4th and Goal 2015

If there are any fans of American football out there, then here’s a great game for you! If you’re on a budget and can’t really get a new console to play the newest NFL games, then 4th and Goal 2015 is the game you should be playing right now!

4th and Goal 2015 does not disappoint when it comes to gameplay. The main menu will give you 2 options, either to start a new game, or to view the instructions. The instructions are pretty clear, and the controls are all very easy to understand. Pressing A and D will move your player right and left, respectively, pressing W will give your player a speed boost (which has a stamina meter that depletes while you use it, and refills while you don’t), and pressing space to either pass when you’re on offense, or do a big hit when in defense. When starting a new game, you can choose to play either one game, or to play an entire playoff series with one team. Every game starts off with you choosing a time limit for the game, and then to either receive or kick, and depending on your choice, the game will continue the same as a real football game. You can decide on what play to use every down, whether it be defensive plays or offensive plays, and every choice can make a big impact in the game’s results. The goal of each game is to get the ball to the opposite side to score, called a touchdown. Every time a touchdown is made, the team that made the touchdown will be given a choice to either kick for an extra 1 point, or push the ball through the defensive lines for 2 extra points. After that, the teams switch kicking and receiving positions, and the game continues. This goes on until time runs out. The team with the highest score wins the game, and if you’ve chosen to play the playoff series, the team that wins will go on to play until the championship game.

Take my word for it, 4th and Goal 2015 is such a great game that I’ve played it for a few hours before ever considering stopping. If you’ve been looking for a quick but good football game, then look no further than 4th and Goal 2015.

Dice Wars

Strategy games have been dying down recently, and mostly you’ll see games that are more action or adventure oriented, so if you’re looking for a deep strategy game to fill the need for that type of game, then Dicewars would be a very good place to start.

Dicewars is a strategy oriented game filled with Dice. The game can be played with up to 8 players, each player taking turns to beat each other. The game is extremely simple, while also being extremely deep, as people would say, it’s a game that is “easy to learn, but is hard to master.” Each player gets a turn as they try to conquer a map with their dice. A player will click on one area with colored dice (the color should be the same as the player’s color), and then click a neighboring area that they want to conquer. Once both have been chosen, both areas will roll their dice, so the area with more dice has a higher chance of winning. If the attacker wins, the area will be conquered and all the dice there will become his/her dice, which can be used to attack another area, and the area used to attack will have 1 dice remaining. A player may choose to end their turn at any point during their turn, which players will do if they think that conquering more areas would be too risky (since players are left with an area with 1 dice when conquering). This goes on until one player is left with dice on the map.

Dicewars is one of the deepest war games that I have ever played, and its simplicity is such a good thing, making it easy to understand, but very hard to win. Test out your wits with Dicewars and see if you have the strategic prowess to conquer the world.

Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure

The Internet is brimming with small online games. Some gaming studios even specialize in creating high quality games which keep you occupied from just a few minutes to hours and sometimes even days. One of these studios is Soul Studio. Their newest game is Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure.

It is hard to describe the genre of this game. However, if I were to choose, I’d say the game is an active-combat-adventure-role-playing-game. Set in a fictive land, a short tutorial introduces you to the Arena, a place where combat takes place. First, you have to choose which group of enemies you will fight (once you beat a group, another, stronger appears so in that way it is quite linear). After entering a fight enemies appear, one at a time. Once you have beaten a couple of regular foes a boss appears. By defeating the boss you are awarded with a chest and new group is unlocked. The enemies get stronger rather fast, therefore you have to train your stats.

The game has an experience based levelling system which awards you points which you can spend on your stats, active and passive skills. For some skills certain level is required which is a nice way to keep players involved in the game. Besides passive levelling, player can actively increase a certain stat by playing a mini-game. Each stat has its own mini-game with side-quests which grant extra points.

To keep the pace with the strength of the enemies one must invest in new weaponry and better armour. That can be achieved by spending money in the local shop. There are two ways of acquiring the funds: by defeating groups of foes and by collecting income from the bank. The money can also be invested in the amount you will get at the bank as well as decorating the training room. One can even construct a house, which will in return provide more money in the bank.

All in all, Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure is another brilliant title coming from one of the best small-game studios currently active on the Internet.


