Freeway Fury 3

After reviewing Freeway Fury 2 late last year, I couldn’t withstand also writing about its sequel, Freeway Fury 3.

From a simple irate motorist who just can’t withstand the traffic, it seems like you just turned into a badass hero who can now save the world from evil invaders. It was such a huge lift indeed from the first concept of Freeway Fury games but this approach made this game even more captivating and more fun to deal with. Serius Games never failed to impress us with their games but I can say that they master their Freeway Fury series even better above the rest. It is well polished, one-of-a-kind, and something that you can confidently consider on top of your game list.

Freeway Fury 3 promo image. Source:

Your main objective for Freeway Fury 3 is to take control of the so-called “mysterious fugitive” to move from one vehicle to another until you reach the checkpoint. Please be mindful that you must accomplish this within the given time frame, otherwise, you’ll lose a chance and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through. The game has four levels to explore and each will vary in terms of the type of vehicles you will use. The first level will take place on a busy highway, then it is followed by water, air and space stages respectively.

A vast of wonderful improvements were made indeed including the easy-to-manage controls, level by level system, dynamically changing environments, engaging plot and inclusion of cinematic cutscenes in between each level, interactive rank system, lavishly illustrated details and a whole lot more. The Free Ride Mode, however, was taken out of the concept but that doesn’t really matter considering how overwhelming the enhancements made for this sequel. How far do you think your skills can take you? Are you skillful and brave enough to end this alien invasion once and for all? Or maybe this is just the beginning and we could expect more thrilling adventure in the future! So if you have enough time to spare, feel free to play Freeway Fury 3 and put yourself in one epic adventure!

Play Freeway Fury 3 on CrazyGames here.


Vex 3 Review

Who would have thought that a stickman game would become such a huge hit? Well, why not? You don’t need a pleasing atmosphere or lavishly illustrated details to have a nice and highly satisfying platformer game experience. Yepi’s Vex is absolutely a perfect example of a very simple flash game but surprisingly fun and addictive. It is also very challenging which forces you to play the same stage over and over again until you manage to make it through. Vex is a platformer game series that features a tiny stick figure in a very huge, intense and action packed adventure.

Vex 3 is the newest addition to the series and by far the largest Vex game up to date. Even though the graphics and gameplay remain the same, Vex 3 offers a lot of noticeable improvements and additional features which make it even more enjoying compared to its predecessors. Vex 2 introduced the existence of Stars that are located randomly in each stage or Act. They are often located in secret or hard to reach areas will put your skills to the test. Collecting them is an option but very advantageous. Vex 3 will keep the same thing but the lever and the gravity switching mechanisms were noticeable taken out of the concept. Despite of that, new mechanisms and obstacles will be added in this installment.

The game features 10 standard stages and 9 incredibly hard challenge stages.  On top of that, it will also introduce the recorded ghost runs of your best times. Your main objective here is simple and that is to clear each act by successfully reaching the portal as quick as possible. The score is based on the amount of time you will spend in each level and therefore early completion is very advisable. Unlike the  first two games, the transition from one act to another is absolutely challenging. You are no longer jumping from one block to another but it seems like you are actually exploring a huge level filled with different obstacles, traps and other mechanisms. Some of the newly added  items and mechanisms includes laser cannons, collectible keys, unlockable doors, invisible platforms and more. It also features a lot of underwater scenes and some levels will feature limited visibility which makes it even more challenging. Some levels are extremely difficult and is merely impossible to beat but that’s how we really like it. The more challenging the game is, the more exciting it becomes. Aside from the various achievements, the game also offers a Stage Builder or level editor mode as well. Have fun!

Ring of Fire, a drinking game full of fun

This blog is mostly about video games, more specifically browser games, but yesterday I was playing the drinking game called Ring of Fire (also known as Circle of Death, King’s Game, Kings, …) and I wanted to share it with you.

The setup and gameplay are quite easy. The name of the game probably originates from the setup: you place an empty cup in the middle of the table and spread all 52 cards around it forming a circle (see picture).

Ring of Fire Setup. Credits:

The actual game has actions different actions / events / mini-games associated with different cards. Below is a list of an overview of this actions. Every participant draws a card turn by turn. The game ends when someone picks the last (fourth) king!

