Agario 3D!

Agario was already a great game with its simple mechanic yet broad appeal, and I believe that anything done well in 2D will do even better in 3D! Agario 3D is the same great game, the same simple style, but with the new and more beautiful 3D visuals. Here’s to another few hours of playing online and trying to get the highest score.

If Agario is in the list of the games you’ve played before, then you would be very familiar with how this game plays and what you need to do. For the new players, Agario 3D lets you play as a little sphere (for the players, yes, it’s a sphere now instead of a 2D circle) that needs to grow by eating spheres that are smaller than you. Easy enough, right? The catch is, there will be other players in the world you’re playing on that will either be bigger than you (and they can and WILL eat you if they catch you) or smaller than you (it’s best if you try to eat these guys). If you can’t find players in the immediate area, there will be neutral spheres everywhere that you can consume to grow yourself by a bit before you find a player you can consume to become bigger. There’re also a few skills you need to learn to effectively play the game along with the controls. The controls are W, A, S, and D to move the camera around. You can move your sphere by moving your mouse, so anywhere your mouse cursor is, the sphere will follow. Pressing the space bar will split your sphere in half and shoot the other half to whatever direction your cursor is currently in. If you hit anything that is smaller than half of you, you immediately consume it, and if you hit anything bigger than half of you, that half of you gets consumed. It will take a minute or so to be able to get the 2 halves back together, so you will need to be careful as you try to fuse. Pressing W will spit small spheres from your body, thus reducing your size bit by bit. This skills is usually used to run away from fast opponents, or for those playing with a friend, some will use this button to feed someone more spheres to increase just one player’s size to dominate. 3D takes the simple game, Agario, to a whole different level with its great visuals. Though there might be a bit of getting used to if you played a lot of the first game, this is still a game worth playing and is probably worth a few hours of your time.

Hoverboard by Xkcd

There are games that makes a lot of sense in a whole lot of different ways, like the story or the gameplay or in some other way. Then you get games like Hoverboard, that really doesn’t make a lot of sense, but you still play it to find out what it really is, and then a few more minutes later, you find out that it really does not even try to make any sense of anything, but you still like playing it because you like hoverboards.

Hoverboard is a game about a guy on a hoverboard. That pretty much it. You can move by using the arrow keys to move to any direction, and yes, including upwards. You start out in some sort of skatepark with a few coins to collect, but collecting those coins aren’t really as necessary as you might think. You can move out of the skatepark to find that there’s a lot more to this game’s world. There are a few places you can go to find people with weird conversations, some funny, and some just plain weird, some will even be a few meters up talking about aluminum and one of them will be at the bottom of the well and he says he just like wells. It’s that type of weird. It’s still a pretty cool game though, and the humor is actually pretty good. The animations are also very smooth, though that’s not really too much to say since the only thing they animated is your character.

This game is a very weird one, but there’s really not much to expect since it was created as a little project and wasn’t really created to be a full game (XKCD is a cartoon site after all). It’s still pretty fun though since the concept of a hoverboard is cool and seeing people with weird conversations is pretty funny. If you’ve got time to spare and like a game you can pick up and leave anytime, then Hoverboard would be a good game to go to.

Inca Adventure

Inca Adventure is a great two player game on Newgrounds, but if you don’t have a friend in the immediate vicinity, then no need to worry since this game can be played alone and can still be a lot of fun, but be ready for a huge challenge.
The game is about a father and daughter team that goes in to the pyramids to explore it while they gather a few treasures for themselves. Inca Adventure is all about cooperation and can be finished pretty easily if you are playing with a friend that helps you out. The controls are pretty simple. Pressing W, A, S, and D will move the daughter while pressing the arrow keys will move the dad. Each of them has separate, unique abilities that they can use to help each other out. The daughter can jump higher and reach higher platforms while the dad can do only a short jump but can lift heavy objects. There will be platforms that cannot be reached alone, so any one of the 2 can use the other as a platform to reach the higher levels. You will really need to cooperate properly to actually get to the end of each level. A level ends when both the dad and daughter get to the door to enter the next room, but the door will only open when all of the shiny treasures are collected. Using all of your skills and wit, along with good cooperation, will get you all the way to the end of all 20 levels.
If you have a friend or a partner to play with, this game can be a whole lot of fun, or frustrating depending on the other player. If you’re alone, it’s still a great game, but controlling 2 people at the same time can be a bit challenging. Inca Adventure is a must play for those that like platforming with a bit of puzzle solving.

Strike Force Kitty 3

For anyone who played the past Strike Force Kitty games (e.g. Strike Force Kitty 2), let me tell you now, this is going to be a whole different world to you. It’s actually the same graphics, the same animals to use, and the same “costume based” game, but the gameplay and world is completely different. That’s not to say that this is any less fun now, in fact, it’s become better and faster for those that want more action and more control over your little kittens’ strengths.
Strike Force Kitty 3 is a fighting simulation game that gives you 4 little kittens to train and fight different other animals in a fighting league. There are really no controls you need to learn since everything is controlled by a single click, and during fights, the only thing you can control is skill usage. At first everything might seem confusing and frustrating because you will lose a lot, but all of that will be a thing of the past once you start training your kittens. You can train them in 3 aspects, which are Strength (to do more damage), Vitality (to be able to take more damage), and Speed (to speed up walk speed and skill recovery speed). Also, a new feature has been added to the game which is the hunger bar. Kittens can only train up until the hunger bar is 25%. Once it reaches 25%, they will have to eat to train again. You are given 6 days to train before you fight another team. If your hunger bar is low on fight day, your kittens will have less health during the fight so watch out for that. All fights take place by all of your kittens walking toward the opponent, if you hit an opponent, the cat that got hit will deal and take damage depending on his/her strength (for damage dealt) and Vitality (for damage taken). The team that loses all 4 team members first loses. And that’s pretty much it.
Strike Force Kitty 3 has received a lot of changes from its past games, and all of those changes have made this game so much more fun, but a little bit grind-y. If you want to make it to the top, train as hard as you can and manage your time wisely, and you will be the champion of all the animals in no time!

Drunken Wrestlers

There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t be doing when you are drunk (especially driving!), like texting, or cooking, or anything else that will put your life in danger. Wrestling, can be part of that long list, but hey, if you’re wrestling for fun, then why not? Drunken Wrestlers simulates what it would look and feel like if you wrestled while intoxicated, really sloppy, really funny, and really wobbly.

Drunken Wrestling lets you play as one of two wrestlers who decided to fight each other while intoxicated. The controls are pretty easy to understand and use. Pressing W (for the first player if you are playing with a friend) or UP on the arrow keys (for the second player) will attack your opponent with a forward punch while pressing A and D (for the first player) or LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys (for the second player) will move your player, but be warned, you are drunk so moving might not feel very precise. The aim of the game is to knock your opponent out by attacking until one of you falls on the floor or is thrown out of the ring by force. A draw happens when both players fall at the same time, and no win is awarded. The player that wins 5 rounds wins. Playing alone is ok, but the game really shines when played with a friend or sibling, as bragging rights can be put on the line.
This is a great game and is an even better 2 player game. If you’ve got a friend staying over or a sibling that wants something to play with you, then grab them and play Drunken Wrestling. It’s gonna be a blast.