Zelda the Flash Game

If you’ve ever played any of the games of the whole Zelda series, then just seeing the name Zelda added to a game will already make you think that this is going to be one good game, and somehow, it actually is, even just being a flash game, which would be nothing compared to its brothers.
Zelda the Flash Game puts you into the shoes of Hyrule Kingdom’s green warrior, Link. He is once again tasked of saving the Kingdom (and potentially, the world) from another evil that plans to take over the world. With you are your trusty weapons like your sword, bombs, and your bow and arrow, to help you conquer that evil and bring it to its knees. You can control Link by using the arrow keys to move around, and by pressing a variety of buttons to use your weapons (you will learn these as you go along), like pressing space to swing your sword. The look and feel of this game is like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and it plays extremely well.
Will Link save Hyrule once again or will evil finally prevail? Take control of Link and find your destiny in Zelda the Flash Game!

Raze 3 – A great flash shooter

Are you getting tired of the generic, annual shooters that are coming out of the market right now? Well, Raze 3 might just be the answer you’re looking for, if you don’t mind playing a flash game on a browser, if you can make it past that, Raze 3 is actually a great third person shooter and one can spend hours playing it, both in story mode and its skirmish mode with bots.

Raze 3 starts you off with a tutorial stage where you learn all the ropes. After creating your character, you and 3 other bots are thrown into a training stage where you are taught how to move (which is either the W, A, S, D buttons or the arrow keys), shoot (done by left clicking and moving the cursor using the mouse), and maneuver through obstacles (by pressing up or the space bar to jump and pressing it twice to double jump). Once you get through the tutorial, you are instantly, and yes, we mean INSTANTLY, thrown into a battle with the humans’ enemies, the zombies. The goal is simple, shoot the heck out of the zombies, and avoid being killed. Every kill gives your team a point, and every death gives the enemy team a point. The first team to reach the point goal wins. There are weapons scattered all over the arena such as an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, a shotgun, and a few others. The story mode is pretty good, and players will also be given a glimpse at the enemies’ story line after you finish the humans’ story. But sometimes, the story mode just wouldn’t cut it when you just want to shoot other people or zombies in the face. That’s where the skirmish mode comes in. You can customize the game with the number of bots, more bots means more fun.

Having played Raze 3, I’d have to say, it’s one of the best shooters I have played in flash, and not to mention one of the best looking ones. If you want a quick alternative to a shooter and don’t have access to a console but have a computer in front of you, Raze 3 can get you through your thirst of shooting the life out of people.

Staggy 2 The Boyscout Slayer

There are people around the world that hate boy scouts, and that’s understandable. Not everyone can really get along with everyone, right? But Staggy, the multi weapon wielding ninja you take control of, takes his hate for boy scouts to a whole, new, bloody, level. And, yes, I do mean murder. Why our little ninja would boy scouts so much? Nobody knows, and in all honesty, I don’t think anyone even really wants to know. Makes killing them a bit easier on the soul.

So again, in Staggy 2 The Boyscout Slayer, you control Staggy, a ninja that can wield a number of weapons designed to kill stuff, but obviously, he’d rather use it on boy scouts. The controls are simple, use the arrow keys to move around the area where the boy scouts will spawn, press the space bar to swing your weapon, and press numbers 1 to 7 to change your weapon. Your primary weapon is a sword, but as you progress through the game and kill more and more boy scouts (that drop money, by the way), you will be able to buy more powerful, and often times brutal, weapons to annihilate those darned boy scouts. You are given 30 seconds each level to kill all of the boy scouts that will spawn, and if any are left within 30 seconds, the spawns stop, and you are given the chance to kill all of the remaining people. As you go further and further, more and more enemies will come at you all at once, and there will be different variations of boy scouts along the way, like some will have bows and arrows, some will also be dressed as ninjas, and a lot more.
If you’re looking for a bit of fun in killing a few people (with a lot of blood and gore, too), Staggy 2 is a good choice. If you hate boy scouts as much as Staggy, you’re sure to have tons of fun, and even if you don’t hate them, I’m pretty sure the game is going to be fun as well.

Final Ninja

If you just went, “Oh God, another typical ninja game” by reading the game’s title, then you my friend, thought the same thing as I first thought, and also, you are also mistaken, just like me. Final Ninja, on Nitrome, is just so much more than an average ninja platformer and is pretty simple as it is fun.

