The PC is one of the best platforms to play games and is also the easiest to develop for. Bootham is a great example of this as it’s such a great game being made by 1 person. Horror games are scarce for the PC, and Bootham is here to fix that!

Bootham is a first person / survival / horror game that just throws you into a nightmarish world. You just wake up not knowing how you got to this asylum and, of course, your first thought is to get out. How do you do it, though? You try to use all the items scattered around each room to help you unlock doors and protect yourself. You’ll have to arm yourself and find anything that can help you keep your life up as you try to survive through the crazy people in this asylum that will try to kill you. The game controls really well for a beta game. You use the typical first person control setup where you use W to walk forward and S to walk backward. The A and D keys will make you strafe left and right. Your mouse will be used to look around. The left mouse button is used to shoot. You can interact with the stuff you see with the E key (stuff you can interact with will have a circle with an eye on it). The F key is used to turn off your flashlight and you can press it again to turn it back on. The game adds a bit of difficulty by giving you a limited battery for your flashlight, so make sure to use your flashlight sparingly or you’ll be walking through the dark, which is not something you want to do in an asylum filled with people with mental problems!

Although this game is still on beta, it’s already looking like such a great game, and with the developer still adding a lot of stuff, Bootham is a great game to add to your library and is worth checking out.


Everybody loves pizza! That’s a universal fact everyone in this world should accept. If someone ever tells you that they don’t like pizza, they’re either lying or they aren’t human. That’s why a game with pizza in it is something that you should check out, no matter what the game!

Salamis is a fighter plane simulator where you take control of a pizza that is also a fighter plane that shoots out salamis/pepperonis. And yes, before you even say it, that does sound insane, but here we are, aren’t we? The pizza flies around like a plane and you control its flight by using either the arrow keys or the W, A, S and D keys. Your plan will always go forward at a normal pace, but pressing the W or up arrow key will make it move forward faster. The S or down arrow key will make it go a bit slower. The A or left arrow key and the D or right arrow key will make your pizza turn left or right. The flight controls will take a little bit of getting used to, but once you have it down, it’s a breeze to control. You shoot out your salami by pressing the space bar. You will always only have 1 shot of salami, and every time you shoot, you’ll have to reload. Reloading is as simple as flying in a small circle (you can just hold either left or right until your pizza has a piece of salami on it). You’ll have a lot of different enemies, so you better get ready for the fight of your life while controlling a pizza plane!
There aren’t too many fighter plane simulators around, but finding one and you control a pizza? I’d call that a jackpot any day! This game is both challenging and very fun, so it’d be a waste to miss playing Salamis.


Magnets are always fun to play with no matter what age you are. It’s kind of nice to get a game about magnets that’ll keep you challenged while giving you the fun you know and love with magnets! Magnetized will keep you frustrated and wanting to play even more!


Magnetized is a fun little game that lets you control a bunch of magnets to help a little dot get from point A to point B. The dot will always go forward in a straight line and it’s your job to make sure that it doesn’t hit any walls along the way. There will be magnets placed on the walls that you’ll be controlling to make sure the dot stays on its path. Whenever a dot is near a magnet, that magnet will activate and will light up. When a magnet is active, using the left mouse button will pull the dot over to you. You’ll have to get a bit of a feel for it because it will also use the dot’s momentum and angular movement when you pull, so you’ll have to consider how hard the dot will turn a corner. The game is pretty simple, really, especially because you only ever use one button, and that’s the left mouse button. When you click the left mouse button, a line will form between the active magnet and the dot, signifying a pull. The dot will then move accordingly. This is all you’ll need to know. As the game progresses, you’ll be met with a lot of different challenges and the difficulty will go up. It’s pretty fun for the first few levels but can become hair-pullingly frustrating a few levels on, but the feeling of finishing those hard levels are so rewarding that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Magnetized is a great puzzle type game that’ll keep make you want to keep playing. The challenge is good and it’s easy to learn. If you need a game that’ll keep you thinking (or frustrated, whichever comes first), then go for Magnetized.

Happy Room

Happiness is an emotion that can be brought on by a lot of catalysts. Some become happy when they see cute things like puppies or kittens. Some people find happiness in buying things or traveling. Some would even find happiness in eating. You would have to be a sick person to find happiness in torturing a person (not a real one, though), but hey, we’re not here to judge (we can totally relate).

Happy Room

Happy Room is a torture room simulator that puts you in a room with a test dummy that’ll be used to test out all of the equipment that you have, mostly fatal ones. You’ll be given a set of stuff that you’ll strategically place in the room to try and dish out as much damage as you can to the test dummy. Each item has a certain amount of hit points that goes down as the test dummy becomes damaged by it. You will need money to place and plant those weapons. Money can be gained by completing different missions that will be displayed on top of the screen. A lot of those missions will have you hitting the dummy multiple times with one trap/equipment, but it’s not as easy as you think as you need to set those traps smartly if you want to finish missions. Later on, you’ll be able to upgrade those traps and weapons to make an even more destructive weapon. The more destructive the weapon, the easier it is to use for your different missions, so make sure to upgrade it when you have the chance. And oh, before I forget, all you’ll ever need for this game is your mouse, as everything is controlled by it. This game will have a very good tutorial session at the start so no need to worry about playing blind.

