Papa’s Donuteria

Do you know this guy:

His name is Papa Louie, and he’s a pretty famous guy. He owns a pizzeria, an ice cream restaurant, hotdog restaurant, taco restaurant, pancake restaurant… Besides that he has activities going on in cupcakes, chicken wings, and most recently donuts. His donut restaurant is appropriately called papa’s donuteria. Of course, Papa Louie is a fictional figure (invented by Flipline Studios). Every once in a while (about every 2 months?) he is featured in a new game, each time with a different theme but the same concept: serve customers in a restaurant by preparing a specific food. Be on time to provide good service and build up your restaurant empire. The papa louie games will keep you entertained for a long time and for sure, there is no shortage of titles.

If you like Papa’s Donuteria, make sure to check out the apps of its predecessor (Papa’s Freezeria):!/id824305459?ls=1&mt=8

Or just play Papa’s Donuteria here:

Mighty Knight

FireBeast Studio is one of the more productive game studios. Most recently they have produced smash hits such as Zombo Buster and Might Knight. Mighty Knight is a battle game in which you help a brave (& mighty!) knight to defeat monsters.

FireBeast seems to get (almost) everything right, from stunning graphics (see image below) to engaging gameplay. The games also feature a little bit of humor.

To give you an idea of the graphics level:

Mighty Knight will keep you entertained for a while. The walkthrough already takes about 54 minutes. But, hey, it’s summer holidays. So you have enough time!

Raze 3

As a big fan of the previous Raze games (Raze and Raze 2), I’m very excited that Raze 3 is finally coming out. It seems that it will be sponsored by ArmorGames and Notdoppler (who both have a record of sponsoring only top notch games). There’s even a trailer of the Raze 3 game available already. I’m excited. So should you be. Even if it’s half as awesome as the previous 2 editions, it will be awesome enough to keep you clustered to your screen for a couple of days.

raze 3 screenshot

Germany – Brazil at the World Cup

Came out to 7-1. Can you believe it? Seven, 7, Sieben, Sete. Or, if you’re someone who still counts on their fingers:

(this is coach Scolari of Brazil).

The BBC realized people might not believe it so they decided to make the 7 clear by putting it in text as well:BBC.

How many generations will pass before this national shame has been forgotten?