Battle for the Galaxy

A future where humans fight against all of the different extra-terrestrial beings out there is a scenario that some people deem to be possible, and a lot of games have used this scenario so well that it’s become a whole genre all by itself. Battle for the Galaxy is a great game to start with if you want to try out a game that has a Starcraft feel.

Battle for the Galaxy is an online Real Time Strategy that gives out a Starcraft vibe with the way all of the units look and how the game plays. You start off with a tutorial that will hold your hand throughout the first part of the game, just to help you out. You basically get a few resources, make troops attack bases to get more resources, then create buildings and towers and facilities to make more and better troops, then you attack more bases to get more resources, then upgrade everything to upgrade troops, and the long cycle of attack goes on until you become the most feared general in the intergalactic universe. The game itself is fun because of a lot of things, the competitiveness, the Clash of Clans familiarity (which is a game that many people loved), but personally, it was the Starcraft feel was what really got me hooked, but as mentioned, since the game is seriously like Clash of Clans so it won’t be too hard to really learn for those who have already played it.
Battle for the Galaxy has is a great example of how to make a game mixed with a few different elements from a few different games and make it so great that the people play it forget about the time and waste more than a few hours playing it, so if you wanted a game to play that’s a lot closer to home (because of all the game elements you have been familiar with), then the Battle for the Galaxy game is a seriously great game to play.

3 Little Heroes

The 4 castles of the kingdom are under siege, and each of those castles are held by different people. Is there someone controlling them or are they acting on their own? That would be your job, as one of the 3 heroes, to find out! Choose between 3 heroes with different abilities and powers as you go through more than 15 stages filled with enemies and traps. Are you ready to save the kingdom from all the evils trying to take over it?

3 Little Heroes is a beat em up with a medieval vibe in its setting, and is done pretty well. The objective of the game is to get to the final castle and find out who’s controlling all the monsters that are taking over the castles all over the kingdom! The game is fairly easy, and you start off each session by choosing from one of the 3 available heroes with different abilities. The first one, Pierce Stabingston III, is a warrior with a shield and a sword that is good for melee oriented players. You also can choose an archer named Archibald the accurate, who shoots all of his enemies at a distance and keeps himself safe. Finally, there’s Dave, who may look like an idiot because he doesn’t have a title, but that doesn’t make him any weaker than the other characters, in fact, I finished the game using Dave (Dave’s abilities, by the way, are bombs that he can throw forward). The game itself is pretty easy to control, as all you ever need to use is your keyboard. All you ever need is your arrow keys to move around, and pressing the space bar will make your character attack using their weapon (again that’s Pierce with his sword and shield, Archibald with his bow and arrow, and finally Dave, with his bomb powers). Will you be able to get to the final castle and defend the kingdom? Play 3 Little Heroes to find out!

Combat Reloaded

First person shooters have been very popular ever since the likes of Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield showed us what a shooter would be like with great mechanics as well as adding the multiplayer aspect of it to all of the modern games. Combat Reloaded is a great example of a first person shooter that puts the multiplayer game in front of its game and lets you enjoy it for hours because of the competition.

Combat Reloaded

Combat Reloaded plays like the usual first person shooters, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad or unoriginal game in the least, this just means that it has all the stuff that we are already familiar with, as well as new stuff that you might love. You play the game using your keyboard and mouse. The keyboard to move around using the W, A, S, and D as well as changing your weapons with the 1, 2, 3, and 4 buttons and the E button being the action button (open doors and other stuff). Your mouse cursor will be your game’s reticle, and moving the mouse spins your reticle to aim. Using the left mouse button will make you shoot your current weapon and using the right mouse button will make you aim down your scopes, making your aim even better. The game gives out a lot of fun little stuff in the game like one of the most recognizable places of the 20th Century, the Krusty Krab, as one of the arenas you play in. The weapons are the usual stuff, assault rifles, snipers, handguns, etc., so there aren’t anything exciting in this part, but most of the other stuff are pretty good.
If you’ve been looking for a multiplayer game to pass the time, then Combat Reloaded may be a good game to play, just get ready to put in more hours than you actually wanted to as this game can get addicting.


Not all incomplete games can be called or considered bad games, and Vampi may be wildly incomplete, it’s still a pretty fun game and should be given a chance for the less than 30 minute gameplay that it offers. Sure it doesn’t take much to finish it, but getting to the end of this game is a good look on what a good quick game should be.

