Mine Blocks

Simulation games have been on the rise, and almost every great one has been a huge hit. It’s not really surprising to see people try and follow those game’s formulas to ensure that their game gets noticed, too. Mine Blocks is one of those games that uses the same gameplay elements but creates its own vibe to make sure you get a different experience but still retains the exploration aspect of the genre.

Mine Blocks Screenshot

Mine Blocks is a survival / exploration/ building game which is inspired by the likes of Terraria and Minecraft, but a bit more from Terraria. You are alone in the world and need to survive the harshness of each day by gathering materials to make a home and collecting food to keep you nourished. You play the game on a 2D field where you can break almost anything and turn it into materials to create a different item that you can use for your survival, like breaking a tree to create a shovel to dig faster or a hoe so you can till land and plant vegetables there. You will need to collect anything that you can turn into your home. The game is played using both your keyboard and mouse. Your mouse cursor is used to aim and your left mouse button is used to swing whatever you are holding (if you are holding nothing, you’ll just punch using your fist), and wherever your cursor is, that will be the direction of your attack. The W, A, S, and D are the buttons you use for movement. You’ll have a shortcut bar for your items which you can access using the 1-0 number keys on your keyboard. The Shift button can be used with the left mouse button to use/place anything you are holding to where your cursor is; you can place blocks to build a home or place seeds on tilled land to plant them.
Mine Blocks is a great game filled that can run on your own creative juices and your willingness to experiment. The game can be played for such a long time without you even noticing just because of the fun factor this game creates. If you’re looking for a no-install-needed Minecraft clone, then Mine Blocks should be your best go-to game.


Our technology is slowly coming to terms with outer space, and with the growing technology we have, it’s only a matter of time before we completely discover everything about it. Contact is a game about a little ship collecting samples of meteorites, and that’s totally it. It’s simple and quick, but with varying difficulties and very challenging gameplay.


Contact is a game that lets you control a little spaceship that needs to collect different samples of meteorites in space. You do this by dodging the other meteorites that you don’t need, as this will kill your spaceship. How do you know, then, which ones would be good to use as samples? Their importance can be seen because of the colors, and the difficulty that you are playing in. The Easy difficulty gives you the task of only collecting blue samples, and anything that is red is a bad meteorite that will destroy you if you get hit by 5 of them. In medium, you will need 2 samples, blue and yellow. Finally, in hard mode you will be tasked with getting 3 different samples, which is blue, yellow and green. You use your mouse to move around, so wherever your cursor is, that is where your spaceship is. And oh, you can’t just get samples all willy nilly, you would have to change the orientation of your ship if you want to collect a different colored sample. You will initially be blue, but when you press on your left mouse button, you will change your color and will be able to pick up samples of the color you changed to, and picking up anything that is different from the color of your ship will damage your ship. Each level will give you a certain amount of samples you need to collect, which you can find out by looking at the top of the screen. You’ll see how much you have collected and how much you need to collect, so always keep your eye on this part of the screen while also dodging any bad meteorites.
Contact is a very good game, a bit deep, but very fun. It takes a great amount of skill to get to the end of the game for each of the difficulties. Even the easy difficulty takes quite a lot of skill to finish! If you are looking for a fun little challenge while playing a very simple game, then Contact is one of the best games to go with!


Ever liked the Harvest Moon type of games where you just farm and make money and farm and make more money? Then hey! Plantera is a great choice of a game to play! It’s all about plans, money, and more plants, and it’s so fun you start to doubt the reason why you’re having fun with this game!

Plantera looks like a cute little farming simulator on the outside, but is a hardcore idle clicker on the inside. It’s a game that is all about plants and harvesting the fruits of all the plans you have created. The game is fairly simple, as with all idle clickers, and starts you off with a little tutorial. You’ll learn that all you will need is your mouse to click on all the stuff that you can interact with (mainly with fruits that you need to collect and the trees that you need to plant from the menu) and a couple of buttons on your keyboard to view the whole map (specifically, A and D). You start out by letting you plant one of the crops that will give you a bit of fruit, which can then be clicked and converted to cash, or can also be left alone for your worker (you have 1 to start with) to pull out of the ground and automatically convert to money. The money you get can be used to buy more crops or bushes so that you can make more money to buy even more crops and bushes, and so on. It’s a game you simply rinse and repeat, but there would be a few challenges as you go along. There will be different hungry animals out to get your crops, and you will have to click them to push them out. As you go on, the animal’s frequency will increase, making you busy with not only clicking your fruits, but also the animals out to get the food you worked so hard for.
If you like both idle clickers and farming simulators, this just might be a game that can pique your interest, and even if you don’t like any of those genres or like them separately, this is still a game to check out as it is fun and challenging at the same time.