  • Ace: Waterfall
    All participants have to start drinking when the person to their right starts drinking, starting with the person who picked the card, and can only stop drinking when the person to the right stops drinking.
  • 2 is You
    The person who picked the card can choose someone who has to drink.
  • 3 is Me
    The person who picked the card must drink.
  • 4 is Whore
    All girls have to drink.
  • 5: Thumb Master
    The person who picked the card becomes the “Thumb Master”. Whenever he puts his thumb on the table, everyone has to do the same and the last one to put his thumb on the table has to drink. When someone else picks a five, he or she becomes the Thumb Master.
  • 6 is Dicks
    All guys have to drink.
  • 7 is Heaven
    All participants have to point their finger or hand in the sky. The person who is last has to drink.
  • 8 is Mate
    The person who picked the card chooses someone and they both drink.
  • 9 Bust a Rhyme
    The person who picked the card chooses a word, and the person next to him must rhyme with this word, going around the circle until someone cannot find a word.
  • 10: Categories
    Pick a category (drinks, football teams, car brands, …) and everyone has to give an example of this category. When someone doesn’t know any, he or she drink.
  • Jack: Make a Rule
    The person who picked the card can make up a rule, and every participant has to follow it. Examples are: only drink with your left hand, don’t say first names, don’t use swear words, don’t point, … If someone disobeys, he or she has to drink.
  • Queen of Questions
    The person who picked the card has to ask a question to someone, who has to ask another question to another person, etc… until someone messes up with responding (not allowed!) or not coming up with a new question.
  • King: King’s Cup
    The person who picked the card must pour a little of his drink in the cup in the middle of the table. If it is the last (fourth) king that gets picked, he must drink the whole cup and the game ends!

Have fun playing Ring of Fire, and remember that having too much alcohol is dangerous (the game is also fun with water)!

If you want to check out variations of the game, head over to the wikipedia page.

Tug The Table

I already mentioned Tug The Table in my post about the 5 Best Unity Games of 2013 and decided to dedicate a full review to it now.

Due to the success of his other game called Wrestle Jump, I believe that Otto Ojala finally discovered the perfect formula to amuse his delighted gamers. Simplicity is probably one of the most effective ingredients that brought his games to fame and it seems like it works the same way with Tug The Table. It is generally a very simple yet frustratingly challenging and unarguably addictive game that will absolutely keep you away from being bored.

The concept of the game is inspired from Wrestle Jump and it also works the same way with Soccer Physics. Basically, it is a game that gives the classic Tug of War game a creative twist in which instead of using a rope, the players will be tugging a bulky table. Your main objective in this game is to be the first one to win five matches against your opponent. This can be done by successfully pulling off the table until the opposing player crosses your mark or the opposite zone.

What really fascinates me is the one-button-fighting system. You are entitled to control the player using one predefined button but the overall mobility of the character cannot be completely manipulated and that’s exactly where the challenge comes in. You must establish the perfect timing, leverage, angle and speed in order to win each round effectively. Unlike the traditional Tug of War game, Tug The Table is not about strength but will merely focus on speed and strategy.

It is also interesting to note that the appearance of the stage and the players themselves are changing dynamically each round. You’ll encounter big heads, slippery floors, bouncing balls, long legged and even a reversed stage. If the default computer generated opponent is not strong enough for you, you can always set the setting to a higher AI to add more challenge or better yet, you can freely invite someone to play this game in a two player battle to experience this wonderful game to the fullest!

Lion’s Tooth

Nope, this game is not as hardcore as it sounds like, but as we all know, Lion’s Tooth is not just literally referring to one of the most harmful animals in the planet. It is also a name given to a beautiful flower, the dandelion. It is called Lion’s Tooth mainly because the leaves of it are merely resembling the teeth of a lion.
Now who would have thought that this flower could end up in such an epic journey? Lion’s Tooth is a very simple yet fun and amusing avoider game. The code and graphics were both credited to a guy named Kai Chung. Basically, your goal is to take control of a dandelion seed and collect the rest of the florets that you will encounter along the way. Generally, there are 35 florets or dandelion seeds to be collected and once you are done collecting them, your journey will begin! All you need is to move the seeds by hovering your mouse on the screen and avoid all the obstacles you will encounter along the way.

Screenshot of the game.

Screenshot of the game.

Keep in mind that your mission is not just to collect as many dandelion seeds as you can but also saving as many as possible during your journey. The game is done and played in a strict linear progression in which you will be taken to different scenes continuously. I personally like the transition of one scene to another. As you hover the mouse, the seeds will follow the movement of your cursor but kindly refrain the main seed from hitting any of the incoming obstacles, otherwise, it will lose a seed. If you lose all the seeds, you still need to finish the game until the very last stage and your score will be displayed afterwards.
Apart from its dynamically changing atmosphere, the game is also accompanied with a very nice and soothing music courtesy of Carefree by Waterflame. The game is generally simple yet captivating and amusing enough to be enjoyed!

Play Lion’s Tooth here.