Match 3 games are simple, fun games that keep you playing because it’s just that, simple yet very fun. Tiles is a game that I so easy to learn that you can just load up the game, skip all the tutorials, and still know how to play the game and have lots of fun with it.


Tiles is a Match 3 colors game that has you destroying all the tiles in the playing field to move on to the next challenge. The game is played using just the mouse and nothing else. When you start a game, you’ll be shown a screen filled with tiles of differing colors. What you need to do is point your cursor to any tiles that have an adjacent tile of the same color in its 4 cardinal directions and then click it to destroy those tiles. Any tiles destroyed will leave the field. It will drop any tile above it unless it has a tile directly under it (you can tell if a tile is under it by looking at the tile and check if it has one beneath it, and it will look a bit higher than the others, too). You can do combos and rack up higher scores by breaking tiles and setting up more tiles with the same colors where the other tiles will drop. Getting a break of 4 or more tiles in move will reward you with a bomb, which is a pretty important part of the game. You will eventually run out of moves (if no same colored tiles are adjacent to each other), once you do, you will need to use a bomb to remove one tile from the field. If you run out of moves and bombs, it’s game over. There will be a few tiles added in as you progress through the levels, making the game a bit harder. One of the tiles is a clear tile that cannot be clicked and removed from the field. The only way to remove them is to combo them to each other, so you’d have to think ahead of time to plan their removal.
Tiles may be named in a simple manner, and played in a more simple manner, but you can bet that it’s deep enough to keep even the hardcore puzzle gamers on their toes.

Sierra 7

The SWAT teams have always been admired by some civilians due to how they are very organized whenever there is trouble afoot, and it’s usually them that will get a serious criminal problem fixed with their wits and cunning, as well as their courage. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the most organized special forces group, then you are in luck, Sierra 7 will let you experience the thrill of becoming a special force cop, out to take bad guys with just your brains, your quick reflex, and your great arsenal of weapons.

Sierra 7 is an on rails / first person shooting game that lets you control a special forces officer that is out on different missions to clear out the bad guys. The game looks great with wonderful visuals and really smooth animations, as well as great music that give you a thrilling feeling for each level. There’s not much to controlling the game, since you don’t need to walk or control your movement (it’s an on rails, so the character moves itself), and all you are mostly going to do is shoot the enemies that pop up. You use your mouse to aim your weapon on screen, and the left mouse button shoots. You’ll have different weapons that you can change at the start of each mission, and you will be using the Q key to change from your primary to your secondary weapon, and vice versa. The space bar lets you interact with the objects in the environment, like doors and other stuff. Some weapons, like your basic handgun, will have different shooting modes (the handgun will have semi-automatic, which shoots bullets one at a time, and burst fire, which shoots a few bullets at the same time giving it more damage and a bit of a wider range), and you can change modes by pressing the F key. The R key is used to reload your weapon once you run out of bullets. Finally, there will be places where it will be too dark to see, so you will be required to turn on your nightvision goggles, which is done by pressing V.
Sierra 7 is a game that has a lot to offer with its great animations, very good music, as well as pretty good voice acting. If you are looking for a great shooting game, then Sierra 7 is definitely a game that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Cookie Connect

Before starting this game, make sure you take a good, comfortable seat to sit on, and check the time, make sure you have plenty of time to waste because Cookie Connect will make time pass without you even noticing!

cookie connect

Cookie Connect is a Match 3 game that is mostly like the very famous Candy Crush, except instead of candies, you play with cookies, and the mechanic of switching candies is a bit different, as in this game, the main mechanic is dragging a line over 3 or more of the same cookies to remove them from the playing field. Each level will give you a different set of cookies and some different design that may or may not hinder you from creating the perfect combos (as some will add in obstacles and some will open up a few blocks). If you connect more than 6 cookies in one combo, you will get a special cookie with special effects. You are given a limited number of moves so you better keep an eye on that. The goal of most of the levels is to fill the cookie meter on the left. You can do this by removing cookies on the field. Some levels will have 1 (or more) people on top of the screen looking for a specific cookie and a number of it. Removing the number (or more) of that specific cookie from the field will finish the level. Every time you finish a level, you are sent to the world map to choose the next level, or play the older levels to get all the stars on each level (all stars are received if you fill the meter all the way). When you finish a level with some moves remaining, each move will result in a Rainbow Fever, where a cookie rainbow is thrown in the field randomly and will explode to give you more points.
Cookie Connect is a great way to waste time online, and it’s a very fun game to play, so that time isn’t really fully wasted. You can play this game for hours without even noticing, that’s just how fun this game is.

Farming Simulator

Ever wanted to work in a farm and drive all the cool vehicles you see running through the fields? Well, then, you are in luck! Enter Farming Simulator, a game that makes all your farming dreams come true (well, most of them, at least)!

Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator is just as the name suggest, a simulator for farming! You get to control all of the trucks and vehicles needed for farming, that’s mainly your tractor and some of the stuff you connect to it, as well as your combiner that you use to harvest your crops. You will always be on a vehicle, by the way, and your character will never be traveling by foot. You’ll be going through a huge map with you owning a big farm where you’ll plow, plant, and harvest until you get enough money to live a good life. You will also be able to buy animals that will create produce for you to get even more money. You play the game using your keyboard. The W, A, S, and D keys will make you move forward, back, left, and right, respectively. The tutorial of the game pretty much covers everything that you’ll need to do, but here’s a brief look. You’ll be first plowing your field using your tractor and one of the attachments you can use. You will then be sowing seeds into the plowed field, and then wait for it to grow. Once you finish growing them, you can then harvest the crops by using your combiner (you can switch vehicles by pressing the E key). Then you sell the crops using your tractor and your trailer. You can sell the crops in the Western side of the city where a factory will be waiting for you. That is mostly what you’ll be doing.
Although the game might not sound too fun in concept, it’s actually a nice little game that lets you experience farming and have a little bit of fun with it. Farming Simulator is a great game to pass time with, and you can easily lose yourself in the great field that you’ll be tending.

Blocky Xmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (it just ended, but yeah, it’s pretty close!), and we’ve got another Christmas game here, but it’s not all just about the Holiday season, but also all about you and your puzzle solving skills, because Blocky Xmas will keep you at your wit’s end if you aren’t careful.

Blocky Xmas

Blocky Xmas is a puzzle game where the goal is to put in all the blocks in their respective places in each level, which will be labelled with a transparent block, but the kicker is you only get to move one block. This block you move is kind of a magnetic block, and any blocks that sticks to is will get attached to it until they get blocked by an obstacle. This is really all the information you will ever need to play the game and finish each level. All of the pieces of the puzzles are there, and the only thing that will be stopping you from completing the puzzle is your own ability to put the pieces together. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll get each level pretty easily. Levels will have 1 or more blocks (not including your block) to bring to a goal. You will have to put them in correctly as there is an order you’d have to follow to finish the level. That’s pretty much it. As you progress through the games, the difficulty ramps up little by little, and every once in a while, you are greeted and congratulated by the Christmas man himself, Santa Claus! Cool, right?
Blocy Xmas is a great puzzle game to keep your brains properly trained and well oiled. The music gives you a great holiday feel and the gameplay itself is pretty good because it starts you off easy and gives you the hard ones once you are accustomed to the game well enough. If you’ve been wanting to play a challenging puzzle game, look no further than Blocky Xmas

Doodle Jump

Simple games are usually the most fun to a lot of people. Aside from these games being easy to learn, you can just pick it up, play it, and stop at any time you want. Simple, Casual games have been on the rise because of this, and Doodle Jump has been one of the games in the forefront of this when the Mobile Platforms came out. Now we have a browser version, and it’s the same great experience you’ve had on the other devices!

Doodle jump

Doodle Jump is a casual platformer that lets you play as a little alien that just wants to reach the top, like, literally. The little doodle alien will always be jumping upward at a fixed height and it’s your job to steer it into higher platforms (that it can reach, of course) so that he can get even higher. There will be different stuff along the way that can help you out, or bring you down. One of the first stuff you’ll encounter is a spring. It’s not really dangerous. It’ll make you jump a lot higher and skip a lot of the lower platforms, but this runs the risk of you falling off because the height of your jump will be uncontrolled and can lead you to a place where platforms cannot be reached. There will also be platforms that will break when you step on them, which will be marked with a crack in the middle, as well as it being differently colored. Avoid these platforms at all costs especially if these platforms do not have stable platforms below them. The goal is to just get as high as you can. Falling off the screen will result in a death, and you will have to start over. The alien can simply be controlled by just the left and right arrow keys.

Doodle Jump was one of the first few games that came out with the Java Mobile platform of games. It was pretty fun back then, and playing it now, it’s still pretty addicting and fun. If you’re looking for a good platform game with a bit of a challenge, then you’ve come to the right game. Doodle Jump is a great and simple game to play.

Red Crucible Reloaded

With the rising popularity of first person shooters, it isn’t really a surprise to see developers create first person shooting games. Not only is it an easy way to get your name out there, it’s also a great way to let people know how some developers can get an old formula, add a few things in it, and turn it into such a great game. Red Crucible Reloaded may look a little like Counter Strike or Call of Duty, but the game can be played without having a console or a heavy gaming PC, all you need is a browser and you’re good to go!

Red Crucible reloaded

Red Crucible Reloaded is a first person shooter that might be familiar to a lot of gamers that have played the genre, as it takes inspiration from most of them, and mixes them into one great little package for your browser. The game plays like your regular FPS games on PC. You move using your keyboard, specifically with W making you move forward, S to move backward, and A and D to strafe left and right. Pressing Shift will make you sprint so you can move faster across the battlefield. You press the R key to reload your weapon. You can also press the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys to change your weapon. For the shooting part of the game, you use the mouse. Your cursor will be your aim, and wherever your cursor is, your crosshair (your aim) will be there too. Clicking the left mouse button will use your currently equipped weapon. Using your right mouse button will make you aim down your weapon’s sight, giving you better accuracy when shooting. The maps in this game are pretty good, as well as the music and video quality of the game being alright. It’s a great game to play if you just miss the days when you played Counter Strike and just want to play instantly. This game is so quick to play that all you need to do is open a browser, log in (if you don’t have an account, it takes less than 5 minutes to make one), then play!

