Rebuild 2

A zombie apocalypse has plagued our world, and it’s up to you, one of the few hundred survivors of the world to rebuild human society from the ground up. Will you take this responsibility and walk with everyone else that survived this horror or will you succumb to the fear and let the zombies take you alive?

rebuild 2

Rebuild 2 is a strategy / survival game that lets you play as a person that survived through the apocalypse, and is now looking to build a way to help other survivors so you can live in peace again. You do this by leading the other survivors and giving them tasks (these tasks can also be given to your character). There’s a lot of stuff to do before the world can become functional again, and you’ll be starting with the little tasks to make sure everyone is alive and happy. You’ll be growing food in your farms, you’ll be scavenging food in some buildings and some farms out of your control, you’ll be reclaiming buildings and build defences around them, you will be recruiting other survivors, there will be some buildings where you can train various skills like scavenging (to get more loot), leadership (to get a higher chance of recruiting), and some other skills to make all of your survivors useful. There are three different ways to end the game, but I won’t spoil it for you. Every night you will be attacked by zombies, and it will show you at the top screen the percentage of you surviving the night, so make sure to never send out all of your people on tasks without thinking of your evening defences. The strategies you’ll have to use are complex, and everything you do will take time so you really have to think about what you want to do, and when you want to do it. Scavenging will take a day before the people you gave the task comes back, reclaiming may take a few days, but carpenters can help each other to shorten that time. There will also be random events that may or may not help you, like some other random survivors helping you out, or a random guy bringing some gambling stuff for you to get or lose food.
Rebuild 2 is a very deep game with a very expansive world and gameplay in its very tiny package. If you’re looking for a great strategy survival game that lets you play hours on end while still having some serious fun, then Rebuild 2 is a great choice.

Sonny 2

An anticipated sequel to one of the best browser based RPGs ever created has finally come, and it’s about time that people find out what happened next to Sonny in Sonny 2. Will he ever be able to become human again, or at the very least find out what happened to him that he is in the sticky situation that he is in?

Sonny 2

Sonny 2 is a turn-based RPG that is a direct sequel to the big browser game hit, Sonny. It follows the story of Sonny, a man turned zombie that is trying to find his way home and find out what happened to him and everyone he was with. Sonny 2 takes place only a few minute after the final events of the first game where Sonny and a friend has escaped the ship and now holds a cassette which may be a clue to finding out what happened to the crew of the ship and him. Starting a new game will let you start with an entirely new character (it’s still Sonny, but you can change the name and his class, which is pretty cool). You get to choose from 3 classes available; Psychological – basically, they are the mage class in the game with powers that are a little different than an ordinary mage, as this class uses spells that control minds to destroy enemies and allies alike (this is the hardest class to start with, but is the strongest in the later parts of the game); Biological – the warrior type with a huge emphasis on power and speed, but with a few poison spells to help out (easiest to play as and is moderately strong if levelled up); and finally, the Hydraulic – a balanced class with healing spells and damage spells, as well as having a balanced speed and power (moderate difficulty of use). The game is controlled entirely by your mouse, and a good tutorial will greet you in-game when you start a new game, so you never play blind, which is great.

Sonny 2 is a deep, story-driven game with very good RPG elements. Although the gameplay itself may be a bit complicated when it comes to choices, the game’s great tutorial as well as the complete tooltips in each option that you have, help you play easily and understand what exactly is going on in every battle that you have. If you want a deep RPG experience without having to throw out money to buy one, then Sonny 2 is a great game to play.

Accurate Slapshot

In a world where sports games are being made left and right each and every year, it’s a wonder why we don’t have too many Hockey games out there, it’s all baseball, or basketball, or football, or soccer. Take up your Hockey sticks and get ready for Accurate Slapshot!

Accurate Slapshot

Accurate Slapshot is a hockey/puzzle game with no actual hockey gameplay aside from shooting a puck to a goal. The goal of the game is for you to aim your shot and have the puck go into the goal. Once you successfully shoot the puck into the goal, you will progress to the next level. Each level will have a different design that may hinder you from just shooting the puck directly into the goal. Many of the levels will have obstacles that you will either avoid or use to get that puck to where you need it to be. Boxes will change the direction of your puck depending on the angle of the hit. Tires will make your puck bounce to a certain direction, again depending on the angle of the hit. There are other obstacles that will be introduced in the game, but don’t worry; the game will always have information about anything that it introduces, so if you can’t finish a level, it’s not the developer’s fault but the player’s. By the way, you play the game with just your mouse. You click and hold on the puck, and move the cursor to aim the shot (while the left mouse button is still held down). The strength of the shot can be changed by moving the mouse cursor away from the puck, the further the cursor, the stronger the shot. You’ll always have a guideline that will show you where your shot will be going, so it won’t be too hard to aim your shots. The time you take to get to the goal will determine your score for each level, but that doesn’t mean you have to hurry to take a shot.

Accurate Slapshot is a great game, especially for those looking for a challenge. The moment you get to around level 10, you will be facing real challenges that may get you frustrated. If you like hockey and puzzle games, play this game. You won’t regret it!

