a wall and will stay in the maze until it hits another tank, including you. A round ends when only one tank remains. You’ll start the next match in a different maze so you’ll have to re-maneuver and do it all over again. You keep doing that until no one is left playing.

Tank Trouble is a great multiplayer game and can really make a party go wild. If you’ve got friends over and looking for a game to play with friends that you’d like to crush, then take Tank Trouble and play it like there’s no tomorrow!


The game jam is an awesome place to find budding developers and see their wild minds come to life in the games they make. Here’s one with a concept that isn’t really original, but has  been polished and is created with such love that it’s impossible not to love it.

Grand Theft Pizza is just a simple action / shooter game that lets you play as a guy who goes wild and shoots everyone in sight. The game doesn’t really have too much of the pizza, but is heavy on the action. You’ll start off in a room with nothing much but your guns and the shirt on your back. You’re inside some building and your goal is get to the last room with the boss. Each room will be filled with enemies although some rooms will have health pickups to help you out. You move around using the W, A, S, and D keys and use the mouse cursor to aim your weapon. The left mouse button is used to shoot your gun. Many rooms will have windows, and these windows can be used  to shoot enemies within that room. You’ll use not only your gunning and dodging skills, but also your cunning in making sure you reach the end.

The game is really short, but that’s because the game is actually incomplete, but judging from what we’ve played, this game is going the right direction. It’s a great game already with awesome music, smooth controls, and gameplay that’ll keep you pumped.

Grand Theft Pizza is a game that’ll keep you playing despite it being in German (not that bad even if you don’t understand it, the game is so simple you’ll still know how to play) and it being too short. If you want an action game pumped with adrenaline, give Grand Theft Pizza a go!


Zombies are on the loose, and they’re out to get you. Only you can save yourself against these monstrosities to make sure you survive the night and make money to defend yourself even better. It’s going to be an endless cycle. Will you be able to see the day of light again? is an online multiplayer arena/survival game that lets you play as one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. You have nothing left but the shirt on your back and the hammer on your hand. You’ll have to gather materials to make a base for yourself so you survive the zombie onslaught that comes out at night. The game starts you off with a choice, whether to go through the tutorial or just learn the ropes yourself. The tutorial is a wiser choice as it’ll let you know the basics and how to get through the night alive. Only choose not to go through it if you’ve already played the game. The tutorial will teach you the controls which is W, A, S, and D to move your character around, and left mouse button to use your currently equipped item. You’ll chop trees to gain lumber and hammer boulders to get stone. Once you have enough, you’ll build a gold stash which will hold your money. You’ll then build gold mines to get money. Finally, with the money and resources you have, build towers to defend yourself and your stash, and build walls to defend your base. Later on, the tutorial will teach you advanced stuff like upgrades and buying items. The main goal of the game is to survive as many waves as possible while getting as much gold as you can. You’ll see the leaderboards on the top right of the screen. does not let up on the action. Each night is filled with fear as you are swarmed with more and more zombies. Some people might even try to come up and destroy your base, which adds to the already thrilling action of the night. Keep yourself protected by building, defending, and surviving with!