Monkey GO Happy: North Pole

Monkeys solving puzzles? Charming. Monkeys solving puzzles while wearing Christmas hats? Interesting. Monkeys solving puzzles wearing Christmas hats while helping Santa save Christmas? Amazing! Choose your monkey and go bananas in Monkey GO Happy North Pole, a new point-and-click adventure game in the Monkey GO Happy series from Pencilkids.

The classical point-and-click principle is used in this fun adventure game, making you collect, combine and use items to solve a variety of puzzles scattered all around the North Pole. Before playing, you get to choose between several monkeys to play with: grandpa monkey, grandma monkey, papa monkey, mama monkey, two monkey kids or a baby monkey. In addition, you can customise your favourite banana eating mammal with a Christmas hat.

During this adventure, you get to meet a few recognizable characters: a melting snowman, a hungry penguin, an old fisherman, a few elves and of course the one-and-only Santa! Although they don’t say much (or rather nothing at all), they will help you on your quest to get Santa going on time and save Christmas in an orderly fashion.

Although charming, this game is incredibly short. It can easily be finished within 10 minutes, and when finished, it doesn’t leave you wanting for more. The only hint of story is written in the start menu and leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions.

Altogether, Monkey GO Happy North Pole is a fun and interesting, albeit really short, point-and-click adventure game. Great for introducing kids to the point-and-click genre, or for skilled gamers looking to relax for ten minutes.

Click here to play Monkey GO Happy North Pole!


Okay… What the hell was that? It is a general question you will be asking yourself throughout this game made by Pizzamakesgames.

Skullz is a text adventure game, leading you through most of the story via conversation led between you and your companion Yendor, the talking skull. As fits the genre, your options are listed at the bottom of the screen (GO, LOOK etc.), but bigger part of them are just decorative because there is mainly only one option that will let you go further. In addition to the text, the game has beautiful retro style graphics to help set the mood. Even so, it is a wild ride with no guarantee of understanding any of it.

The game describes itself as a bad trip, which can easily be the best description of what you encounter as you are pulled deeper into the story. You get to travel far and wide (while standing in place), explore the dark parts of cyberspace and even fight the eternal being, with very little to none back story to tell you how you ended up in this mess or why. Because it is mainly linear, the game offers little exploration, and puts you in the position of an observer rather than a player whose decisions matter.

Even though it has a short story and a simple design, Skullz is definitely a trip worth taking, leaving you with a fulfilling experience and a lot of questions about the choices made in real life.

Strike Force Kitty 2

It is common knowledge that cats play with almost anything. In Strike Force Kitty 2 kittens have evolved: unlike your ordinary cat which plays with yarn, these kitties play with weapons while fully dressed up as some of the most powerful movie and gaming icons.

In a classic story of an evil empire invasion (in this case evil Fox empire), four brave kittens and their trainer are sent to liberate the lands from the oppressors. Strike Force Kitty 2 is a platform based game in which the only control you have over the kittens is the jump function. Four protagonists start running at the beginning of the level and do so until they reach an obstacle or a worthy opponent. When the obstacle is reached the kittens change their running direction, therefore some planning is required in order to reach higher parts of the map. On the other side, if an enemy is encountered, a fight is started. You have no influence on the fight as the kittens attack automatically, so sitting back and watching is the best option.

Screenshot from Strike Force Kitty 2 gameplay. Credits:

Deqaf studio, the creators of this cultural masterpiece, show amazing knowledge of the most famous characters from movie, cartoon, anime, comic book and gaming worlds. On your journey you will encounter Terminator, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cowboy Bebop, Magneto, Lara Croft and a whole bunch of other famous characters, each marvelously drawn and recognizable without a doubt. After each successful fight against a costume wearing fox, one part of the set is acquired which means multiple plays of the same level are required to collect all the sets. Each set of clothes gives your kitten special powers such as seeing invisible things or smashing through obstacles. These can then be used to reach parts of levels that were inaccessible before. To keep the furry bunch in good physical condition it is recommended to take them to the gym, where you can train their strength, health or attack speed while the Rocky theme song plays in the background.

Strike Force Kitty 2 is highly entertaining to play, and even more so when you start gathering sets of your favourite characters.

Color Picker

The success formula for a great game is not just about the graphics nor just the plot. Sometimes, simplicity will prevail more than those games that are highly adorned with lavish details. This is probably the secret behind the success of Flappy Bird of Dong Nguyen, 2048 of Gabriele Cirulli and Don’t Tap the White Tile by Hu Wen Zeng. Despite these games’ apparent simplicity, you will be surprised how they become extremely successful, topping the charts of both iOS and Android shops.