Mine of Sight

You know how tried and tested formulas for games can work if your sprinkle a little something new in between? Well, welcome to Mine of Sight, a kind of Minesweeper (kind of impossible for anyone not to know this game, but if you don’t you should check out this game anyway) clone that puts a twist to the old formula, giving this game a very fresh feel.

Mine of Sight is a puzzle game that takes the Minesweeper game and its mechanics, then adds a little twist to it to create something new and a bit more challenging. The game is played by just using your mouse. You use the mouse cursor to point at any square within the playing field, then use the left mouse button to open that box and find out if that box is a mine or not, or use the right mouse button to put in a flag, depicting that you have guessed that the box may contain a mine. If a box is opened and it turns out to be a mine, it’s game over. The game does not leave you in the dark to guess where the mine is, though, as it will give you one clue as to what boxes may have a mine, and it is your job to find out. So the playing field will have numbers in them and those numbers will always be next to a box, with a maximum of 4 boxes adjacent to it (that’s one of each of the cardinal directions). The number will tell you how many mines are there within the boxes that are adjacent to it. There will also be numbers with a little eye directly on top of them, this denotes that there are bombs in all four directions from that number – basically any box that the number can see is a potential bomb. You will use this information to make sure you open the correct boxes throughout the game. It may sound a little complicated, but you’ll quickly get it once you play the game as the game will guide you until you feel good enough to take challenges on your own. This is a game where you’ll never have to guess!

Basket Champs

Basketball isn’t a very complicated sport. You have a ball, you take it to your own goal, shoot it. It’s mostly the same as any other ball based sport. So then, here comes a developer asking, how can we make a basketball game, which is already a simple game, even simpler and make it easy for even kids to play it? BAM! Basket Champs!

Basket Champs is a basketball game that takes off all of the running and rules and keeps in just the one thing you do in basketball, which is to shoot the ball into the basket, and that’s it. It’s a simplified version of the sport, and it’s so easy to play. The game will start off with you choosing a country that you will be playing for, and you will start a round robin tournament. Each round of the tournament will have you facing off one of the countries on a 1 on 1 battle. The winner will receive 2 tournament points, and the loser gets 1 point. At the end of the round robin, the team with the most points will move on to the single-elimination finals games. In this part of the game, you just do your best because losing means losing the whole game, as in, game over. Basket Champs is played with just your mouse. When a game starts, the screen will show a basket and a ball. The ball will be floating in random points of the screen. What you have to do is click and hold on the ball, then aim your shot. Both you and your opponent will have 5 shots, and the one with the most shots successfully sent to the basket will win the round. If you are tied with your opponent, you will go to sudden death. It plays the same, except now, you don’t have the 5 ball limit. You will keep alternating in shooting a ball to the goal until you are up by one point or down by one point.
Basket Champs is a really simple game, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s not fun. The game is so fun that I played through the game around 3 times, not including the times I lost in the finals games. If you’re looking for a basketball game that is easy to learn and easy to play, then Basket Chumps is a good game to play!

Holiday Sim

Whenever you are going out for a vacation, it’s always good to have a list of stuff to do, buy, and visit for that vacation so that you can make great use of the limited time that you will probably have (not like you’re gonna stay there, right?). Enter Holiday Sim, a game about a guy just wanting to make the best out of his vacation, and it’s your job to make sure he does!

Holiday Sim

Holiday Sim is actually just a point and click adventure where you are given choices for your actions and are given the appropriate consequences for each. Of course, since this is a point and click, all you need to use is the mouse. You just need to use your left mouse button to choose anything, and that’s it. There’s really nothing you need to click on screen, and you just need to click the choices at the bottom. The only other button you’ll use is the space bar (which will be for the later parts of the game). You’ll start off at your house, out to go on a vacation. At this point, you are already given a choice, and it’s a pretty funny scene if you click the wrong one (I won’t spoil it for you, but it’ll be pretty obvious once the choices come up). Everything about this game runs on choices, do one thing and get an item, then use that item to do another thing to get another item, until you have done everything you can for your vacation. There’s also a few achievements that you can go for to lengthen the game, even, which is pretty fun.
Holiday Sim is such a fun game filled with a lot of humor. Although you won’t have a laughing your ass off moment, you will always have a little smile on your face because of all the jokes that this game will throw out. If you’re looking for a funny game that doesn’t take long, then Holiday Sim is a very good choice!

Truck Simulator

The Simulator series of games have been on the rise (see our recent games Buggy Simulator and Farming Simulator), and all of them have proven themselves worthy to be at the top of the lists of best browser games around. 3D Truck Simulator is one of the games from the Simulator series, but this time, you get to control different trucks to drive around the city with new goals (since you’re using different vehicles this time).

truck sim

Truck Simulator is a driving game that gives you a lot of trucks to drive around town with, each truck having different missions and goals from each other, depending on their nature. The game controls much like all of the driving Simulator games that came before it, so if you’ve played them, you would be familiar with the controls. You use the keyboard to drive around, specifically, the W key to accelerate, the S key to reverse (also your brake if your vehicle is moving), and the A and D keys to steer left and right. You have your V key to change the camera view and you have the R key to reset your vehicle’s position to the starting point. The big difference with this game from the earlier Simulator games is that you have to buy the other trucks, which is actually an alright feature to give you a better sens of accomplishment. You will have the Ambulance as your initial vehicle, but you will be able to unlock a Mail Truck, a Firetruck, a Cement Mixer, a Garbage Truck, and a lot of other trucks. The game has 2 modes when you star a game, that’s Mission mode and Free mode. Mission mode lets you go through a set number of missions in a particular order, different for each vehicle that you use, while free mode lets you drive around town without having to follow a certain direction, you can just pick up any mission at any time. All missions, if finished, will give you money that you can use to upgrade your vehicles and buy more trucks.

