Millionaire to Billionaire

Being a millionaire is one of the highest dreams that a man can make, and is also a dream that people will always have. Millionaire to Billionaire takes you to that height and makes you feel how it’s like to be an owner of multiple businesses that can make millions within a few days!

Millionaire to Billionaire is an idle clicker that puts you in the shoes of a guy starting in the investing game. Just like many idle clickers, you start off with just nothing. In this game, you start with the smallest business and work your way up by earning bit by bit and buying more establishments. You will be buying upgrades to make your life easier as an investor. Some of the upgrades will let your investments earn by themselves (which means you don’t have to click them for you to actually earn money from them) so you can watch your other investments, in time all of your investments will make money by themselves. There will also be upgrades that will increase your earnings per investment by bumping up the money they make by twice or thrice their normal amount or make them earn faster by a few seconds. All these, in turn, will give you more money to buy even more stuff that will make you earn even more money, ad infinitum. You know, that’s just how idle clickers work. When you feel like you’ve already bought everything and want to start again, the game gives you rewards for resetting your game to make your journey from rags to riches a whole lot faster.

If you’re ready to own everything from a little lemon stand up to a comic store then your own coliseum and your own space station, then go ahead and try Millionaire to Billionaire.


Tetris lovers everywhere, rejoice! One of the best blocks building games just hit the building and it’s everything that you love about the game. It’s complex, it’s fast-paced, and it’s brain wracking. Let Build take you to the new 3D world of Tetris.

Build is a block puzzle game that gives you the classic game, Tetris, in a whole new light. The game has the same principles as Tetris, but in Build, you don’t have walls, and it’s one of the main features of the game. You still stack blocks on top of each other as efficiently and save as much space as you can, but Build uses real physics, and this is where the “no walls” feature comes in to play. If any one of your blocks falls off the edge, it’s game over and you have to start again. The goal is to build the highest building you can without dropping a single block out of the playing field. You’ll get the familiar blocks like the L block, the T block, the square block, and the line block. You’re also given a time limit for each set of blocks you’re given. If you don’t place all the blocks within that time, it’s also game over.

The game is controlled by your mouse. Every time you start a game of set of blocks, you hover your cursor over the block you want to use, click and hold it, and drag the block to the spot you want to place it in (you can drop or place it, whatever you need to do to stack them as high as you can). Placing a block will follow the rules of gravity, so be careful and be smart in placing your blocks.
Build is a very smart game and what we think is an intelligent step forward for Tetris. It has very good integration of physics, and it has powerups. If you love Tetris and want to take your game to the next level, then build is the game for you!

Trollface Quest TV

Being trolled on the internet isn’t really the best feeling, but trolling, on the other hand, can be real funny.
Well, here’s another edition of the game that trolls you, but still comes out to be funny (well, sometimes). Trollface Quest TV is one of the few games in the Trollface Quest series, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to trolling the players! We previously had the Video Games edition, now it’s back for the TV edition!

Trollface Quest TV is a random puzzle game that is really just a random game, but one of the simplest yet really fun games out there. The game is controlled entirely by your mouse. That may sound simple, and yes it is, but what makes this game a complicated puzzle game is you click at random places at random times and a random number of times, depending on the scenario. When you start a game, you are given a scenario with some trollfaced characters and you’ll have to click something on the game to troll one of the characters. The biggest clue to the game is just hovering your mouse cursor over everything. If it’s something that you can interact with, your cursor will change to a hand. Sometimes, there’s going to be more than one thing to click, and you’ll have to click them in the correct order to finish a stage. You will be going through more than 20 levels of trolling through familiar stuff (if you watch a lot of TV, at least).

If you like watching TV and have fun trolling and being trolled with it (Game of Thrones is just one of the many trolled stuff in this game), then Trollface Quest TV is a great game to play. So just grab some popcorn, get your mouse clicking hand ready, and put on the game!

One More Pass

Soccer is one of the most watched sports in the world, and it doesn’t have that record for no reason. It’s an exhilarating game to watch, although there are points where it can get boring, there’s a lot happening the whole 90 minutes of the game. One More Pass may be a simpler concept that the real thing, but it’s just as exciting!

One More Pass is part soccer simulator part arcade game. The game revolves entirely around passing the ball to your teammate in front of you until you reach the goal, in which it will go to another one of your players and you’ll need to pass it again continuously until you get to the next goal, then rinse and repeat. The game is controlled by your keyboard. The W key is used to pass the ball directly forward, while you use the A and D keys to move left and right (it’s best to align yourself to your teammate before passing the ball), and the space bar to lob the ball. Of course, the game would be stupid if there wasn’t a challenge to passing the ball. There will be an opponent team and one of them will always be in the middle of your player and your teammate you’re passing the ball to. They will always try to kick the ball away from you. If you just passed the ball to someone in front of you, then the guy in the middle of you two will try to walk towards your current player and grab the ball, so it’s kind of like a “hot potato” situation where you need to pass the ball as soon as possible.

If you like soccer and like quick to pick up and learn games, then One More Pass would be right down your alley as it’s a great combination of both. The game is fast paced as well as having tight controls and good music. This is highly recommended and will surely take in a few hours of your time if you fall in love with it.

3D Moto Simulator 2

It has been a long time since our last post, but we’re back with another great game!

There’s another simulator game out in the wild, and it’s one of the coolest so far! It’s got bikes and just a huge sandbox to run around in. 3D Moto Simulator 2 takes you to a whole new bike sim experience as you run around in a huge town, or a desert, or some other place you’d like and try out all the bikes available!

3D Moto Simulator 2 is a motorbike simulator that lets you try out 3 different bikes in an open sandbox, and that’s just simply it. There’s no racing to distract you, no enemies to take you off the road, no nothing. To some, it may sound a bit boring, but try it out. It’s fun to just ride around and take the bikes for a little spin. The 3 different bikes control differently so you’ll have to adjust a bit when changing bikes. The game is really easy to control and they always display the list of controls so you’re never lost. You use the W key to drive forward, the S key to hit the brakes and reverse, and the A and D keys to steer left and right. The 1, 2, and 3 keys will make you shift between the 3 different bikes available (1 for the normal road bike, 2 for the dirt bike, and 3 for the police bike). You can press the Space bar to hit the handbrakes and use it do drifts. The C key is used to change the view from third person to a farther camera to a first person view. If you want to use a boost of nitro, all you need to do is press and hold the shift key. If you get stuck on any part of the map, you can reset the bike positions using the G key. For the police bike, you also get a cool siren that you can activate using the E key.

3D Moto Simulator is one of the best simulators out there, and it’d be a crime to say otherwise. The cool 3D graphics, the ragdoll physics, and the great open sandbox make it a good game to just run around and play with, even when there isn’t too much of a plot to the game! If you want to experience how to ride a bike in the comfort of your own couch, then try out this game!