Asgard Story

The great land of Valkyries and Einherjar, Asgard, is being overrun by orcs and monsters. It’s your job as a noble warrior of Asgard to fight against them and collect other heroes along the way to help you out in any way possible. You won’t have too many chances to save Asgard, so make sure to make this count.

Asgard Story

Asgard Story is a strategic action game that gives you control over the different mighty warriors of Asgard out to destroy the orc menace. The main goal of the game is to reach the end and survive through the armies of orcs coming in your way. Luckily, you are not alone in your quest to save Asgard. You will meet other warriors with different abilities that you will find useful, like a priestess that can heal your party members or an archer that can do damage from a distance. The controls are pretty simple as all you will ever need to play is your mouse. You will control your character by clicking and holding on the character, drag the cursor to where you want to move, then let go. You can also drag to an enemy to attack an enemy. Depending on the actions a member can take, you can even put your cursor on your teammates if your member can do healing actions. In the middle of each level, there will be upgrades that you can do by using coins that orcs drop. You can make your heroes stronger so you can fight even stronger opponents that will surely be in the way.
Asgard Story is a great strategy game that deserves a lot of credit for its uniqueness as a flash game and the cuteness of its art. The gameplay itself is also very interesting as it is open for a lot of different strategies that can be employed to finish the game. If you’ve been out looking for a deep but easy to learn strategy game, then Asgard story is for you

Wake up the Box

There’s a lot of different ways to wake up people, but how many ways are there to wake up a sleeping box? You are about to find out that there are just as much ways to wake up a box as there are to wake up people! Wake up the Box puts you in more than 30 levels of puzzles that will put your waking skills to the test. Use all of your wit to wake up the sleeping box with just the materials given to you. Can you wake him up or just keep him snoring until the sun comes up?

Wake up the box

Wake up the Box is a puzzle game with a simple goal, wake up the sleeping box within each level. You will be given a set amount of sticks and boards or balls that you can set up as a mechanism to wake up the box. You can make a pendulum that will swing into the box to wake it up, or make a see-saw like mechanism that will send the box flying and wake it up. There’s a lot of different possibilities to wake it up, but only a few will work, so make sure to think about what you need to do before setting it up, like, will this thing wake ME up? A meter at the top right of the screen will indicate whether the box will wake up or not. Everytime something touches the box, the meter goes up. Fill this meter up and the box wakes up and you clear the level. Use this meter as a gauge to know how much the box was nudged so you’ll know how much force you’ll need to put in on your next try if you fail to wake it up.

Wake up the Box is one of the weirdest yet greatest puzzle games around for browsers. If you want to play a game that puts your wits to the test, then don’t hesitate on choosing Wake up the Box. It’s a simple game with a simple mechanic, but at the same time, it’s a fun and smart puzzle game.

Boxing Physics

There’s a lot of science in the sport called Boxing. Physics, of course, takes in one of the greatest factors of winning in a boxing match. If you’re ever going to play boxing, then a good understanding of physics can be used to obtain victory!

Boxing Physics

Boxing Physics is a boxing simulator with a little comedic twist. You (and another player, if you’d like) are in control of a scrawny little boxer that uses physics to his advantage. Theoretically, this sounds like a stupid game, but when played, this game turns into a great competitive game that can be played either seriously or just for the laughs and giggles. The controls are pretty easy for this game. If you will be playing alone, then your controls will be just the mouse and its left button. Under the right fighter, you will see an arrow that you will need to make your fighter put out his arm and punch while jumping at the same time. For the 2 player mode, the first player (on the left) will have to press the W key on the keyboard to make the fighter stretch out his arm and jump while the second player (on the right) will need to press the up arrow key on the keyboard to do the same. The main mechanic of this game is using physics as the key to jump in and attack your opponent. Both of you will start out at a neutral state, and jumping will make you land and wobble a bit. By timing your jump to the wobbling when you land, you can make your boxer leap forward and land a punch, or jump backward to take a breather. Learning the moves in this game is a sure way to winning against any opponent.

If you’ve been looking for a fun little game that you can play with your friends while in a party as a competitive game or just a party game, don’t miss out on Boxing Physics. It’s a great game that can keep you and your friends laughing for an hour or so.

Papa’s Bakeria

Getting a job is not easy in our current economy, and even more so if you’d like to get your dream job. In this day and age, you can’t be too picky with the job you can get. What you can do, though, is to love the job that you get. And that’s what you do in Papa’s Bakeria. You learn to love making pies and other pastry products in this great little baking simulator.

Papa’s Bakeria is a baking simulator that lets you play as a guy looking out for a job, gets rejected at the job he wants, but gets a glimmer of hope when he gets invited to work for Papa’s Bakeria, a small bakery in a mall. You will work your way to the top and bring the bakery’s name with you. This game a little like some of the great cooking sims out there. The goal is to create pies and other food that a customer will request for. The customers will have a specific liking that you’ll have to follow to the dot. You will have different tools and ingredients that you can use to make sure that your creation comes up to par with what the customer wants. The better the food, the more money they give you. Get enough money in a day, close shop, and do it again tomorrow. That’s basically it. You do this until more and more customers come in, the requests become harder, but your name becomes more popular, netting you more customers and more income. The controls are just the mouse. Click all of the ingredients you would like to use, drag it to te appropriate part of the screen, and bake away.

