Cookie Clicker…

Sometimes I come across these superweird games which are simple, but yet to addictive. One of the more extreme examples in that category is Cookie Clicker. My friends were bragging about their CpS, and when I asked what they were talking about they sent me the link of this Cookie Clicker game, and I started playing.

It seems this “Cps” or Cookies per Second plays a central role in the game, because the whole game revolves around producing as much cookies as possible. At first you bake cookies by clicking a giant cookie. This changes after you buy a cursor to click for you, or a Grandma to bake cookies for you, or Factories, or Mines, or …

After a while you find yourself getting rewarded more than a million cookies per click while you produce over a billion cookies per second, and that’s the point where you start bragging about it and have other friends start playing as well…

Sentry Knight

Made by the creators of Mythic Fort Defense and Siege Knight now comes the fantastic game of Sentry Knight. The influence of the former 2 games can be clearly seen. But the improvements are clear as well. Mythic Fort Defense already won awards but Sentry Knight is significantly better. Fundamentally, it is a defense game, but it incorporates fantasy elements such as spells, war & battle elements. All of this is set in a beautifully hand-made medieval fantasy world.

5 Best Unity Games of 2013

2013 was a great year for Unity, with continued growth and a lot of great new games. My personal top 5:

  1. Verdun – a FPS by M2H Games
  2. Tug The Table – casual 2-player game
  3. CS Portable – awesome browser version of Counter Strike
  4. Contract Wars – OK, secretly, this was published in december 2012. But it’s awesome enough to make to this year’s list.
  5. Akaneiro – 3D RPG adventure by Spicy Horse

Check out Kongregate and CrazyGames for more unity games.