You know how we are always thinking about the next 2048 or Flappy Bird?

Well, Agario, a new online multiplayer game, seems to be it. In this simple but fun game, you have to eat other slimes to grow large until you get eaten and die. Then you start all over again. It can be a little laggy and some people have reported that it doesn’t work, but if it does work smoothly (as is the case for me), it is tons of fun!

Impossible Bounce

Impossible Bounce is a very simple game in which your goal is to keep the ball bouncing inside the circle. The circle randomly changes its position after the ball hits it. You’ll earn a high score by bouncing for as long as you can. The circle also gets smaller after every bounce until there’s barely any of it left for the ball to hit. Despite its simplicity, it is also a very challenging game. There’s no way of telling how the circle would be positioned after a bounce and there’s no way to stop playing until you’ve beaten your own score at least once.

Skinny – A creepy art game

I’ve played a few games featuring creepy art before. Well, Skinny is the story of a robot named Skinny. The game begins with you talking to your wife and then you can talk to your dog and then your son who would ask you to find his marbles. When you find all his marbles, you wake up and all of it was just a dream. Then your mom, who looks like a robotic periscope tells you that she made you new arms and you can now fire a grappling hook thingy. This will come in handy. Anyway, you then proceed to help people around the game world. For a side scrolling adventure, this one is dark and creepy but also interesting and easy to learn. Do try this if you’re up for something different.

0h h1, a cool puzzle game by Martin Kool

If you don’t like puzzle games then stop reading now. No, really, stop! You are still reading, which means you like puzzle games which is a good thing because today we are talking about 0h h1, a game by Martin Kool.

0h h1 is a logic game, with similar game mechanics as Takuzu and Binairo. The game is played on four by four (4×4), six by six (6×6), eight by eight (8×8) or ten by ten (10×10) grids. Some of the tiles are marked red, and others are blue. Your task is to fill the entire grid while following three main rules. First rule says that three tiles of the same colour are not allowed side by side (for example, three red tiles can’t stand next to each other) in any column or row. Second rule regulates the number of coloured tiles, meaning the same amount of red and blue tiles has to be present in each row and column (in 6×6 game each row and column has to have three red and three blue tiles but not next to each other, as the first rule says). The third rule provides an extra challenge by not allowing any two columns or rows to be identical (this is self explanatory).

The game has a really friendly interface, which is crucial for the ambient. Each time you finish a game your score increases by the sum of the tiles you completed (example: if you finished a four by four game, you will receive 16 points). In addition, recommended time is shown in which you should be able to finish the game.
All in all, 0h h1 is a great way to spend a little time and train your brain at the same time. Even more so because it is available on iOS, android and windows phones as well.

Sentry Knight Conquest

Sentry Knight Conquest is a foul mouthed, brutal, and cool game. I like this type of games. Not because I’m foul mouthed, brutal and cool but… Wait, I think I am… Anyway, Sentry Knight Conquest begins with you getting a map and being asked to kill everyone that tries to kill you. So, you use the WASD and the mouse button to do that. You also need to practice dodging and shooting at the same time. There are waves upon waves of enemies waiting to be decimated by you, or kill you if they’re lucky. And of course, you get to upgrade your weapon and make progress with the story. What? You thought this was just about killing stuff? I’m telling you that is just half the fun you get from this game. You get to take quests and fight bosses. There are also other characters to help you on your journey. Try it now and get addicted to shooting stuff!

Come on Google…

Have you played Android games with the Google Play highscore system? Well, there’s always this one guy named Taner Sivar at the top. He’s clearly a hacker, and seems to take a big pleasure in seeing his name at the top. Google doesn’t seem to care; they could easily block him!

Just wanted to let out that little frustration…

Rogue Soul 2

Side scrolling has never looked this good while also being simple and fun at the same time! Rogue Soul 2 has a lot of improvements and new stuff compared to the original. Note that you don’t need to have played the first game to enjoy this edition. The game opens up with an old prisoner and two guards. The protagonist quickly finishes off the guards and frees the prisoner only to tell him he’s just after the loot. We then proceed to a tutorial level and after learning the basic controls, we go to the first few levels where we can hop on enemies, collect loot and slide through obstacles. There are awards and achievements and a book with data about all the enemies and some other stuff. We can also unlock skins and buy upgrades and weapons and parachutes. A lot of stuff to discover!

The Lost Sloth

Sloth is one of the laziest, if not the most laziest animal on Earth (except teenagers). There is a certain appeal to it, though. Imagine a life full of lazy laying, chewing some herbs, and moving only to go get to a new location with fresh herbs just to do it over and over again for the rest of your life. However, sloth is much more than pure laziness. According to the Animade team, sloth is a whole bunch of things.

According to the developers, The Lost Sloth is an animated web-toy meaning there is no story or actual game play, just a means to enjoy yourself. Using the cursor as an x-ray machine of sorts, your task is to scan one apartment building, as well as the surrounding terrain to find where the lazy sloth hides. Once found, a note shows up with a touching and hilarious proverbs such as “Sloth is love, sloth is life” or “A slothless life is a meaningless life.” Though finding the sloth is the main task, there’s plenty to be seen in the process.
Everything is drawn with shades of blue and pink, while x-ray vision is in grey and black with occasional pink elements adding more contrast to the two worlds. Not unlike real life, you will discover some pretty weird neighbours on your scanning tour. From gift-eating Santa and a giraffe who is watching TV, over some game and cartoon associations to an apartment filled with water like a giant aquarium, you will find some pretty crazy combinations, drawn with great care. Some of my favourites were R2-D2, Totoro and Adventure Time characters.
The sounds change as well, adding even more to the ambient. For example, country plays when you focus on the cowboy, and salsa can be heard near the dancers.

Altogether, The Lost Sloth is a brilliant web-toy, offering simple relaxation and humour allowing the brain to rest for a while.