13 Days in Hell

You are in a world full of zombies, and your only chance to escape will come in after 13 days. Will you be able to survive or will you give in to the zombies’ hunger for your fresh brain? 13 Days in Hell puts you into the shoes of a man trapped in the zombie apocalypse with no choice but to try and survive until rescue arrives. Hopefully, the zombies don’t get to your rescuers first.
13 Days in Hell is a first person shooter that drops you into a zombie apocalypse setting with nothing but your gun and your shooting skills to protect you. Each day will introduce new and more challenging zombies to go through, but each new day is a new chance, right? In some days, you will also get new weapons that will help you out in surviving this horrible ordeal. In terms of visuals, this game is moderately good. The zombies are pretty bland and ugly, but the look and feel of the game is alright. The sound does its job of building the tensioned filled atmosphere with its creepy music. The gameplay is pretty simple as well as the controls. You aim using the mouse cursor and you shoot using the left mouse button. There is a little addition to the shooting mechanic though, making it a bit more complicated but all the more challenging. The cursor will have a little circle in the middle of the reticle with a red dot circling around it. This red dot is where your bullet will land, so timing your shots to the spinning red dot is key to getting those juicy headshots. The goal is to survive 13 days. Any death in the middle of your struggle to survive will send you back to day one, so do your best and make sure that you are always prepared.
There’s been a lot of zombie apocalypse games coming out in the past few years, but not all of them were good enough to become triple A titles. 13 Days in Hell is an OK game that could’ve been better with a bit more polish in graphics and gameplay, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great game. 13 Days in Hell is a good game that deserves anyone with a craving for a zombie apocalypse game’s attention.

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