Papa’s Sushiria

Sushi has been a great part of the international cuisine passed on by the Japanese chefs as one of their greatest gifts to the world. Papa’s Sushiria lets you play as a guy who makes sushi, so it’s your job to make it great and make your customers love it so they come back!

Papa’s Sushiria is a cooking, micro-management game that puts you into the shoes of a person with a debt to Papa because you broke his little statue outside his shop accidentally. He isn’t mad, but he wants you to man the shop while he goes out to buy a new one. Fair enough. The game can be played entirely with just your mouse. You take a customer’s order by clicking their speech bubble, then follow the order to the letter by putting in the correct ingredients and condiments, as well as the correct drinks at the end. The first level of the game is mainly your tutorial so you have a safe haven of play without being pressured for time. As the game goes on, you’ll have more types of customers that would like different types of sushi, new ingredients, and you will be given a bit of pressure because customers might be waiting to get their order taken as you make someone else’s order, so this is where your micro-management skills are put to use. When a day ends, you are given a summary of how you did for that day which is measured by the amount of tips that you get. The more accurate your sushi creation is to their order, the higher the tips you get.
Papa’s Sushiria is a very hard game once you get to the later levels, which can be a good challenge to those looking for a game that needs repetition and memorization, as well as quick reflexes. If you’re tired of the Cake Mania games or games like that, Papa’s sushiria is a great alternative that puts a twist with the micro-management games.

Dungeon Clicker

Merry Christmas! If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of extra time during these Holidays… Idle clickers are the perfect games for those that have a lot of time on their hands. All of them are simple, easy to learn, and very easy to control. I mean, you just click, learn a few stuff for upgrades, usually, and bam, you do that over and over until you reach a certain goal. Dungeon Click is one such game that reels you in by its easy gameplay and funny graphics.

Dungeon Clicker

Dungeon Clicker is, obviously, an idle clicker that lets you play as a warrior out to defeat every monster that threatens the kingdom. You play the game entirely by using your mouse. Evert level starts with you and a monster in front of you. You can click anywhere on the screen (as long as there is no menu or button in the way) to attack the monster in front of you. The damage of your attack will depend on your investment in your own attack damage. You can put in money to increase your damage on each click. Each enemy you kill will give you money, which you can then use to upgrade your damage to kill more monsters to get more money to kill more monsters and so on. You can also invest in getting allies to help you out (which is a very good investment in the long run). These allies will attack monsters without you having to click, and you can also invest money in their attacks per second, so that’s good, too. The game also has a roulette feature where you can get (or lose) a lot of gold!
If you have ever played a fantasy idle clicker, then you will probably be familiar with Dungeon Clicker, and will know that it’s one great game. It’s one of the only idle clickers I’ve known that actually has levels and progress, so that alone makes it different already!

Camp Phantom

Being in a camp is always fun because of the different activities, but everyone knows that the fun all happens at night when everyone gathers around a bonfire and tells horrifying ghost stories. Some of them will be pretty mild, but many of them will be very rattling and might keep you up at night. Welcome to Camp Phantom, a camp that is haunted by a phantom, and almost everyone knows it except you.

Camp Phantom

Camp Phantom is a point-and-click adventure puzzle game that puts you into the shoes of the newest adviser in Camp Phantom. Everyone is telling her that she should avoid the Phantom at all costs so that she can save her life. You are given a quest to find the charm that pushes the Phantom away, so you go on that quest to keep yourself safe, even when you don’t really believe about the Phantom. You’ll be solving just one large puzzle for you to get the charm, so stay on your toes, as anything you find around the camp may be a clue to what you need to do. The game is a point-and-click so all you’ll really need is your mouse. Just click on anything that you can interact with. This also goes for all the puzzles in the game, too. You have an unlimited amount of time, so you can take your sweet time in solving all of the puzzles presented to you. The game is filled with great voice acting, so you are never bored as you go through the puzzles in the game, as well as the music being pretty good for the atmosphere of the game.
This game is a very good point-and-click with puzzle elements, and the ending can be very surprising. I almost jumped off of my seat when I finished the game. Be careful and be ready when you play this game. And although I say that, I still recommend playing this game as it’s very good and very fun the whole way through.

