Riddle School 5

4 kids get kidnapped from school, and it’s not the ordinary type of kidnap for ransom money, it’s the type where the fate of the world is in the hands of the kids that got kidnapped type of kidnapping, not a very good look for both the kids and the world.
Riddle School 5
Riddle School 5 is a puzzle / item search game that puts you in the shoes of one of the students of Riddle Elementary school and the main character of the game, Phil Eggtree, who is a very smart, very clever kid, but by some weird incident, is sent to a class for special children. With this incident, he escapes school and this is when everything goes wrong. You suddenly find you and a few of your friends in an alien spaceship and having your dreams extracted to find information on how the aliens can destroy planet Earth. Phil, who you control, will use his wit to escape and save his friends along the way.

The game uses nothing but your mouse and its buttons to play. You pick up and interact with anything that you can pick up or interact with by pressing the left mouse button. Most items lying around can be picked up and used later in different events, so always make sure to keep a sharp eye in every room you are in as you might need items to get to another room. That’s basically it. There will also be a few items that you will need to combine before it becomes useful, you do this by clicking the item on your inventory, then clicking on the other that you’d like to combine. The controls are pretty easy, and what makes the game as difficult as it is are the puzzles laid out in the game. Solving each one will need a certain amount of cleverness, so keep a sharp mind, too.

Riddle School 5 is a great puzzle game that keeps you on your toes at all times. It got me stumped a few times, but nothing a little backtracking through all the rooms can’t fix. It’s a fun game and has a very interesting story (especially if you’ve played all the other 4 games, if not, I suggest you play them).

Pixel Warfare 5

First person shooters for browsers can be very hard to find, not mention, it’s even harder to find good ones. Here is where Pixel Warfare 5 comes in. Most of the times, if a game gets a sequel, there would be only a few reasons that the sequel happened. Sometimes the first game was so bad, but wasn’t really what the authors and developers envisioned, so it’s given another try. But more than 3 quarters of the time, a game is given a sequel if the game was a huge hit, or was a success at the very least. Both of those reasons apply for the 2nd game of a series, but if a game gets 5 sequels, then the latter reason is the more logical one. Just that number on the game, Pixel Warfare 5, already tells you a lot of the game’s quality. The game itself is superb and is one of the best first person shooters on a browser to date. Enough of that, though, let’s get to the good stuff.

Pixel Warfare 5 is a first person shooter game that borrows from the mechanics of some of the best shooters for consoles and PCs, like Call of Duty. You also have the graphics, of course, which is pretty good considering this is a game that uses just the browser, so you aren’t using the full power of your computer (it is made using the Unreal Engine, though, so you should expect it to be pretty good). The sprites and backgrounds of the game is also reminiscent of Minecraft, as it actually looks like they ripped the stuff out of that game, but taking from a great game doesn’t necessarily make this new game bad, in fact, I believe it adds to the games charm.

The game controls smoothly and uses the same controls as your general first person shooters on PC. You’ve got your W key to walk forward, pressing S will make you walk backward, and pressing A and D will let you strafe left and right, respectively. Shooting is the same, as well. You use your mouse to adjust your view and aim your gun. Pressing the left mouse button will shoot using your current weapon, and when applicable, using the right mouse button will aim down your scope, making your shots more accurate. You will have a ton of different weapons upon starting a game including sniper rifles, pistols, and machine guns. Choosing a good weapon will be up to your style of play, so find the best one for you and kill everyone!

If you’ve been looking for that first person shooter fix, then you went to the right game. This game is pretty good and the community is also filled with great people. The server is filled with a lot of players at any time of day, making it a really fun place to go to, not matter what time you play!

Stealth Hunter 2

The Metal Gear Series of games have been a few of the best games in the history of gaming, so many games have tried to copy that excitement you get during stealth sequences, and in turn, many have failed to capture that sense of stealth. Who would imagine that it would be a flash browser game that would give you the same feeling as playing Metal Gear? Definitely not me! Enter Stealth Hunter 2, a game all around stealth!
Stealth Hunter 2
Stealth Hunter 2 is a stealth game with action elements and a pretty good story (it’d be even better if you played the first game). You play as a spy for your nation and find out why there are illegal shipments coming into the docks. Your mission is to know exactly what the contents are, and why it was being sent under the radar. You’ll have a lot of ways to do this, but your best weapon is your ability to hide in the shadows and silently sneak past guards and surveillance cameras. In the latter parts of the game, you’ll get a weapon to use for those situations where your stealth is not enough.

This game has very smooth controls, although there are times when the directions can get a bit screwed up because of the way the camera is tilted, aside from that, everything else is pretty good. You can control your character by using either the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys (I highly suggest using the arrows keys instead since most of the functions will be below the W, A, S, and D keys so it’s going to be hard to use them if you use those keys). Your space bar is the Action button, which will be your main button in the game, it will open doors, stealth kill enemies, pick up stuff, and open packages. You also have your Z button, which toggles your weapons, and X, which gives you choices between what you would want to use. The C button will also have a few different functions, but will mainly be used to take out your “Snake Cam” through doors so you can take a peek before you enter.

Although this game does have a few setbacks because of the tilted camera and with a bit of a clumsy AI (which is pretty natural given the stealthy nature of the game, they could at least given the AI a bit of a chase function before giving up finding you), this game is still a blast to play and has a pretty good story. If you want to play a Metal Gear game without having to buy a console, then this game is a very good choice.

Shot Firer 2

Being a miner is a very dangerous profession, but there are those that do it for a thrill in their lives, those that don’t work under anyone but themselves. You go underground, blow things up, and then get the loot. Shot Firer 2 is a game that is just about that. Collect treasures and try to stay alive in more than 30 levels of platforming madness while you collect all of the level’s jewels. Blow up soil that’s holding treasure and crawl through low ceilings and become the richest guy around!
Shotfirer 2
Shot Firer 2 lets you play as a spelunker digging deep down the earth to get his hands on all the treasure that he can carry. It’s a platform game with a little bit of a puzzle element. You’ll be jumping on platforms and think of ways on how to make sure that you get every single one of the jewels on each level and how you’ll be avoiding some enemies that’ll be on some of the levels. You will be carefully using not only your reactions but also your wit.
The game is pretty simple ni terms of controls. With graphics, it looks a bit better than your normal flash game, but nothing too much to celebrate about. The game controls very well using the arrow keys and pressing the space bar to plant dynamite on wherever you need to, and using the arrow keys in conjunction to the space bar, you can plant one in any direction as long as there is soil there. Keep away from explosions, by the way, as you will surely get killed if you are too close to one.
Shot Firer 2 is a pretty good game but ca become a bit repetitive in the early levels. Once you get to the later levels, the challenge is taken up a bit, but nothing too drastic. Kids to teens will have a lot of fun with this game. If you are looking for a challenging game, this is not the game I would advise you play, but if you just want a chill game that is both cute and fun, then Shot Firer 2 is a good choice of game to play!