Papa’s Bakeria is a fun and cute little baking game that gives you a wide variety of difficulty as you go along. If you’ve been looking for a game to pass the time and have fun while you do, then Papa’s Bakeria is the perfect game for you.

Super Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4

Browser games don’t offer too much variety at times. It’s mostly idle clickers, short platformers, or puzzle games. This is where Super Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 comes in. This game is one whopper of a game, and it’s a rhythm game! It’s like playing a smaller version of Guitar Hero with some great songs that can be found around the internet. It’s not every day that you’ll find rhythm games for your browser, and Super Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 fills that hole quite nicely with a greatly polished game.

So Super Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 is a guitar rhythm simulator game that plays like most of the guitar sim games. You’ll be given a long bar with buttons that will glide through that bar. Pressing the button at the right time (which should be at the darker side of the bar) will gain you points. Gain points in one song to earn stars that can unlock even more songs. The more stars you get, the more songs you get to play! And believe me, all of the songs are very good. There are two options to each song. You can play them in either Amateur or Pro mode, amateur being the easy way to playing it (gives you less notes to play and a more lenient timing in button presses) and Pro being a harder mode, but with more rewards (getting star in pro will give you the star in amateur, too). The controls are pretty easy to learn, but the game is really hard to master. All you need is your keyboard. The arrow keys and the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys on your keyboard will be the notes that will glide through the screen. The number keys are hold keys where you’ll need to hold the button until the bar is finished. The arrow keys are one press keys that you’ll need to time correctly to get a good score. There’s also a boss battle where a boss will have an HP bar that goes down everytime you hit a note. Boss mode unlocks the different guitars in the game, so try to collect them all.

Age of War 2

Everything in this world has changed, but there’s one thing that will never change even if everyone in the whole world wanted it to, and that would be war. War has been there since the beginning of time as an imaginary measure of keeping peace, but it doesn’t. War will never change, and Age of War 2 perfectly shows what war is and how it evolves with the times. This doesn’t mean that warfare shouldn’t be fun though, just don’t do it in real life.

Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is first set in the beginning of time, and it will progress as you go along and continue to war with your opponent. Your ultimate goal is to destroy your opponent fully using all of your resources. You will be training units to go into war for you and those units will attack the first unit in front of them that they can reach. There will be different types of units that you can use for different types of situations. You will have an infantry unit that will be good for close combat. You will have a ranged unit that can attack even if it’s not their turn yet (depending on their range, they can attack for more 2 people in front of them). You will also have armored units that would be good for tanking damage as some of your ranged units attack or you can use your tank units to buy time to train even more units. There will also be upgrades that you can use to make your units stronger and harder to kill. One of the upgrades, though, is where this game shines. The upgrade of technology. This upgrade takes you into a new era of warfare where you learn to create new things that you can use to bring into war and take an advantage over your opponent (or catch up with them, if they upgraded before you) . From stone hammers and spears to huge metal maces and guns, the upgrades will give anyone who gets it a huge advantage over their opponents if they get it first.

War will never change and it will keep evolving as we evolve along with it. But, that doesn’t mean that you should hate wars entirely. Wars has been a great inspiration to a lot of the best games out there. Age of War 2 is one of those games and it will be a waste not to play this game.

PS: Happy Pi-Day!

Learn to Fly 3

Penguins can’t fly, but hey, they are still one of the cutest species’ of bird in the whole world, right? Learn to Fly 3 fixes that problem and the cute little penguins will do everything in their power to be able to fly! Aren’t they just cute?

Learn to Fly 3 is a simulator that puts you in the shoes of a penguin army head, and that army’s one and only goal is to let penguins fly high into the sky with their technology. The game’s goal is to gain enough money to get the best equipment available so that your cute little penguin friend can test it and see if it could fly out to space. You will be given a tutorial on how to buy stuff and what to initially buy. The controls of the game are pretty simple too. All you will ever need is your mouse and the W and S buttons on your keyboard. You will be given choices as you play as to what equipment you’d like to use, and the equipment’s stats will be displayed, giving you a rough idea on how well that item can be used. There will also be different conditions for some of the launching items that will initially start your flying motions, so watch out for those (some will have you use your mouse to aim, some will have you use the keyboard, and one other will let you use the mouse buttons to time your flight). Some items will need a little help by pressing a certain key on your keyboard to make it work. The overall goal is to get to the highest point you can. Each jump will award you money that you can take and use to get the next best equipment or upgrade your current equipment to make it better. Do your best and aim for the top!

