Not a single soul in our present world will know what our future will look like and what science may bring to the table to increase our knowledge, but looking at our world right now, I can assume that anything science can bring in, we’ll use for war. Enter Intrusion, a game set in a future that is filled with weapons made to kill people instead of help each other, robots roaming the earth to destroy trespassers, and suits that protect you from the imminent danger that is a human being with a gun. Still want the future to happen? Then fight and survive, that’s your only choice.
Intrusion is a side scrolling shooter game that lets you play as a lone soldier out to save the planet. All you have is your gun, your power suit, and your will to survive. You’ll be using all of these, plus the weapons you’ll be picking up, to fight your way through the enemy base and kill anyone in your way to the world’s freedom. The game controls are pretty easy to learn and master, nad you’ll be playing like a real freedom fighter in minutes. The A and D buttons will make you walk left and right, the W button will make you jump, and pressing the S button will make you crouch (you’ll use this to avoid enemy fire). The mouse cursor will aim your weapon to wherever the cursor is, and using the left mouse button will make you shoot. There will be a lot of different enemies, and some of them will be dropping weapons that you can pick up and use against all the other enemies.
Will you survive or will you succumb to the war? If you want to find out, step into the game of Intrusion and destroy everything in your path. If someone stops you, point your gun to it, and pull the trigger.

KUJA – a weird game

There’s a bunch of weird little games around the internet, and I can confidently say that KUJA would be one of them, but then we can also say that not all weird games are bad, in fact, this game also proves that. It’s weird, but it’s fun and strange at the same time. It’s going to be a while before I put this game down, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.
KUJA is a bar brawler simulator that lets you play as a random drunk dude out for a brawl with a bunch of other guys, even including the bouncer (you’re all probably drunk, which is why this is happening)! The goal of the game is to beat up the most number of people before you pass out from getting beat up, yourself. You have a health bar at the top of the screen that goes down every time you get hit (or when you are down and not standing up), and goes up every time you take someone out. There’s no need to worry about the controls since you have just 3 buttons, that’s the left arrow button to punch forward with your left arm, the right arrow button to punch forward with your right arm, the pressing up will let you jump (or stand up if you are down). The punches work a bit weird in a sense that wherever your arm is pointing, this is what is considered “forward”. So for example, if your arm is behind you then press the punch button of that arm, you will punch backward. To get your arms back forward, press nothing to let your character take the brawl stance again. The game starts out with you on one side and your opponents on the other. Your player will take a brawl stance and walk toward the nearest opponent for you to punch. Punching will make you move forward faster instead of waiting for your player to walk towards them. Getting zero on your health bar will give you a game over, and your score is the total people you take out, so try to take out plenty of people before you actually pass out.
KUJA is a weird little brawling game that looks weird and plays weird, but I can honestly say that his is a very fun game. Maybe it’s even a drunk brawl simulator instead of a real bar brawl simulator? But whatever it is, it’s fun, and that’s what really matters! Play it now!

Color Tanks

If there were anything in the world that I would never have imagined to be a good combination, it would have been colors and tanks, one filled with joy and happiness while the other filled with death and destruction. The combination, though very weird, felt just right after playing Color Tanks. Defeat a wide variety of opponents with a bunch of different powerups that will help you make the game easier and more fun at the same time.

Color Tanks is a little arena shooter that puts you into the treads of one of the hundreds of tanks filled with colored ink for bullets. You fight each other with those bullets to destroy each other with the wonderful power of your color bullets. Each opponent you defeat will give you money, and that money can go to different items that you can buy when you press the space bar (you can buy extra lives, extra weapon options, and even buy shields). You will be facing off against more and more opponents along the way, so buying stuff to get stronger will be essential if you’d want to get far in the campaign. The controls are simple. Use the W, A, S, and D to move around the map and press the left mouse button to shoot (you can hold the button to keep shooting). All tanks (including you) will have an HP bar on top of them, and each hit of your colored bullets will decrease that bar. Getting the bar to fully deplete will kill a tank. For you, you will have a set amount of lives (but can be increased by buying more), and if this number of lives drop to zero, it’s game over.
Color Tanks is a wonderful idea and can get you hooked as the gameplay is so simple and charming that it can become addictive in just a few minutes of gameplay. If you are looking for a good game to play that will keep you interested for about an hour or two, Color Tanks is a great game to go to.

Combat 3

First person shooters are all the rage right now. Almost all the gaming platforms are getting all the different shooters that developers have to offer, but what about those that don’t want to get a console just to shoot people in the face? Well, you have Combat 3!

