Learn to Fly Idle

Idle games have been very popular recently. One of the games that originated the genre was Cookie Clicker, which I discussed earlier.

The general theme is that initially you get money / gold / points by clicking your mouse. You can use that money to buy upgrades and tools, which lets you automate your progress (and, in Cookie Clicker, increase your CpS).

Other games have taken up the idea from Cookie Clicker, notably Idle Empire, Idle Farming, Idleplex, and many more. You can go check out this page for a whole list of idle games.

The most recent addition to the genre is Learn to Fly Idle. The game is based on Learn to Fly and Learn to Fly 2. These 2 games were rather popular launch games a couple of years ago. In learn to fly idle the central idea is that you have to launch snowballs. After a while you can upgrade and automate your snowball launching. As most idle games, it takes a long time to get good at the game (think an hour or more!). If you have that time and you like the genre, go check it out!

Traffic Talent – The only educational driving game around?

Of all the driving games that are around not a single one teaches you to drive responsibly. At least, that’s what I thought until I played this game. Traffic Talent was made by Dutch game studio Sticky Studios (and unfortunately in Dutch) in a campaign for the Dutch government (and was first published here – the website is in Dutch too). It lets you complete missions while respecting all the traffic rules. You have to adapt your driving style to the weather which is surprisingly often quite rainy (but as anyone who has been to the Netherlands knows this is realistic). This is quite a change from the usual driving game in which crashing at enormous speeds is the norm. Traffic Talent is educational in the true sense of the word, and it’s surprisingly fun. Go check it out, and make sure you don’t get a ticket!

A rebellion in Japan?


Let’s take a time machine to medieval Japan… Samurais and Shoguns were the talk of the town. Everything could be settled with sword fights and ruling territories. Samurai Rebellion gives you just that. It builds a strategy game based on a unit and map conquering type of battle system around this theme. The introduction gives you a nice overview of how the rulers worked in the Japan of the old days (and also how the red colored people started fighting for their rights by taking up weapons and fighting the blue colored army).

Then the first battle immediately starts. You are given a decent amount of units, only spearmen and archers are available at first, more can be purchased and unlocked later. After winning the battle, you can select which part of the game’s map to conquer next. The story unfolds nicely. You have to plan out which units to send on your front row and which units to send on the back to maximize your damage. The opponents can be overwhelming later as you progress but you can always buy more units and come back later. This game should be of great interest to bushido lovers and medieval fanatics out there! Enjoy!

Cookie Clicker…

Sometimes I come across these superweird games which are simple, but yet to addictive. One of the more extreme examples in that category is Cookie Clicker. My friends were bragging about their CpS, and when I asked what they were talking about they sent me the link of this Cookie Clicker game, and I started playing.

It seems this “Cps” or Cookies per Second plays a central role in the game, because the whole game revolves around producing as much cookies as possible. At first you bake cookies by clicking a giant cookie. This changes after you buy a cursor to click for you, or a Grandma to bake cookies for you, or Factories, or Mines, or …

After a while you find yourself getting rewarded more than a million cookies per click while you produce over a billion cookies per second, and that’s the point where you start bragging about it and have other friends start playing as well…

Sentry Knight

Made by the creators of Mythic Fort Defense and Siege Knight now comes the fantastic game of Sentry Knight. The influence of the former 2 games can be clearly seen. But the improvements are clear as well. Mythic Fort Defense already won awards but Sentry Knight is significantly better. Fundamentally, it is a defense game, but it incorporates fantasy elements such as spells, war & battle elements. All of this is set in a beautifully hand-made medieval fantasy world.

5 Best Unity Games of 2013

2013 was a great year for Unity, with continued growth and a lot of great new games. My personal top 5:

  1. Verdun – a FPS by M2H Games
  2. Tug The Table – casual 2-player game
  3. CS Portable – awesome browser version of Counter Strike
  4. Contract Wars – OK, secretly, this was published in december 2012. But it’s awesome enough to make to this year’s list.
  5. Akaneiro – 3D RPG adventure by Spicy Horse

Check out Kongregate and CrazyGames for more unity games.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

What a Christmas present! Kingdom Rush Frontiers is now widely available. The sequel to the game Kingdom Rush that has been one of the most addictive and successful flash games ever.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a tower defense game, but not just a normal one. It has more towers, more defense, and more game than all the other tower defense games. Graphics are great, game-play is nearly perfect, and the storyline is well thought out. Iron Hide, the studio based in Uruguay, clearly know what they are doing.

For the real war games experts among you, there are 2 extra modes for those who finish the game!

Get ready to train your own hero, and enjoy the hours of fun that every Kingdom Rush game brings you!


Papa’s Wingeria

Welcome back. It has been a while; I was busy with university. I’m back now with a game that is not very recent, but definitely worth playing if you haven’t done so, and replaying if you already have.

As in the other Papa Louie, your task in Papa’s Wingeria is to make the customers happy by serving them the best food available. As always, this requires skill and timing, but it is potentially very rewarding: Papa Louie can become a real tycoon! This time, Flipline Studios decided it’s time for some delicious wings!


Check out all the papa louie games here.

Have fun playing Papa’s Wingeria and the other Papa Louie games!