Castle Rush

You know how tower defence games usually make you create towers or make soldiers and other stuff (people) that will defend your castle from the onslaught of enemies coming its way? Well, with Castle Rush, you finally fight back with all the power you have (and oh, you’re a giant castle!). Depending on how well you do, you’re probably never need to ask for help ever again.

Castle Rush is a tower defence game that lets you play as a castle that is trying to defend itself. The castles are finally fighting back. Your castle will be a normal walking castle with a arrow tower that will shoot out arrows to kill your enemies that are trying to destroy you. You’ll have plenty of weapons in your arsenal aside from your arrows that will be unlocked as you keep playing. First things first, though. The game is pretty simple. All you need to use to play the game is your mouse. Your cursor will direct all your arrows to anywhere it is. Make sure to always point it towards any person trying to get you. As soon as you get spells, you’re gonna use your mouse to click your spell and use your cursor to point to where you want to use it. Your castle will be stationary at first, but as you stay unmoved, you’ll see a bar on top of the screen fill up. Once you fill it up, your castle will keep walking until the bar is all out of juice, at which point you’ll stop again and try to fill it up again. You will have to use all of your skills to keep yourself protected while you are stationary. While you are moving, anyone trying to attack you head on will die if you pass through them.

Castle Rush is a great little defence game that it might take hours before you stop playing. The game gives you a lot of reason to actually play it again and again, including the score system. You learn better strategies as you go through the game, so you know you’re gonna do better next time, and that makes you keep coming back.

Get A Little Gold

Starting to miss the old times when games were simple? You know, the type where all you ever need to do is click on one part of the screen, and even though that was the only mechanic you ever needed to learn, you would still play for hours on end. Welcome back to the world of idle clickers, my friends, and if this is the first game you came back to, then you made such a good choice.

Get a Little Gold is an idle clicker game where you play as someone trying to collect as much gold as possible from a very small gold mine. Like all idle clickers, you will only need your mouse to play and enjoy the entirety of the game. You start off with the ability to gain very little gold (1 piece of gold per click on the mine) and will continue on until you gain enough gold to upgrade your mining skills to get more gold per click or to buy upgrades that will help you collect gold at a per second rate aside from the per click rate. You do this until you can buy even more upgrades for both clicking and per second rate, then earn more gold to buy more upgrades. The cycle will repeat itself over and over. So when does it end? The moment you hit the 1 Billion gold earned mark, then the game ends with a victory. There will be a timer on top of the screen to tell you how long you’ve been playing already, too, just for you to know how long it took to get to 1 Billion gold. Once you reach this limit, you can choose to play again, but this time, you get 2 pieces of equipment that help you get even more gold quicker, so it’s easier to hit the goal. The moment you hit the goal, you can then choose the next goal (which would either be back at 1 billion or go 10 billion).
Get a Little Gold is one of the only idle clickers I’ve played for more than 2 hours (and you can easily tell because of the timer on top). It’s pretty addictive especially because of the huge number of options and upgrades to make your game a lot quicker.

Tmnt Advance

The Turtles in a half shell is back and it’s time to bust more crime and eat more pizza! Cowabunga! Take New York back from all the evil villains out to get you just to make sure that no one tries to stop them from their dirty deeds. Take one of the four Ninja Turtles as you go through the metro to beat up everyone in your way as you find out more about the recent crimes that has been happening around town.

TMNT Advance is a beat em up / brawler game that is a tie in to the TMNT movie. You take on the role of one of the four main protagonists of the series, namely Donatello, Raphael, Michael Angelo, and Leonardo, as you go through downtown to find out about a series of crimes that’s been happening lately (reported by another character of the series, April O’Neil). The controls are pretty tight yet pretty simple, making it a very easy game to play. You can control your turtle’s movement by pressing any of the arrow keys, and they will move to the direction of that key. The game plays in a 3D plane so you can move in all directions, unlike the past turtles games that play like a side scroller. You can press the X button on your keyboard to jump and press the Z button to attack. Pressing the direction behind your character along with the attack button will make your character use a back attack, which is good if you are being ganged up on. Pressing the jump and attack button at the same time will let you use a special attack that will be different for each turtle, so best to experiment on them all and find the best one to use on your style of play.
TMNT is a very good show, especially for those who actually watched the series when they were young, and the game is not too bad, either. If you’d like to play a great brawler game while reliving your childhood, then TMNT Advance is a great game to play.

Basketball Legends

There are lots of great sports games out there specially for sports like soccer and football, but not too many will let you play the great game of basketball, so here’s one for all those basketball fans that would like to play a great basketball simulator using just your browser. Enter Basketball Legends, created by the same people who made the popular sports Legends (Soccer Legends) series.

Basketball Legends is a basketball simulator that lets you play as any player from any of the NBA teams, although the roster isn’t updated up to 2016, all the players would still be very familiar to those that are fans of the game. The game plays a lot like all of the other Legends games where you can choose to play either a 1 on 1 game or 2 on 2, and with the 2 on 2 games you can choose whether to control just one or both of your players. The game controls pretty easily, and 2 players can share a keyboard to play the game with just one PC. The first player will use the A and D keys to move left and right, and use the W key to jump. If you have the ball, you can press S to do a pump. Pressing the V button will pass the ball and pressing the B button will shoot. Pressing a movement key twice will make you dash to that direction. For the second player, you just replace the A and D keys with the left and right arrow key, and the V and B with the K an L keys, and finally, the W and S keys with the up and arrow keys.
Basketball Legends is one of the best basketball simulators that you can play online right now, and the game being multiplayer enabled makes it even a better choice for you to play if you have a friend or sibling to play with.