If you’re up for a little fun with a bit of blood (okay, we lied, it actually has a lot of blood), then try out Happy Room, it’s definitely a room filled with happiness.


There have been a lot of games for mobile that has been ported to the online browser world, as well as vice versa, and many of them have been great. Speaking of games like that, here’s Swingby, a game definitely and obviously made for the mobile platform, but has been ported to play on a browser, and it’s super cool.

Swingby lets you play as a comet that wants to move from planet to planet. That sounds like kind of a ridiculous premise, I know, but hey, it’s a game, so anything goes. You start off the game with a tutorial that’ll teach you everything you need, once you’re done with the tutorial, the game lets go of your hand and you’re all by yourself, which we found really nice as this game is hard but very rewarding.
Your little comet will start off orbiting a planet and you’ll see another planet with another orbit around it. Your goal is to move from your planet to that other planet’s orbit without going straight for the planet itself. As you orbit your planet slowly, you can click anywhere on the screen or press the J key to slingshot yourself off of your planet out to the next using your momentum from orbiting around your planet. Sounds easier than it’s done because, as mentioned, you cannot aim straight for the planet. You’ll have to aim somewhere around it to be able to stay alive. If you miss the next planet’s orbit, you’ll die and will have to start over.
Along the way, you’ll be able to pick up coins. These coins can be used to buy powerups that will let you survive even longer. There are 3 available powerups. One will make your comet go slower so you can manage and plan your moves better. The second one makes the planet smaller so you have a larger target (since the planet becomes smaller, the orbit becomes larger). Finally, there’s a powerup that lets you bounce off the walls so if you miss the planet and hit a wall, you’ll bounce at an angle giving you a chance to hit another orbit.
Swingby is a great mobile game that you can play for hours just trying to beat your high score. If you’re looking for a good casual game while you pass time, then go for Swingby.

Rooftop Snipers

So you’re a sniper on top of a roof out to get one of your targets when you suddenly discover another sniper on the same roof top. Of course, in this situation, a firefight will ensue because this rooftop isn’t big enough for 2 snipers and one bounty!

Rooftop Snipers is a physics based 2-player shooting game that lets you play as one of 2 snipers fighting for control over one rooftop. The goal is to keep shooting until one of you falls off the side of the building you’re perching on. The controls are easy to learn, but the physics mechanics may take a bit of time learning and mastering. You will be using your keyboard to play the whole game. The W key is used to jump towards the direction where your head is pointing (you’ll be swaying from left to right every time). The E key lets you shoot, and holding it will let you aim it, kind of. When you press the E key, you will immediately shoot, but if you hold it down, your sniper will raise his gun upward until you release it, at which point, your sniper will shoot. If you or your enemy is hit by a bullet, you are pushed back. You keep doing this until one of you fall off the building. The first one to push their enemy off the roof 5 times wins the whole match. Though that sounds kind of simple, there’s a little twist that the game adds every few rounds, something that makes the game harder or easier, like different weather conditions, or stronger weapons, or sometimes even both!
If you’re looking for a good 2 player game that’ll keep the fun going and is all about bragging rights, Rooftop Snipers is a good game to play. That’s aside from the awesome techno music that’ll keep looping in the background!

Hide Online

Hide and seek is one of the best games you’ll ever play as a kid (as long as you’re not always “it”), but nowadays, there’s almost no one to play it with. Everyone would always be inside their homes, playing video games or watching TV. Well, if you’ve been yearning to go hide and seek, here’s your chance!

Hide Online is a hide and seek simulator that lets you play the old childhood game (with a little twist) without even having to stand up from your couch! This game lets you play as one of two sides each round, you’re either a hunter that goes seeking for those hiding or a prop that will go hiding as anything around as an everyday item. If you’re a hunter, you’ll be playing using a first person view and play the game like an FPS. You’ll wield 2 guns (an automatic rifle and a shotgun) that you’ll use to shoot any of the props when you have a suspicion that one of them is actually a hiding prop. Shooting anything else that isn’t a prop will reduce your health. A round is over when the hunters kill all the props (hunters win), the hunters all die due to shooting non-hiding props (props win), or the time runs out with a prop still alive (props win, too). The controls as hunters are the same as your typical PC FPS. W, A, S, and D to move around and the mouse cursor to aim and move the camera. The left mouse button is used to fire your weapon and 1 and 2 keys are used to cycle through your 2 weapons.