Interestingly, another independent game developer could possibly hit the same spot light pretty soon with his new game called “Color Picker“. Peter Lauris is the creator behind this game which is submitted to GameJolt as a part of their #30DayDev Challenge. It is an event encouraging independent game developers to create their own game within the 30 Day period (it’s either you make a game within the 30 days or create 30 games in 30 days). Color Picker is definitely a simple game and as what the title of the game suggests, your main objective here is nothing more but to pick the color that is different from the others.

Sounds like a simple activity from a pre-school text book right? Well, you may not want to underestimate this game because as you progress, the game will become more complicated and frustratingly challenging. Colors will become more and more identical to one another and it is very hard to identify which is the right color to pick. You might also consider to calibrate your monitor to better see the color differences. When you pick the wrong color, you have no other option but to go back to the very start. There is also no pattern involved and the color will change every time you replay the game. Generally, the game really captures the same formula behind those successful games I mentioned above and I will not be surprised to see this indie developer rise to fame pretty soon. For the mean time, feel free to enjoy both browser game (Unity powered) and Android version of Color Picker!

Tequila Zombies 3

What’s better than chopping all sorts of hungry ravaging creatures with a sharpened axe? Chopping them to pieces with an even sharper katana! Tequila Zombies 3 goes one step further and allows you to go on a mass murdering spree while drunk! And if you like to keep your personal space to yourself, you can always swap to long range weapons like the good ol’ shotgun. When you collect enough money, better weapons become available, as well as body armor.

Tequila Zombies is a side scrolling shooting game with delightful graphics and fast paced action. It is developed by IriySoft, known from Cursed Treasure 2 and other games. From the beginning, the game shows no mercy to those who do not take zombie apocalypse seriously. It’s not just smashing and shooting while drinking unresponsibly (well, most of the time it is), you must also evade attacks while carefully watching your ammo. If you fail to do so, you will end up as one of the green brain-eating beasts.

The game lets you choose between three original characters: Miguel the rugged Mexican Badass, whose favourite weapons are a machete and a shotgun, followed by busty Jacqueline aka Police Officer, whose weapons of choice are handguns and of course the police baton. Last of the three is Outlaw Biker Jeff, who owns a set of guns and a baseball bat with no matching glove or baseballs. Luckily, there are plenty of heads to be smashed around him. In addition, each character has two special attacks which you can activate when drunk enough.

The progress is saved with well placed checkpoints and everytime you die you can switch between characters. For overachievers there are badges, which are unlocked by performing achievements, (such as killing two zombies in a row) and magazines, collectibles that can be acquired in many ways.

Altogether, Tequila Zombies 3 is a fun game to play, with an interesting story and even better gameplay. Click here to play it!

Screenshot of Tequila Zombies 3

Fifa 15 Goal Celebrations

Did you ever compete in a FIFA tournament, or just played with friends? Celebrating your goals in a special way can bring a nice atmosphere to the room so I suggest you check out this video and remember the celebrations you like the most!

My Top 5:

  • Belly Flop
  • Riding the Wave
  • Double Backflip
  • Heel Taps
  • Why Always Me

Check out the official FIFA 15 site here!

Pizza Presser Review

So you have become a legend in terms of cookie making in Cookie Clicker and you managed to make your business grow not just worldwide but popular in the whole universe? This time, we are going to venture to another exciting business and that is to run a huge pizza-producing company and to become the most legendary Pizza Chef ever. The game works the same way with Orteil‘s masterpiece but is created by a different developer named Mojo2013. It is admittedly inspired by Cookie Clicker, but it has some features that make Pizza Presser more distinctive. Your main objective in this game is to make your business more successful and this has to be done by producing as many pizzas as possible.


Screenshot of Pizza Presser.

In order to do so, you have to click the pizza as many times as you can and sell them to earn money and buy more useful upgrades that will make you more productive. Even though it works the same way as Cookie Clicker, Pizza Presser is presented in a much simpler manner. It features less graphics but more interactive buttons to deal with. This incremental game takes you to three interactive panels. The left panel showcases the pizza which you can click as many times as you can and also a button that allows you to sell the pizzas and earn money in return. The center panel will showcase all the resources available and also the possible upgrades while the right panel will display the pizza makers that you can hire to help you in the production.

So what exactly makes Pizza Presser distinctive? Unlike Cookie Clicker, you will be asked to hire people via the Pizza Maker panel to increase your production. However, before you can buy these features, you must have enough resources. Resources are basically referring to workforce (slaves, cleaners managers,etc), means of transportation, and venues. To make you more productive, you can take advantage of upgrades including auto clickers which turn Pizza Presser into an idle game since everything can function automatically without any interactions but upgrades and selling pizzas are still made manually.

I cannot deny the fact that I personally find Cookie Clicker better but I also cannot deny that Pizza Presser has the same addictive approach that everybody will enjoy. I’m sure the game will become much better soon considering that the developments are still in progress. In fact Mojo2013 are seeking for some useful feedback from the users to help him improve the game and make it more fascinating. A simple yet amusing browser game indeed!