A lot of love has been given to the simulator series of games, and you can see improvements in each game released. 3D Truck Simulator has great mechanics with all new mission mode and free mode, as well as having the vehicles become unlockable instead of available from the start. 3D Truck Simulator is a very good game for those looking for a good driving game, and even more so for those that loves trucks.


Many puzzle games nowadays have started to become complicated as they try to ramp up the graphics, the music, and the gameplay, but puzzle games don’t need to be pretty to be great. Some puzzle games just need to be simple and easy for people to get into it. Enter Circloo, a puzzle game with just circles, and that’s it. No 3D graphics or anything, but it retains the fun and head-twisting gameplay that puzzle games should always have.


Circloo is a shape-based puzzle game that lets you control a little circle that is inside a circle, and the goal of the game is for you to get 7 transparent circles in each circular level. You know, maybe the developers knew that you like circles, so they put in circles in a circle so you can go collect circles. Joking aside, although the game sounds like a real simple task (because it is), the way to finishing this task can be quite hard depending on the level, this is still a puzzle game, after all. The game is played by using your keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move around your little circle. When you start a level, your circle is thrown inside a bigger circle, and you will see a transparent circle that you’d have to collect. Every time you collect one, the field will expand, revealing some obstacles (or if there were already obstacles at the start of the level, then it introduces even more or extensions of those obstacles). You will have to think your way through all of the things that hinder you from getting those circles. You can use your momentum to kind of jump over the obstacles, or use gravity and speed to kind of float off a side. You are free to do whatever you need to do to get everything, as long as it is within the laws of physics (this game actually has very good physics).
Circloo is a very simple game. You’re a circle in a circle trying to get circles. It can’t get any simpler than that. The game introduces a lot of neat little elements as you go through the game where your logic and puzzle solving skills will be put to the ultimate test. If you want a mind-bending or frustratingly good puzzle experience, then Circloo is a good go-to game to play.

From the Deep

A little creature is stuck in an uncharted island, and it’s your job to help that creature get out, but it looks like there’s something keeping you here, something sinister, something From the Deep (see what I did there?) Play the game and find out if you would ever be able to know what is keeping you on this island, and if you’ll ever be able to leave.

From the Deep

From the Deep is a puzzle platform game that lets you control a little creature that is stuck on an island. The goal of the game is to go deep into the island to find out what is beneath this strange island that keeps changing and moving while the creature moves. The game is controlled exclusively by the arrow keys on your keyboard. The controls may be a bit weird and may need a bit of getting used to, but you’ll get it, and it was probably designed this way to add a bit of a challenge to the game. The game controls using just the left and right arrow keys, which lets you move left and right, respectively, if you hold down the key. Tapping either keys will make your character jump to the direction that you have pressed. The game is changed with just this simple mechanic, as there will be times when you will need to jump then walk, or walk then jump, and you have to switch the method of pressing your key suddenly. It sounds easy in concept, but try it for 2 minutes and you’ll find out just how challenging this game can be.
From the Deep is a very short game, but is none the less a good one. The challenge alone is a great reason to finish the game entirely. If you’re looking for a game that gives you both a hard and good time, then From the Deep is a good game to play.

Buggy Simulator

Ever dreamed of trying out all of the different types of Buggies available in the world? Well, here’s your chance in making that dream kind of true (since it’s just a video game, it’s still pretty close, though!). Buggy Simulator helps you out in making this dream a reality.
Buggy Simulator

Buggy Simulator is a car simulation/driving game that lets you take control of a bunch of vehicles, all of them different variations of a Buggy. The game is simply just that, you drive around a little sandbox world. No enemies, no obstacle, and there’s really no end goal to the game. It’s just you and your buggy enjoying the ride. The visuals of the game are very good, and it’s all in 3D, too. The controls are super easy to learn and very responsive. You can use the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys to drive the car. Up arrow or W to drive forward, down arrow or S to brake or reverse (if you are stopped). The left and right arrow key or A and D keys will make you steer left and right. Pressing the space bar will pull your handbrake, most useful for drifting and for sharp turns. The C key changes between different views that you can use (a far camera, a close camera, and a first person view). The shift key is used to shift gears upwards. The R key will reset the whole game, the G key will reset your car, and the V key will let you cycle through the different buggies.

Buggy Simulator is a very good game with pretty graphics for a browser game. Although a goal is not present in this game, you still get all the fun that it offers by being able to drive the different vehicles available. If you’re just looking to drive around a sandbox with different buggies, then Buggy Simulator is the perfect game for you.