Dynamons World

Children of all ages (even the children at heart) have always dreamed of a world where monsters exist and can become their companions, to fight alongside with, eat with, travel the world with, and become their best friends until the end. Dynamons World, a new game on CrazyGames.com, lets you experience the same thrill you got as a kid when playing your first Pokemon game, except Dynamons won’t force you to buy a console to play the monster catching game!

Dynamons World game

Dynamons world puts you into the shoes of a junior Dynamon trainer whose goal is to become the best trainer of them all. A Dynamon researcher will help you along the way to give you tips and hints, as well as tutorials, to make sure you get to the top. Along the way, you’ll find out that the quest you are in isn’t just a quest for yourself, but to save the world against a criminal group wanting to use the power of Dynamons to take over the world. You start the game off with a choice from 3 of the starting Dynamons. Kickflick, the plant Dynamon; Snorky, the water Dynamon; and Torchip, the fire Dynamon. After choosing one, you get to walk around a map by choosing where to go using your mouse. A part of the map with a “!” on it means there’s a Dynamon you can battle and catch. Whatever you choose to do in your battles, the Dynamons you used throughout the battle will gain experience, and once they reach a certain amount, they can level up (by using a Dynastone) and become stronger, even getting new skills they can use in battle. And oh, you’ll also have a rival in this game in the form of a guy named Patrik. Although the game has no music at all which makes it a bit boring, the gameplay should be enough to push you through the rest of the game as the battles and the story can keep you sticking to the game like glue. Play it now and start your very own Dynamon Adventure!

Battle Towers

The battle of good and evil has been a battle fought for centuries, millenniums even, and it looks like it will keep going on as long as there is evil (or whatever some people think is evil) in this world. Battle Towers is a perfect example of this battle of good against evil and is a great game to boot!

Battle Towers is a real time strategy game about the powers of light and darkness battling each other. Your main goal is to defeat your enemy, and I say enemy because your enemy can be either, depending on which of the 2 campaigns you would like to play. Playing the light forces will let you clash with the forces of chaos, and vice versa. The game has a lot of great things going for it, and another one of them is the achievements system where you get additional currency for your upgrades for stuff that you can do for every level, like build a specific number of farms, or create a specific number of soldiers. The game also lets you set the difficulty level at any time, so for the beginners, you can easily learn how to play by setting the game to easy to find out how to win, for the hardcore, the harder difficulties are good to start with. At the end of each battle, you are given a choice to upgrade any of your stats using the currency you get for each mission. The options for the game is so great that almost anyone can just pick it up and play it!
Battle Towers is like an angel that was dropped from Flash Games RTS heaven (a very specific heaven). It’s a great game backed with great mechanics, a rich storyline, engaging battle system, and a very unique style.


There has been a lot of horror games floating around on the internet, with their creepiness making you want to not sleep at night because something might just pop up from underneath the bed, but out of all of the creepy flash games I’ve played, House takes the cake. It’s one of the creepiest, hardest, and weirdest games that I have every played online.

House is a horror / action / puzzle game that lets you play as Tabby, a little girl trapped in a house filled with mysteries. You control Tabby by using the arrow keys and you interact with stuff by pressing the A button on your keyboard. You can find different items and people to talk to later on in the game, but you start off in a room with nothing to do aside from sleeping. You take that nap and once you wake up, it’s like the stuff inside your house is now different, and a few things that shouldn’t be here are here (like your doll suddenly coming to life). Talking to the people in the house will help you find out what you need to do (I won’t spoil it). There are 3 endings to look forward to, each which can be unlocked by doing something differently on each play you do. After around 2 to 3 real minutes, your dad comes home and has a knife. You don’t need too much imagination to find out what he wants. There will be a few ways to take care of your dad, which is also the key to all the different endings.
House is a very scary game, with all the endings making it a bit more creepy than it already was. If you are into games with great storytelling and very mysterious and curious puzzles, then House should be one of the games you go to,