Also, because why not, a video of cute penguins:


Zombies has been all the rage for the past few years, and It’s going to be hard to stop its fame (or infamy) as almost everyone has been taking in a lot of different shows, movies, magazines, and even games that are just filled with zombies and having fun with them. One of the games that jumped wagon is Zombidle, which is filled with zombies and fun! Take your zombie crew and destroy each village you go through and recruit even more zombies to make quick work of everything that the humans built!


Zombidle is an idle clicker game that features zombies as your main crew. As idle clickers go, you start off with just one character to use that does not auto attack, you will need to click to destroy your targets. The game’s goal is to destroy all of the houses to end a village, then move on to the next village and do it all again. Each house destroyed will drop skulls, which is your main currency in the game. The skulls can be used to either level up your clicker character, or buy more zombies to attack automatically. Those zombies can also be leveled up to increase their damage, making destroying the houses even faster! All of the zombies (including you) will also have skills at certain levels that you can buy using skulls, too. Skills range from increase in damage to increase in skull values and a lot of other things that will help you become even stronger. In terms of controls, there isn’t too much to worry about as this is just an idle clicker, and all you will ever need is your mouse and the left click button. Each click will attack a house once, so keep clicking until you destroy everything in your path. Keep hiring and leveling up your zombies so you can take a breather from clicking and just let them rampage through the villages until they need your help again to add more damage. Graphics-wise, this game is as simple as it can get. The characters are small and you can really notice that the main focus for the graphics side of the game is the houses as the houses look really good.

Zombidle is such a great game and a good way to pass the time. A lot of idle clickers just focus on the mechanic of the game and just shoehorn graphics in, which is not the case with Zombidle. It is a refreshing idle clicker with a high difficulty curve. If you’re looking for a fun little idle clicker with good looking graphics and a bit of a hard game, then Zombidle would be a good start.

Punch The Trump!

Now that the elections are coming up, there’s going to be a lot of different stuff that will come out to destroy the candidates (like the Trump University scandal!), but in the case of Punch the Trump, you destroy them LITERALLY. Ever wanted to beat the living daylights out of one of the most controversial candidates of 2016? Then take the gloves off and step in the ring with Trump in Punch the Trump.

punch donald trump!

Punch the Trump is a brawler game where you get to punch the heck out of a “fictional character” (as the warning will tell you) that is based off of a real person. If you are ever angry with that real person where the character is based off, then here’s a good game to let off some of that steam. The game’s goal is simple, beat the opponent until his health bar has nothing left then either humiliate him by using a fatality or just leave them there until he finally faints. The controls are also very easy. There are five buttons to press on your keyboard to fight. The Z button lets out a weak left punch, good for jabbing. The X button will let loose a stronger left punch that gives out good damage, but is pretty slow to start and end. The N button is the same as the X button, but this time using the right hand, while the M button is the same as the Z button with the right hand. There are combos that you can discover that will deal out massive damage and can make your life a lot easier. Every time you beat him to death, you will be awarded with belts, and these belts are the game’s currency which you can use to buy items that will make the game even more brutal than it already was! You can buy a machete to chop off his face, or a baseball bat to knock out professionally!

Punch the Trump can be a real fun game and is full of humor, too. Ever needed to blow off your anger to that one guy who hates everyone so much? Then get your butt over to your computer and play Punch the Trump!

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Dogs and cats will always be mortal enemies, but it doesn’t get any crazier that Mutant Fighting Cup 2! This game is all about fighting using your super evolved pets against some other person’s super evolved (sometimes creepy looking) pets. Evolve your pets with different skill sets that make them stronger, harder, and faster then take them
out to the arena and test their skills against over 20 other mutants that are out to test their own skills!

The game

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is a turn based fighting game that involves you, the trainer, and a mutant pet that you own. The game’s premise is simple. You own a pet that you can mutate with different genes giving it different abilities, like having more strength, becoming harder with more defense, adding a healing ability, and a whole lot more. You pit your mutated monster of a pet with other pets that have mutations as well and beat the living daylights out of them. Once you beat a mutant, you gain one or two of their genes to add to your gene pool and you can use it to mutate your pet even further. The game goes pretty smoothly. First, you are given the choice of what pet you’d like, either a dog or a cat. Second, you are sent to the gene screen where you can choose 3 from your current gene pool to add o your pet (you can get more slots for mutation as you progress). You mutate your pet with the genes selected, and it’s fight time! The controls are also very simple. You use nothing but your mouse to choose everything, including in the fights. During a fight, you will be given a choice from three random actions that you can use. They will have different effects, and these effects are affected by the genes you’ve chosen. The basic actions are attack (there are different types of attacks with different results), defend, and heal. The goal is to become the world’s best mutant trainer, so beating the other mutants will come in very handy. Good luck!
Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is an easy game to learn and isn’t really hard to master. It’s a game where the best strategy can be different depending on the situation and your style of play, giving it a wide variety of options and replayablity. It you’ve been looking for a fighting game simulator that involves pets gnawing and scratching each other, then this game is for you.