Combat 3 is a first person shooter that runs using the Unity engine, which means this game has a graphical edge over many of the browser games available on the internet. Most of the shooters around the internet is either a Minecraft themed shooter with Minecraft skins and backgrounds, or Counterstrike themed with Counterstrike skins and backgrounds, but Combat 3 is a kind of a mix between both, as the game offers Minecraft backgrounds with Counter Strike skins, which makes it unique and fun at the same time. As mentioned, the visuals of this game are superb due to it being run on the Unity engine for browsers. The controls are as simple as most first person shooter in the PC market. W, A, S, and D will make your character move around the map while the mouse aims your cursor and can be used to look around. The left mouse button is used to shoot using your current weapon and the right mouse button is used to toggle “aim down sight” mode, which increases your weapon’s accuracy while sacrificing movement. The left shift button can be pressed and held down to make you sprint. Pressing 1 to 3 switches your weapon with the available weapons that you have, from a main weapon, to a sub weapon, to a melee weapon.
Combat 3 is a great shooter with great visuals and simple gameplay mechanics, just shoot each other, get kills until the time runs out, win. If you want to play a first person shooter without having to buy a console, then Combat 3 is one of the best choices out there.

Super Boxotron 2000

Boxes has always been fun in a lot of different ways, and here at Super Boxotron 2000, boxes are made even more fun because of the addition of guns! Guns and boxes are fun individually, but together, they are a blast! I don’t know why this was never thought of before, but now that it’s here, I don’t think I can ever play a game about boxes without guns anymore.

Super Boxotron 2000 is a top view shooter that is all about you shooting boxes. Really, that’s it. You are put into the shoes of a trooper that needs to destroy boxes using the different guns in your arsenal. Once you have chosen a gun you’d like to use, you walk over to the room where all the boxes are at. Boxes will fall and each box will have a number on it, this number indicates how many times a box needs to be shot to actually destroy it. Each box may contain coins that you can use later to upgrade your weapons or buy better ones. As you go through the boxes, the game becomes harder and harder as the boxes falls faster and more frequently. If a box falls on your head, you die immediately, so you should do your best to avoid the boxes. When a box is about to fall, a little light will show on the exact position the box will fall on as an indicator, so avoid those lights to save your head. There will also be times when spikes will suddenly pop out of the floor and one touch of these spikes will instantly kill you. Whenever you die, you will be brought back to the first room and you will be given the option to buy new upgrades and guns. The shop also opens up while in the box room when you reach a certain number of boxes destroyed (buying in the box room is cheaper, so try your best to survive until the shop opens up in the box room). Shooting the boxes to clear the room is the best way to survive as you can make more room to avoid any obstacles or dropping boxes, so do your best to shoot everything in your way.
Super Boxotron 2000 is very fun and very addicting. The start of each game can be a bit boring as the boxes come in one by one, but as the game progresses, it becomes more exciting as it becomes more difficult. If you’ve been looking for a good game with guns and a simple goal (destroying boxes? Super easy), then Super Boxotron 2000 is a great game to start with, and it’s going to be hard to stop.

Purgatory co

Have you ever played a game where you are Satan and trying to save hell from going under (I mean, further down since hell is already the lowest you can get)? Well, get yourself ready for Purgatory Co. A game where you try to save all hell from freezing over by working part time as Satan to send up the blue pots (probably filled with good spirits) upward and the red pots downward as a Purgatory curator.

Purgatory Co is a casual game that doesn’t take too much thinking power to play, but requires complete and high concentration to actually pull off a good score. So you play as Satan working for the purgatory, sending out the good people and bad people to where they should be. The game’s simplicity is one of its greatest points, and adding an extra difficulty in a few intervals makes the game even more fun. The only controls you need are either W or the up arrow key to send the blue pots upward, and the S or down arrow key to send red pots downward. There will be a few exceptions though, like if you see a piggybank, you can send it anywhere and still get the money inside it. As mentioned, a little challenge gets added as the game progresses, like some of the pots will be inside a box and it will be impossible to find out what color it is until the box is actually opened, which is done by pressing any one of the 4 buttons given. The catch of the game is to make sure that you keep your efficiency up, which is the bar at the bottom of the screen. Each time you send a pot to the right direction the bar will go up, and for every second you don’t do a thing, the bar goes down. Make sure to always keep that bar up, because if the bar goes completely zero, then you die instantly. You also die instantly with one mistaken pot, so make sure to bring you A game or you won’t be reaching a very high score.

Purgatory Co is very fun and very addictive as it doesn’t let you play too long per session, but you feel that you are progressively getting better at it, making you want to play more and more. If you’re up for a little challenge and have the time, Purgatory Co is a good choice of a game.

The Mother of the Birdmen

Being a spelunker is a hard job, and even more so when you are a spelunker with a belief in a god. The Mother of the Birdmen takes you on an adventure in a ruin filled with mystery and magic. Solve the different puzzles, wander through different rooms and see a lot of weird stuff, and all to get the ultimate prize, to see the Mother of all the Birdmen.

The Mother of the Birdmen is a point and click puzzle adventure game that lets you play as a spelunker out to find the Mother of all the Birdmen in one of the lost ruins. She steals all the jewels needed in one museum to be able to awaken the Mother. The game is really weird, and I would say it is not a game for those that are faint of heart. The ruins are filled with mysterious artifacts, aside from the 3 jewels that you already stole. Magic fills the place and it’s up to you to find out what goes where in this epic little point and click adventure. Of course, like in any point and click game, your only controller is your mouse. You point at stuff and click it to interact. There will be items scattered throughout the ruins that you will need to gather and use at different points in the game. Puzzles are everywhere, but in this game, there will be a little handbook just filled with clues that you will need to get by. There will be areas that will be very strange and some will have little surprise, while some with huge surprises.
The Mother of the Birdmen is simply one of the strangest game that I have ever played, which strangely enough, is why I wanted to finish it and see it to the end. I won’t spoil it for you, but all I can say is, this game has its very weird moments, and the ending is really one of them. That’s not to say this is a bad game though. Try it out and find out the secret of the Mother of the Birdmen.