Santa Run 4

Happy New Year! Here’s a Holidays themed game to celebrate.

Get ready because he knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice this year, and he’s coming to get those gifts delivered in a whole new way!

Santa Run 4

Santa Run 4 is a platformer that puts you in the shoes of the big, cheerful, and famous man of Christmas, Santa Claus himself! He’ll be running around collecting stars and getting to the goal, which is a bus stop where he’ll be picked up by his very own sleigh and reindeers. You get there by using your keyboard to move around. The W key is to jump, A and D is to move left and right (respectively). That’s basically it. The game also incorporates a few puzzle elements in almost all of the stages, so keep that in mind and keep on your toes. One of the mechanics you’ll use for solving puzzles is the use of your stomp, which you can do by jumping full height into a brick. If you do this, the brick will be destroyed, and you’ll have either another path or a pit to fall on (in which case, you’ll die and will have to start over). Each stage will have 3 stars that you can collect before you finish, which will give you a perfect score if you collect all 3, this adds in a good challenge for each stage, but is also only optional. There will be additional mechanics in later stages, even some enemies that will get in your way.
Santa Run 4 is a great platformer and is a very good game to play, especially on Christmas! Feel the spirit of giving and love in the great holiday season with Santa Run 4!

Mine Blocks

Simulation games have been on the rise, and almost every great one has been a huge hit. It’s not really surprising to see people try and follow those game’s formulas to ensure that their game gets noticed, too. Mine Blocks is one of those games that uses the same gameplay elements but creates its own vibe to make sure you get a different experience but still retains the exploration aspect of the genre.

Mine Blocks Screenshot

Mine Blocks is a survival / exploration/ building game which is inspired by the likes of Terraria and Minecraft, but a bit more from Terraria. You are alone in the world and need to survive the harshness of each day by gathering materials to make a home and collecting food to keep you nourished. You play the game on a 2D field where you can break almost anything and turn it into materials to create a different item that you can use for your survival, like breaking a tree to create a shovel to dig faster or a hoe so you can till land and plant vegetables there. You will need to collect anything that you can turn into your home. The game is played using both your keyboard and mouse. Your mouse cursor is used to aim and your left mouse button is used to swing whatever you are holding (if you are holding nothing, you’ll just punch using your fist), and wherever your cursor is, that will be the direction of your attack. The W, A, S, and D are the buttons you use for movement. You’ll have a shortcut bar for your items which you can access using the 1-0 number keys on your keyboard. The Shift button can be used with the left mouse button to use/place anything you are holding to where your cursor is; you can place blocks to build a home or place seeds on tilled land to plant them.
Mine Blocks is a great game filled that can run on your own creative juices and your willingness to experiment. The game can be played for such a long time without you even noticing just because of the fun factor this game creates. If you’re looking for a no-install-needed Minecraft clone, then Mine Blocks should be your best go-to game.


Our technology is slowly coming to terms with outer space, and with the growing technology we have, it’s only a matter of time before we completely discover everything about it. Contact is a game about a little ship collecting samples of meteorites, and that’s totally it. It’s simple and quick, but with varying difficulties and very challenging gameplay.


Contact is a game that lets you control a little spaceship that needs to collect different samples of meteorites in space. You do this by dodging the other meteorites that you don’t need, as this will kill your spaceship. How do you know, then, which ones would be good to use as samples? Their importance can be seen because of the colors, and the difficulty that you are playing in. The Easy difficulty gives you the task of only collecting blue samples, and anything that is red is a bad meteorite that will destroy you if you get hit by 5 of them. In medium, you will need 2 samples, blue and yellow. Finally, in hard mode you will be tasked with getting 3 different samples, which is blue, yellow and green. You use your mouse to move around, so wherever your cursor is, that is where your spaceship is. And oh, you can’t just get samples all willy nilly, you would have to change the orientation of your ship if you want to collect a different colored sample. You will initially be blue, but when you press on your left mouse button, you will change your color and will be able to pick up samples of the color you changed to, and picking up anything that is different from the color of your ship will damage your ship. Each level will give you a certain amount of samples you need to collect, which you can find out by looking at the top of the screen. You’ll see how much you have collected and how much you need to collect, so always keep your eye on this part of the screen while also dodging any bad meteorites.
Contact is a very good game, a bit deep, but very fun. It takes a great amount of skill to get to the end of the game for each of the difficulties. Even the easy difficulty takes quite a lot of skill to finish! If you are looking for a fun little challenge while playing a very simple game, then Contact is one of the best games to go with!