0h h1, a cool puzzle game by Martin Kool

If you don’t like puzzle games then stop reading now. No, really, stop! You are still reading, which means you like puzzle games which is a good thing because today we are talking about 0h h1, a game by Martin Kool.

0h h1 is a logic game, with similar game mechanics as Takuzu and Binairo. The game is played on four by four (4×4), six by six (6×6), eight by eight (8×8) or ten by ten (10×10) grids. Some of the tiles are marked red, and others are blue. Your task is to fill the entire grid while following three main rules. First rule says that three tiles of the same colour are not allowed side by side (for example, three red tiles can’t stand next to each other) in any column or row. Second rule regulates the number of coloured tiles, meaning the same amount of red and blue tiles has to be present in each row and column (in 6×6 game each row and column has to have three red and three blue tiles but not next to each other, as the first rule says). The third rule provides an extra challenge by not allowing any two columns or rows to be identical (this is self explanatory).

The game has a really friendly interface, which is crucial for the ambient. Each time you finish a game your score increases by the sum of the tiles you completed (example: if you finished a four by four game, you will receive 16 points). In addition, recommended time is shown in which you should be able to finish the game.
All in all, 0h h1 is a great way to spend a little time and train your brain at the same time. Even more so because it is available on iOS, android and windows phones as well.

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