The Splitting Chapter 2

There are great games because of their unique gameplay mechanics, there are some that are great because of the very engaging story, and then there’s The Splitting. The Splitting is a game that puts both elements together to make one great game, although the story and setting can be a bit weird (not the bad type of weird, mind you), this a game that will leave you stumped while also making you want to play more.

The Splitting Chapter 2 is the 2nd instalment to The Splitting series of games. The game continues where the first game left off, so if you would like to know more, I highly suggest playing the first game (playing it will make the game easier to understand). Chapter 2 is a mystery adventure / object finding and puzzle solving game that lets you play as the main protagonist of the series, Daniel, who lost his reflection and is trying to find out why he lost it in the first place. In the events of the first game, he finds out that there is a whole different world beyond the mirror and certain events that happen in the other world affects the other. In your journey, you will meet a whole bunch of people in both worlds that will help you out in finding more information about your reflection.
Take on a whole new world in The Splitting Chapter 2 as you are thrown into an unknown place filled with mystery and puzzles that you’ll have to solve to get back your reflection, along with your sanity. If you’ve been looking for a great game with a lot of thinking to do and a very good story to follow, then this game is a great one to start with

Wheely 8

Wheely has been on a roll (yes, the pun was intended!) for a few years now, and we now have an 8th game, and this comes to us with not too much of a surprise as we all know one great game just deserves another sequel, right? Wheely 8 brings back all that puzzle game love that all the other games have brought us, and this time, it’s an out of this world adventure (literally!)

Wheely 8 is the 8th instalment of the ever popular Wheely series of puzzle games (see here and here). You take control of a little red car that just wants to get on with his own little life, but trouble always seems to be on his tail. This time, he goes camping with his girlfriend when just out of nowhere, a UFO crash lands in front of them and is now in need of his help. Take on the grand adventure of fixing their ship and helping them find their way home, all in the hope of actually getting the camping thing started. The game is pretty simple. Your car-acter (see what I did there?) will be on one side of the screen, and a goal will be on the other side (usually denoted by a flag). You will need your trusty mouse to play the game. You will use your cursor to point on different objects in the game, and then use the left mouse button to interact with any objects available to use. You also click on your character to make him move forward if he is stationary, or stop if he is moving. You will be solving all types of puzzles to ensure that he reaches the goal safely. In each level, there will also be 2 challenges each. The first one is to find a little wheel hidden within the level, it can be part of the background, or sometimes will have a few extra quirks to it before you can find it (one of the levels will have you clicking on birds to actually find it), and the other challenge is to find a little red car (same as you, but much smaller) the same way you would find a hidden wheel. Whenever you find something hidden, just click it to collect it.
Wheely 8 is a very good game with a lot of replay value thanks to the challenges on each level. Will you be able to finish your camping trip? Find out in Wheely 8!

On Fire

Quick! The village needs their bonfire lit and you are the only one that can set it on fire! Oh, wait, you’ll light it using the fire that is spreading across your own body. That doesn’t sound too good, but hey, at least you burn in dignity, right?

On Fire is a platform / puzzle game that lets you play as a villager that needs to light a bonfire for the village using his own body as a torch. You’ll take control of a guy who is literally on fire and running towards the village. You can control your burning person by using the arrow keys to point to which direction he’ll be running to. The left and right arrow keys will make him move left or right (he’ll always move forward to wherever he’s facing, by the way) and the up arrow key will make him jump. Hold the up arrow key for a higher jump. The space bar will make your character throw the fire forward until it hits another person that will then become the new torch. The goal is to make sure the fire reaches the bonfire at the end of each level. You’ll do this by going through pits and obstacles, sometimes even waterfalls and dinosaurs, until your reach your destination. If the fire is thrown and there is no one there to catch it, then you will have to re-start and try again. Anything in your way, like trees and other flammable things, should also be burned down along the way (you can do this by simply going through them).
Always remember that when you are on fire, you should stop, drop, and roll. Let’s make this game an exception, though, as we need this fire to burn as long as possible so we can ignite our bonfire. If you’ve been wanting to play a funny little game about flames, then On Fire is the way to go.

Knight Trap

The princess of the land will marry the first knight to get to her castle. Sweet! Looks like all the knights in the kingdom has started running towards the castle. Oops! It’s a trap by the most sadistic princess ever! Knight Trap is a game about a princess luring all the knights in the realm into her castle filled with booby traps and other stuff to set them on cages. Will you also fall for this trap or will you help your fellow knights survive this horrific incident?

Knight Trap is a platform game that puts you in the shoes of the only knight that was actually smart enough to check his steps first before marching in to a castle filled with traps. Your job is to save each and every one of the stupid knights that got reeled in just because a princess suddenly said that she will marry the first one to reach her castle. In any case, you’ll have your wit and physical prowess to help you out. Each level will have different traps laid out to stop your progress, and you’ll have to avoid all of them to rescue all the prisoners. You can control your knight by using the arrow keys. Pressing the left and right arrow keys will make your knight move left and right, respectively. Pressing the up arrow key will make your knight jump, and holding the up arrow key will make you jump slightly higher as opposed to just tapping it. You will need to bring a certain number of knights to the top of each level to proceed, and you will also have just a certain number of knights available to you (usually around 2 or 3 more than what you need to bring to the top) so always be careful.
Will you be able to help everyone out of this predicament while also being the first one to reach the top of the castle? Let’s hope that princess is a hot one so we won’t feel like our efforts were wasted, right? Knight Trap is a great platformer so if you were online to find one, then this is a great game to start with.