Vampi is about a vampire who had his candies taken. Never should anyone take a vampire’s candy, lest they receive its wrath! The werewolves are everywhere and have all the candies that Vampi has collected for Halloween, and you would have to help him get them all. The game won’t hold your hand and will immediately throw you into the game without a single clue on what to do, so it takes a few minutes before you actually find out how to play and what you need to do. To play the game, you only need your mouse. All you need to do is click on any area at you would like to go to and Vampi will fly or jump over to that area. The game will start you off in a weird looking area with nothing but a few jars. Jumping in a jar will instantly break it and drop any item. Breaking jars will likely get you some of the lost candies. If you see a werewolf on screen, Vampi will automatically go over and kill it once you click the werewolf, and any killed werewolf will drop the candies. The only goal is to kill everything and collect all of the candies.
This game had a lot of potential to become a very good game that might become a classic for those that love these type of games. If this game was completed, this review would be a whole lot different. We just hope that this game comes back at a later time and be polished and finished.

Exit Path 2

An experiment gone wrong has happened in one of the underground labs. It’s high time that you escape these labs and stop being the guinea pig. You’ll be exiting the lab and going out of the underground sewers to find freedom, but will you ever find it, though?

Exit Path 2 is a runner game that lets you play as one of the guinea pigs (person) of an underground lab that has been running experiments on you, and just want to finally taste freedom. It’s not going to come easy though as there would be a lot of obstacles you would have to go through to actually get to the surface, and once on the surface, the cruel truth of freedom will come into play, and you will see that the underground doesn’t really seem so bad after all. In any case, you play the game completely by keyboard. The arrow keys are your movement keys and pressing the Shift or Space key will make you use your “Flow” which will be explained in game, but as a quick tip about it, it will help you through obstacles by giving you a better jump arc and speed. If you find the game lagging, you can always press the Q key to change the quality to one that your computer can handle.
The game’s music is very good and can be a bit addicting. The melody and tempo is just enough to want you to keep playing the game and feel like you are part of the game’s action. The graphics are pretty decent for a flash game, too, and the animation of each action and background is superbly done.
If you are looking for a pretty good game with great mechanics and very good gameplay, Exit Path 2 might be the game you are looking for.

Offroader v5

Driving simulators can have a lot of different looks and feels depending on how the developer wanted you to play, or on their idea of fun. For Offroader V5, I feel like everything is weird and off and most of the times does not make sense, but that doesn’t really mean that this is a bad game with no direction at all, in fact, it’s just part of the charm of this game.

Offroader V5 is a driving simulator that lets go of all those racing mechanics that you usually get for driving games that have come out in the past decade or two, but offroader V5 takes that away and just gives you the freedom to drive around a huge area with nothing but you, your car, and the road. You have more than 4 vehicles at your disposal that you can switch around with (using a simple press of the E key on your keyboard) and they will be different from each other, some will be your regular race cars, some will be trucks, and some will be vans that can be driven and changed to at any time during the game. Although the game has no goals or missions, it’s a great game to waste time with and a very fun distraction. Each car gives a different feel and a different way of driving, so using all of them around the track is super fun (the sedans suck on dirt, while the trucks are very fun on dirt).
Offroader V5 is a different experience, and although not many people may like the “no real objective” part of the game, it is still a fun game that must be given a try if you like driving games, as taking on the role of a driver for different cars is a unique style that not too many games will ever offer

Viking: Way to Valhalla

Casual games aren’t always half as bad as hardcore gamers would like to think they are. Viking: Way to Valhalla is a very good example to prove this. Not a lot of casual puzzle games can pull off the same quick adrenaline you get from casual games with the same amount of interest you get for adventure games, and this game does very well in both accounts due to its very unique gameplay style along with very good mechanics.

Viking: Way to Valhalla is a puzzle game by that mostly plays like the Candy Crush games where you line up the same type of blocks with each other and break them until all of the blocks are out (or whatever goal is given to you), but for this game, the mechanic is a little bit different. Your usual board where the blocks would be is placed at the bottom part of the screen, while the top screen shows two sides, the left side showing your Viking, and the right side showing whatever enemy you are trying to kill. The objective of the game is to break sword blocks to damage the enemies, the more blocks clumped together the higher the damage. You lose under 2 conditions, which is you either run out of number of turns, or your Viking’s HP drops down to zero. There will be a lot of additional goals and obstacles in finishing each stage as well as your Viking getting skills and weapons that alter the gameplay and time you need to beat levels, so you would always be on your toes in each level, giving the game a higher gameplay time that the usual gameplay times you get for the regular casual games.
Viking: Way to Valhalla is a very good game to play and keeps you interested for a pretty good amount of time as the adventure elements of the game keep you hooked as well as the casual elements of the game. Play this game if you haven’t yet, you’ll be surprised how 2 genres can blend into one with a very good result.