There are games that don’t really have goals or endings or anything like that, there are games that a lot of people will never really ever understand, and then, there’s flOw. That’s not to say that flOw is a bad game, because in all seriousness, it makes the game far from being bad. flOw is such a relaxing game that playing the game for hours wouldn’t be too surprising, even though it’s a game with no real goals.

So what is flOw? I don’t think anyone really knows what it is and what you need to do is, because the game starts you off with nothing, no tutorials, no messages, no story, nothing. The game starts the moment you load the game up. You control a worm-like creature by moving your mouse, wherever your cursor is, the worm will follow. You will see different dots on the screen that your worm can devour to grow, and it seems like it’s the only real goal of the game. There will also be a bigger dot that will have either a white or black dot inside of it, eating the black dot will take you into a deeper level, with more dots to eat, while eating the white one will take you back to a previous level (naturally, there will be no white dot on the first level). Taking in all of the edible dots before going down a level would be a good idea, but no one will stop you if you just want to go down a level.

I would think the idea of the game is to give a relaxing vibe, and it does just that pretty well. The music is also very soothing that it’s like the game really wants you to keep playing it. If you need a chill game for a stressful weekday, flOw might just be right up your alley.

Stick Arena Dimensions

Nothing is more fun than playing as a stickman that kills other stickmen using different guns and weapons. NOTHING. If you’ve ever played competitive first person or third person shooters and would really love something new, then open up a browser and load up Stick Arena Dimensions.

This game may look simple, but don’t be fooled, this game is pretty fun, pretty brutal, and pretty hard depending on how good your enemies are. Stick Arena Dimensions lets you play as a stickman and pits you against other stickmen around the world. To move your stickman, you press W, A, S, D, and attacking is simply clicking your left mouse button. Your stickman will face whatever to direction your mouse cursor is currently in, so you can use this to aim. All players are placed in an arena with a bird’s eye view perspective. The arena will be filled with guns and melee weapons that you can use to kill everyone else (but you start with nothing but your fists, and it doesn’t do too much damage so picking up a weapon immediately is a must). Of course, the goal is to keep killing until you get the most kills and be the best stickman murderer. The variety of weapons are pretty fun to experiment with since each and every weapon will have a few pros and cons, like the sledgehammer being extremely slow, but one hit from it will kill anyone in its way.

Stick Arena Dimensions is a pretty good distraction from the repetitive gameplay of some shooters, and can be actually a pretty good alternative if you come to enjoy it. I personally played this game for a few hours, and will be coming back for more!

Dead Zed 2

Ever wondered what the world would be like once the zombie apocalypse comes around? Many people already have a scenario in their head on what it would look and feel like, some would have a scenario a-la-Walking Dead, while others will have a Zombieland type of scene, but whatever you think the apocalypse would look like (and if you’re ACTUALLY looking forward to it), then Dead Zed 2 would be a good testing grounds.

Dead Zed 2 puts you into the shoes of a survivor among the dead people who woke up, hungry for flesh. You are alone and have to defend yourself by shooting the incoming zombies from atop your safehouse. After one day, you are off to search for more survivors and supplies, which the game does automatically so all you have to do is shoot those zombie brains out. As you find more survivors, your camp will have more help in defending the stronghold as you can choose what each survivor should be doing, like helping shoot the zombies, or using melee attacks to zombies that get too near the house, and some other will be the ones to do the searching. You can also have one survivor assist you by reloading your weapon when you’re using another weapon, making it easier to continue shooting. As you progress and as you search in more areas, more weapons and survivors will become available to you, making surviving a lot easier.

The controls are pretty simple. You use your mouse cursor to aim and shoot by left clicking on your mouse. A reticle will indicate where your shot will land, a larger reticle means lower accuracy, and your shot may land anywhere inside the reticle, so a weapon with better accuracy, will have a smaller reticle, giving you a better shot. Pressing the Q key on your keyboard will switch your weapon (once you find a new weapon by searching). In later stages, you will have the ability to plant mines and controlled explosives, which can be triggered by pressing 1, 2, or 3. Do your best to defend yourself and your camp, as you are expected to survive for 40 days before a rescue team arrives. Will you and your group of survivors be able to survive? Play Dead Zed 2 to find out.