Final Ninja puts you in the feet of one of the best ninja ever trained, Takeshi. All Takeshi wants is for everything to stop, and for him to retire to his nice little garden, but if you’ve ever played ninja games before, you’ll know that ninjas will never get what they want as easy as they think. Takeshi’s trainer, Akuma, wants to kick him out of retirement and get back to being a ninja and do what ninjas do best, kill targets. Takeshi wants out, but this time, instead of running, he goes on to confront his master. Adventure through more than 15 levels of action platforming as you go through enemies and find your master’s loot that he left behind (apparently he tends to leave stuff lying around). You move Takeshi around by pressing either W, A, S, D or the arrow keys. Takeshi can shoot ninja stars by clicking the left mouse button and he will shot in the direction of the cursor, use the cursor to aim to wherever the enemies are. He can also shoot out ninja ropes by holding the left mouse button. If the ninja rope hits a wall, you can control Takeshi by climbing up or down or swinging left and right using the same movement controls you use on the ground. There’s a lot of secret stuff to unlock, so keep an eye out for that.

Will you be able to help Takeshi out in his fight to retire as the best ninja in the world, or will you crumble under the might of your master, Akuma, and his assassins? Only you have the power to help Takeshi overcome his master’s challenges.

Samsara Room

If you’ve ever played room escape puzzle games before, Samsara Room will be a familiar game, but with a creepier, albeit more interesting puzzles. The story is a bit lacking, but for what you learn through the game, everything seems very interesting.

The game starts off with you waking up in a room that seems unfamiliar and mentioning that the room you wake up in seems like one of those room escape games (oh the irony). The game is the same as all other puzzle room escape games, use your mouse to interact with objects that you think might help you escape. A series of puzzles will be laid out to you, and you will have to find items around the room to solve them, like getting keys for locks and such. Samsara Room is a pretty creepy game, which makes it really fun actually. It’s kind of hard to talk about this game as I have really loved it and wouldn’t really want to spoil it for anyone reading, all I have to say is that the experience of playing this game was very satisfying, even though the game seems shorter than I would have wanted it.

Playing Samsara Room was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with room escape games. If you’re ever on the market for puzzle room escape games, make sure not to miss out on Samsara Room. It will actually leave you wanting more.

Turbo Dismount

Knowing how to drive a car is not essential, but it definitely is helpful in today’s world. Cars are immensely useful but also very dangerous means of transportation. Crashes happen all the time, and some of them leave behind drastic consequences. Therefore, drive responsively. However, if you are interested in creating a crash scenario to see what would happen, Turbo Dismount is the game for you. The game is created by Team Secret Exit and can be played on CrazyGames.com.

Turbo Dismount is a 3D crash simulator in which your task is to crash and trash (with a bit of smashing) your vehicle as hard as you can. The bigger the devastation, the more points you’ll get. It’s not all about the cars either. Adrenaline hungry rag doll is mounted on your vehicle in order to provide total crash experience.

There are three scenes to choose from. The Original Classic is a straight road in the middle of nowhere, ready to be crashed on. T-Junction gives you the advantage of speeding up before ramming into the traffic on the main road. Skid Marks is a drag racing track in which you race parallel to another car allowing for some pretty cool high-speed crashes. To add more drama, each scene can be fitted with obstacles, changing the end result of the crash. Obstacles vary, from some classics such as an oil slick or a brick wall, to some pretty cool roadblocks and ramps. Additionally, rag doll position can be altered. For example, it can lie down romantically on the hood while going straight into a wall with over 120 km/h.

With the ability to change the camera angle there is no missing the brutality of a crash. With several vehicles to choose from, Turbo Dismount offers plenty of room to have some old-fashioned brutal fun.

Idle Online Universe

Idle Online Universe is a clicking / auto attack game with a few RPG elements mixed in. It’s pretty simple, yet pretty deep. Before anything else though, you might get confused at the very start of the game as there are no tutorials that will be holding your hand, you just log in, you start the game, and that’s it.

The main goal of the game is to adventure to all of the available planets and find as much treasure as you can. Sounds simple enough, right? But doing so requires a lot of patience, time, and a bit of planning. You start off as a level 1 adventurer, and you can gain experience in a variety of ways. The main way to gather experience though is by killing monsters, which can be done by clicking the monster in front of you, or just waiting since your character will auto attack every few seconds, clicking will make it faster, but is not really necessary. Another method is by wood cutting, which will give you experience and wood, which is a resource in the game used for upgrades. There’s actually a lot to do while you wait for your character to level up as it automatically kills monsters. You can also mine for stones (again, resources), you can shop once you get enough gold and resources, you can train your pets, and there’s also a social option where you can talk to other people playing the game. Once you level up, you can (and probably should) move on to the next enemy, which will be either one or a few levels stronger than you, and keep doing so until you get to the planet’s boss. This cycle will continue until you beat a planet and move on to the next one.

The game, which you can play here, is pretty huge, and it might take more than a few minutes to actually figure out what’s going on, aside from figuring out what you should be doing and how you’ll do it, but it’s pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Idle Online Universe is a great game that anyone who wants to play RPGs, but doesn’t have the time or patience to grind for levels, should try.