Sky Serpents

You are a the son of one of the greatest Sky Serpent killer the world has ever known, and will probably be the best until the end of time, until you grew up to finally take on the challenge of beating your old man’s record. Will you actually be able to do it or will you succumb to the strength of the great Sky Serpents?

Sky Serpents is an action game that lets you play as the son of the great serpent killer, and you made it your personal mission to best your dad at his own job. Take on the serpents and kill each and every one of them using your trusty knife and sword, along with the skills passed down to you by your dad, of course. The controls are pretty easy to learn, but might take a bit of time before you can master your movement to kill all the serpents. You don’t really need a lot of buttons, as all you will need are your arrow keys and the space bar to destroy the serpents. You use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right, and press the up arrow key to jump. You press the down button to latch on to the serpent using your knife, so however the serpent moves, you’d be stuck to it, even when you are upside down. Pressing the space bar will let you attack using your sword. Serpents will have a certain number of weak spots that you would have to keep attacking with your sword to kill them. You will have a counter on the upper left telling you how many you have destroyed and how many parts there is in total. Destroy all the parts, and you defeat the serpent. Here’s a little tip, latch on nearby a part, then start swinging, if you do this, your character will swing his sword towards the part no matter what direction the part is in.
If you’ve been wanting to play an action game that involves not only skill and speed, but also a very quick reflex and wit, then try out Sky Serpents. The story and gameplay will definitely get you hooked.

Royal Warfare 2

Strategy RPGs have been out of commission for a while, and not too many games in the genre have been getting the spotlight for people to play. Royal Warfare 2 not only solves this issue, but takes care of it with flying colours easily! Royal Warfare 2 takes what’s good about the first game (the story, the gameplay, the characters, and the setting) and makes it even better! You should be ready for what’s in store for you in this game, as you might get overwhelmed, or overexcited, whichever comes first.

Royal Warfare 2

Royal Warfare 2 is a strategy RPG / Real Time Strategy game that puts you into the shoes of the commanding officer of an army out to save the kingdom. Get your soldiers ready to take on all the invaders out to storm your castle at any time. Join forces with the powerful wizards to quickly kill off swordsmen with overwhelming damage, or take some swordsmen with you to take the frontlines and take damage so that you can setup your game. The choice is up to you and how you want to handle the hordes of enemies wanting to destroy your castle. The game is like your usual RTS browser games where you just use your mouse to do everything, including choosing the units you want to use, giving them commands, using skills, and everything of the like. The game does not leave you in the dark, however, so don’t worry about not knowing a single thing about this game (if you haven’t played the first game). The game will make sure you know how to play before it actually lets you fight out the hordes.
Make sure to get your thinking cap and wear it, as Royal Warfare 2 is a gaming man’s chess in the battlefield, and using less than 100% of your thinking power will ensure your defeat!

Asgard Skill Master

Are you ready to defend your homeland with all that you have? If you are (in all honesty, though, you don’t really have a choice, you would have to be ready at all times), then you should get your soldiers ready for war against the monsters trying to invade Asgard, as you are the only one that can command the soldiers with your knowledge of the battlefield.

Asgard Skill Master is a strategy game that has a few RPG elements that puts you into the shoes of the commander at war in the world of Asgard. Monsters have taken over and you are tasked to bring a group of soldiers of your choosing to the field and take on all the monsters that are trying to take over. You will use your wit and fast reflexes to make sure that you protect your land. The game itself can be controlled with just the mouse, but due to a bit of complexity brought out by the different warrior types available, you can also play using some hotkeys (the skills will be labelled with the appropriate hotkeys on the screen so you are never along trying to guess what to press). You start off by choosing a few soldiers by using the bit of money that you have. Each battle will be instance based, which means you don’t have to actually find an opponent and fight them, all you need to do is get to the battlefield and let the soldiers fight, all you really need to do is choose when the soldiers will use their skills. Later in the game, you will have more choices for soldier types and skills that will widely give variety to the game.
Will Asgard ever be safe from the monsters trying to take over? Well, now that you’re here, it should be right? If you’ve been out to find a game that involves a lot of strategic use of skills and a bit of grinding, then Asgard Skill Master is a great choice to start with.