Red Flight

Stay aside Robocop! Sorry but a new space cop has finally arrived, equipped with a much cooler vehicle and with much more powerful skills to eliminate enemies. Yes, you heard it right and it is nobody else than you! You now have the opportunity to drive a spaceship and enter an action packed battle in this fascinating game from Filipe Sheepwolf (creators behind successful series like Red Driver and Dj Sheepwolf Mixer). Red Flight is a very impressive and highly recommendable 3D shooting adventure that takes you to a futuristic environment in which your mission is to maneuver a police space car and eliminate all the enemies  who are trying to invade your planet.

The game offers a bunch of impressive features that are probably way far beyond your expectations including a lot of customizing features, an easy-to-manage upgrade system, dynamically-changing stages, four different missions to explore including epic boss battles, and a lot of other unlockable features such as Neon Lights, 8Bit Worldand Glass City which can drastically change the interface during battle.

Missions will indeed vary in each stage including war, collect , thunder and boss. Each will have certain tasks to follow and you just have to accomplish them without letting your spaceship be destroyed, otherwise, you will end up replaying the same mission until you manage to make it through. Completing them will allow you to earn points which allow you to buy new skins for your car or better yet buy upgrades to make your spaceship more efficient in battle. The prices , however, will increase exponentially which forces you to take more missions and earn more points. You can also replay previous levels as many times as you want to.

Generally, everything works perfectly with Red Flight, not to mention the games’s wonderful animation and impressive voice overs in a way that you would really imagine yourself in such an action packed and breathtaking situation!  With the success of the Red Driver series, I’m sure Filipe Sheepwolf will also come up with an  impressive sequel to this game.

Check out Red Flight here!

The Impossible Quiz 2

Calling all prodigies! It is time again to put your skills and knowledge in a great test as Splapp-Me-Do released the sequel to their highly successful Impossible Quiz game. Contrary to what the title suggests, The Impossible Quiz 2 is not really impossible at all. Well, unless you are genius enough to answer all the mind twisting questions and surpass all the tricky challenges without committing a single mistake. There will be hundreds of questions to deal with and if you think you are the most genius guy to ever lived, then feel free to play this quiz and show off how high your IQ is.

Title screen of The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 actually works the same way with the first game but with a lot of improvements that make this sequel even more captivating. The rules and mechanics are very simple: nothing more but to complete the quiz by answering all the questions correctly. This might sound too simple but the game is surprisingly tricky and fiendishly challenging. The questions that are being thrown are not factual but more of being logical which requires you to visualize and analyze the questions carefully before giving your answers. A single mistake will cost you a life point. From three lives, The Impossible Quiz 2 offers two more additional lives for the player and that prolongs your journey.

Most questions are multiple choice but you will also encounter some absurd mini games and other mind-twisting and brain-draining logical puzzles along the way. Interestingly, this sequel introduces power items that you will encounter from time to time so kindly take advantage of them. You can use “Skip” to skip a question or use the “Fusestopper” to stop the time bombs which can be found in some levels. They are, however, not applicable every time so you still need to use your skills to win this game.  If you lose all the lives, the game will come to a quick end and that gives you no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Don’t worry, you will be dealing with the same set of questions so passing through them should be easy!

Play The Impossible Quiz 2 here!

Run 2 Review

If you enjoyed exploring the endless space in the first Run game, then you will surely find its sequel in the series created by Joseph Cloutier even more captivating. A vast of wonderful improvements were made for this game and it features a lot of new features that are way beyond our expectations. Run 2 is basically a simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive endless running adventure in which you take control of an alien and your goal is nothing more but to clear all the levels by successfully making it to the finish line. This, however, is not going to be an easy task, considering that you will be passing through a tunnel with limited platforms to step onto.

One of the game’s most notable changes is the Skater mode. It introduces a new avatar in a separate mode. The Infinite Mode, however, was taken out of the concept but the Edit Mode remains accessible. I also like to note that the Main campaign features different stages to Skater Mode. Speaking of stages, the graphics here were drastically changed from flat surfaces to 3D and much more engaging platforms. You can freely navigate the map using the arrow keys and jump over from one platform to another using the spacebar but these controls can be configured from the main menu based on your own preferences. Since these are tunnels, you can freely flip the map by simply stepping on the side.

Another interesting addition in this game are the bonuses. These are the glowing orbs that are randomly located in each level. Collecting them requires extensive skill which added an extra challenge for this interesting sequel. You will also encounter special platforms which will either help or harm you along the way. Edit Mode is also a great experience. Here, you can customize your own map, add and arrange platforms the way you want them and once you are done and satisfied, you might consider sending your entry to Kongregate or better yet challenge someone to try your very own creation. It is a highly addictive game indeed and something you can confidently consider on top of your game list!

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