Close Quarters Combat

You are a soldier on a mission to save a facility from total destruction from an unknown virus. You get to the facility with difficulty because of the security system, but only to find out that they are too late. Everyone in there is either already dead or is infected by the virus that’s been turning people into insatiable zombies out for flesh. Will you be able to find out the mystery of the virus or will you succumb to it and get eaten by the zombies? Find out in Close Quarters Combat.

Close Quarters Combat is an action shooter game that gives you control over a soldier that’s been tasked to save a facility that has been reportedly spreading a deadly virus. The game is like a little shooter filled with RPG elements like backtracking to different points of the facility to open other areas, or solving a few puzzle, a little like metroidvania games. The goal is to find out what is causing the virus to spread and how you can stop it. The game’s controls are very simple and will be very familiar to those who play a lot of PC shooter games. To walk around, you can press the A and D buttons on your keyboard to walk left and right, respectively. Pressing the W button will have your soldier jump (stylishly with a flip, too), and pressing S will have your soldier crouch down, useful when trying to go through small spaces. The mouse cursor will be used to aim your gun, and pressing the left mouse button will make your soldier shoot. If you run out of bullets and try to shoot, your soldier will reload his gun automatically, but you can also reload at any time by pressing the R button.
The zombies in the facility will be out to get you, and a little part of you will try not to kill them because you know they were people, but the survival part of you tells you to shoot them right in the face before they eat your brains out. If you’ve been looking for a good shooter with a story the likes of a Resident Evil game, then don’t miss out on Clo

Zombocalypse 2

It’s not rare to see a zombie apocalypse game nowadays. It just feels like a lot of people are starting to actually want the apocalypse to happen. But there aren’t too many games that puts the zombie apocalypse formula to use quite as well as Zombocalypse2. Enter the zombie apocalypse as a guy who is trying to fight off the zombies with nothing else but a machete and military support that can’t really give him much but a few weapons every few seconds or so.
Will you survive or will you give in to the thousands of zombies out for your brains? Found out in Zombocalypse 2!

Zombocalypse 2 is an action shooter that involves a lot of zombies and a whole lot of action. You’ve got one person, a ton of weapons, and one life to take out all the zombies that you can. The visuals of this game is alright, and the music is alo pretty good, but the game really shines in its very simple, yet very addictive gameplay. As mentioned, its simplicity goes something like this: the playing field is a 2D field, meaning you can only walk left and right, no jumping or crouching. The only thing you need to do is walk, slash or shoot the incoming zombies, walk, kill more zombies, repeat until you die. All you need to control your character is the A (or left arrow key) and D (or right arrow key) to move left and right, the space bar to slash with your machete or shoot with any gun you pick up, the S (or down arrow key) to pick up anything that your support drops, and the W key( or up arrow key) to use any support items that you gain from your kill combos. You get support items by getting 25, then 50, then 75 kills, everytime getting a better item. Every time a game ends, you will be given experience and coins depending on how many zombies you’ve killed. Experience gives you more weapons, and coins gives you more items, and you can also use coins to power up your weapons.

Zombocalypse 2 is one of the best side scrolling games I have ever played, and with a lot of different weapons and power ups, it’s going to be hard to put this game down quickly.


In the old times, there was no better way to settle arguments than a good old fight to the death with the different weapons and armors available that were created by the skilled blacksmiths of the time. Arcane pits you against the different students of the school for the smiting arts. Everyone will have the chance to fight for their honor and for the right to represent their country, but not everyone will come out alive.

Arcane is a platform action fighting game that puts you into the shoes of an apprentice blacksmith trying to make a name for yourself. Go against hundreds of different enemies all with different styles, abilities, weapons, and armors, each and every one trying to earn their rightful spot as the representative of the country. The game is easy to learn, but will be very hard to master. You will be given a variety of weapons and armors to buy, but of course, you’ll need money to buy them. The best (and only) way to earn money is to fight in the arena. Defeating opponents will net you a set amount of money that you can use to buy the stuff you’ll need to make your fights faster and easier. The controls are pretty simple. You can press W, A, S, and D to move around the arena, and pressing the left mouse button will have you attack with your current weapon. Once it’s available, you can press the space bar to switch from short range to long range weapons. There’re a lot of different options and styles to winning against your fights, and finding out what the best style is would be up to you as it may be different for each player. Learning the basics is a good way to find out what style will suit you.

Arcane is a great game that is made even better by the vast amount of options that you can choose from. There are plenty of weapons to try, with different armors that gives you a distinct advantage in different forms, and there’s also different ways to defeat opponents with your weapon choices. If you’ve been looking for a fighting game with a decent story and good mechanics, Arcane would be a good starting point.