Playing as a prop is a little different, though. You start the round as a general item, and you’ll have 10 seconds to find an item that you’d like to hide as. After 10 seconds, the hunters will walk around to try and find you, and kill you. You will be using the same W, A, S and D keys to move around, but you will also be using the E key to turn into whatever your cursor is pointing at. You’ll also have the Q key to let out a noisy taunt that’ll alert the hunters to where you are (use it sparingly). The props will also be forced to taunt every 30 seconds to at least give the hunters a fighting chance at finding you.

This game is all about your wit and cunning, no matter what side you’re playing as. If you’re out to find a game that’ll bring back those childhood memories, then look no further than Hide Online.

Demon Shift

You are the most loyal, though a bit clumsy, servant of the devil. You’re given a simple task of getting a magical jar filled with the souls of the dead and deliver it to the devil. Of course, your clumsiness is in the way, so you accidentally break the jar and release the souls. It’s now your job to get the souls back and make sure all of them are accounted for.

Demon Shift

Demon Shift is a puzzle platformer game that puts you into the shoes of the clumsiest servant of the devil now collecting the souls he released accidentally. This game has a lot to offer in both of the genres it’s in, that’s puzzles and platforming, and sometimes, you’ll have to use both your puzzle solving skills and great platforming skills at the same time to be able to move on the next level and collect the next soul. When you start a game, you are placed at the start of a level with different obstacles, your goal is to get to the end of the level to collect the soul there. That sounds simple enough, right? But there’s a twist to this game. Your little servant character has the power to shift through 2 dimensions, and there will be times when you will be required to use this skill to change the playing field. For example, there will be platforms that you can’t reach in the normal world, but after you shift to the demon dimension, a pillar will suddenly pop up between you and that platform, letting you reach it.

Some entities will be inanimate objects in the regular dimension, but in the demon dimension, it’s alive and it’s out to get you. These are little things that increase the challenge of this game.
You play using the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to shift dimensions. That’s everything you need to know in terms of controls. You’ll learn when to use your magical powers in the middle of the game (the game will give you cues when to use it during the first few times so don’t sweat it).
If you’re out trying to find a good platformer with a sprinkle of puzzle solving, you just found the game that’ll blow your mind for the weekend. Demon Shift is cute and fun, but challenging in all the right ways.

Lego: Out of Step

Ever wanted to play with legos but don’t have enough money to buy them (legos are expensive now that they’re super popular because of the franchise stuff like Star Wars, Batman, and Jurassic World being made in lego worlds)? Well then, try out Lego: Out of Step!

Lego: Out of Step is a simple platformer where you take the form of some kind of Lego god and drop in lego blocks whenever it’s needed. The game revolves around a lego fox that needs to get to the end of the stage, and this is where your godly lego dropping powers come into place. The fox will just keep walking forward unless he is stopped by a wall or some other form of obstacle. It’s your job to ensure he gets to the end. You’ll take hold of 3 lego blocks: a regular lego floor block, a spring made of legos, and a huge lego rock. Each block will have their own function and will be needed to finish the game. The floor block is used to make the fox walk a bit higher. If you drop them on top of each other, you can make stairs so he can reach higher places and keep walking and avoid some obstacles. The spring will make the fox jump. This will be used to reach higher platforms and avoid obstacles, too, but this can be used without prior planning unlike the floor block. The rock lego is used to drop on breakable things. There will be parts of the course where something huge is blocking the way and will have collectible legos inside it, then you can just drop a rock and destroy that obstacle. Not only does it clear a path, it also gives you those lego pieces that you’ll need to collect for points. The lego pieces will be scattered throughout the level and will also require the use of the blocks you have to enable to fox to reach them.

If you just want a quiet little world filled with legos, fun, and a bit of a challenge, then Lego: Out of Step is the perfect game to try out. It’ll keep you busy for hours on end.


We just have to say this before anything else, we never thought, even in our wildest dreams, that a puzzle game can ever be made with such a scientific concept such as electrons, but here we are with Electrio. What a time to be alive! This is a game that puzzle lovers will adore, guaranteed.


Electrio is a puzzle game that’s all about electrons. It’s got a really straightforward goal, just connect all the electrons together in the correct order while making sure that none of your chains overlap. You have to include all of the electrons in your chain and circle back to the first electron. The order has to be positive connected to negative connected to positive then back o negative until you get back to the first electron. Once you’ve done that, you end the level and you’re given a new set of electrons to connect. The game is played entirely by your mouse. You click an electron and point to another electron you want to chain to, then you click again to connect them. It’s as simple as that. The challenge comes from being able to avoid crossing paths while also being able to get back to the first electron in the chain. Then, as you go through the game and advance through the levels, other challenges will be presented to you. Once of those will be moving electrons. Some of the electrons will start moving in a predictable pattern, and you’ll have to time your connections. Connecting a moving electron to another one will stop it from moving, so you’ll have to stop them strategically to make sure you don’t stop it in a place where it will become a hindrance in connecting all of the electrons without overlapping. How’s that for a good challenge?

Electrio is such a great puzzle game that it should definitely not be missed, especially by the puzzle lovers. This game has a lot of levels that you can play through, each one being more satisfying that the last.